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Rhyme Rider Kerorican for Bandai Wonderswan Review

Posted by Killette on October 20, 2011 at 2:00 PM

Hey guys I'm back with another wonderswan review. Today I wanted to cover a rather quirky rhythm game for the system and if you haven't guessed it from the title, it's Rhyme Rider for the Bandai Wonderswan.

Like most wonderswan games, this game is pretty much completely in japanse, but it is definetely playable for someone who doesn't speak the language. You start out by putting on a frog suit and dancing throughout the levels taking on various cute badguys. There are six main enemies in the game and in order to take each one out you have to press a specific button or combination of buttons that is associated with each character. The game itself doesn't give any clues as to which button coresponds to each creature which can be rather frustrating until you memorize them. Included with the game was a set of 10 cards which show each of the characters as well as the buttons that defeat each enemy.

As I said before, this is a rhythm game. The music is funky and techno and pushes the Wonderswan to its limits. Sometimes the music even sounds a bit fuzzy while blasting out the music. After time the music can get a bit old since each time you miss a button it takes you back a bit in the level and has you try again. Each enemy you defeat creates a musical note exclusive to the character type and passing several enemies in a row without a mistake will trigger a nice little tune that reminds me of a funky genesis game.


This game sports brilliant graphics that feature sharp bright colors you wouldn't expect out of a 16 bit handheld. The character moves with grace and the animation is smooth. At the start of each level a bit of story is told (in japanese) with crazy backgrounds and great character stills. There is only four levels in the game, and these sequences take up very little time. Althouth there are very few levels, they are nice and long and take some time to master as after your character dies you must start back at the beginning of the level.

The only real downside I see to this game is the timing. Each button press must be executed at an exact time in order to defeat the enemy. This varies from enemy to enemy, and until you get the hang of it, you will see yourself dying rather often. To counteract this your character has a fairly large life guage, and you can eat candy throughout the level to restore some of your health. Overall this game is pretty forgiving on missing the enemies here and there.

I believe this game is definetly one to check out if you own a wonderswan and enjoy rhythm games. The picky timing can be a setback, but once you get the hang of the handling you will breeze through the levels without much difficulty. The jazzy fun music and bright colorful graphics help lead to a fun upbeat gaming experience and this will be a game you can pull out and beat every once and again for nostalgia.

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