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Bandai Wonderswan

Posted by Killette on September 27, 2011 at 8:20 PM

If any of you follow the youtube channel, some time ago I made a review on the Bandai Wonderswan. I'm still working on a way to capture the video footage, but I thought I could still share some good ol written reviews of the games I have already collected for the system. We here at Stuckinthe90s are preparing out house, and a lot of games will have to be packed away for a while so after the move I would like to work on capturing the videos. Now on to the good stuff!

Wonderswan Handheld Console overview:

The Bandai Wonderswan was a Japanese only handheld system released on March 4th, 1999. Throughout it's lifespan three versions of the system were released; the Black & White, the Wonderswan Color, and the Swan Crystal.

The specs:

16 bits

512mb of Ram in the Color and Swancrystal

15-30 Hours Battery Time

8 Shade Monochrome or 241 Colors

2 S-pads and A & B button

224x144 Screen Resolution

With its cartride based format this little handheld has no loading times, the later models support the color and black and white games, and the long battery time really gives this system an edge.

The games:

All of the games on this system are Japanese only since this system was never localized to any other markets. There are a few chinese releases that are in English, but they are rather expensive. Most of the games have ports on other sytems, making the system a bit less desireable, however there are still many great titles including Makaimura (Ghost's n' Ghouls), Final Fantasys, Rhyme Rider, Dicing Knight, and many others. These games have good soundtracks, great graphics, and a small twist that is unique to the system.

Back to the system:

Most versions of the system allow you to change the volume of the system but an adapter is needed to use headphones. None of the sytems are backlit, adding to the battery time. The dual D-pads are awesome, but sometimes the buttons are a bit close together making them hard to press accurately. Many games support a vertical arcade style screen and the dual D-pads allow you to rotate the system and still be able to play the games, similar to the Atari Jaguar. The system is small and light, about the same size as a superr nintendo game.

But is it worth getting?

I don't regret getting this system, and I personally think it was a good by. The version I own is the wonderswan color, and I haven't experienced some slowdown. The games are fun and quirky and not too expensive, but many are near unplayable without knowledge of the Japanese language. There are many games that are playable, and some handy walkthroughs can be found online to help you with some of the others. If you are into handhelds and want a fun and quirky Japanese system, this can definetely be one to check out :)

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