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Posted by Spin the Demon on August 7, 2012 at 4:30 AM

Hey Movie fans, I got some great deals on Movies this month I would like to share. In these Blogs I post a little about the movie and the price and Place. Hastings Book Store was having a kick ass sale on movies DVDs and a few Blu-Rays for 1.98 I couldnt get down to my local store as its a 45min drive but they web store had the sames deal with alot more to pick from. Im pretty broke with slow sales (Back to school :() I also got a couple VHS Tapes and a BUNCH of CED Video Discs so lets get started because this is going to be one epic post! (NOTE SINCE I HAVNT GOT THE CEDS YET AND DONT WANT TO HOLD UP THE POST I WONT BE LISTING THE 42 MOVIE LOT YET, I WILL BREAK IT DOWN INTO 3 POSTS NEXT MONTH)

Classic Horror Collection This is a Great Collection of Classic Horror Films, It has 8 movies from the Golden Age of Horror a great movie collection for a low price. STORE:GOHASTINGS PRICE: $1.98 DVD

Killer's Collection The Killer Collection is another 5 Movie Horror Collection, I picked up this set for a few films but the one I wanted the most is "Silent Night, Deadly Night" as it is kind of a hard one to find on DVD. STORE:GOHASTING $1.98 FORMAT DVD

I'll Bury You Tomorrow This movie "I'll Burry You Tomorrow" is a for sure Blind Buy, Ive never seen a review or trailer on this one but sounds pretty awesome. It says its about this Women who gets a job as a Corner and becomes mad with murder. STORE:GOHASTINGS $1.98, FORMAT-DVD

Chillers 1 Another Blind Buy for me, I have never seen this set around and I couldnt tell if this is a TV Show or another collection. I picked this up because I just watched the Psycho series again and love the horror works of Anthony Perkens so for the price it was worth a shot. STORE: GOHASTINGS ,$1.98 FORMAT-DVD

Pumpkinhead II/Leprechaun/Wishmaster/Wishmaster 2 The Last DVD I picked up from Hastings this order was another 4-Film Collection only this one is movies from the 80's & 90's not the 1930s-1970s like the past few. I picked this one up because I was looking at the Leperchan Set of 4 at for 5.00, I gave my last set to my friend. It wasnt instock for store pick up so I held off and Im glad I did. I really one wanted the 1st couple movies right now so this set really worked out for me and breaks down to less than .50 per film. You Also get Pumkinhead II, Wishmaster & Wishmaster II. I dont have any of these on DVD so its a nice upgrade STORE:GOHASTINGS,$1.98 FORMAT DVD

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines Ok I may have over paid for this one, Terminator 3 rise of the machines. Not that its awful, I mean some parts are crazy off from the story and other parts just dont make sence at all but I need this one to Finish Off my Terminator VHS Collection. This one was Brand New Factory Sealed so I paid a little more than I wanted but was sick of not seeing it used ever so I broke down and picked it up now Ill see it all the time :( STORE:EBAY, $ 3.00 FORMAT VHS

Fright Night Why do they have to keep remaking great horror flicks from the 80's has it really been that long? This pick up is of Fright Night not they remake but the good ol 80s Vampire Classic! I had to pick this one up I have given up on finding a leaked Action Max Version and broke down and got it for the collection. STORE:GOOD WILL, $0.99 FORMAT VHS



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