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STD's Top 10 Dreamcast Racing / Driving Games

Posted by Spin the Demon on July 12, 2011 at 9:16 PM

Hey Guys I love racing games on the Dreamcast so I thought I would Share my Top 10 Games and Talk about them a Bit, No pics on this one :( sorry guys working on more screen shots we need a source.

10. "4 wheel Thunder"  A bit of a Gem in Midway's "Thuder" Series but still really good in my book. This game is alot like Hydro Thunder but on land so you can zoom around. This is a very acrade style racer and is Great on the Sega Dreamcast

9. "Star Wars Ep 1 racer"  Who didnt want to be a Pod Racer after the First Star Wars Movie came out in 1999? In SWE1R now you have the chance! I used to rent this game all the time on the Nintendo 64 its pretty much the same game on the Dreamcast but with WAY better sound and Graphics. Its like WipeOut Meets Star Wars and is a Must for Any Racing game fan

8. "Daytona USA 2000" This game is great and if this was a Sega Saturn Top Ten this would be Prob close to Number 1 in my book. I love the Daytona Series and feel its a shame they havnt done one is years. This game is everything you loved about the first one but better Graphics ok well no everything is doesnt handle as well and this still makes the 1st one a Tad bit better to me. Still if you can get this on the cheap its worth it unlike the Saturn Daytona that can be found for 1.00 This one is a little rare and ranges from 15-25.00

7. "F 355 Challenge" How Can you have a list of the best racing games with out taking a Yu? You Cant, This Game may not be as arcade like as Outrun or Power Drift but its still a really great game. This game is based around Yu Suzuki's Personal car now how cool is that? Its made to feel real and puts you Front Seat in That F 355

6. " Flag 2 Flad Kart Racing" This game is as close to a Virtua Racer as it gets on the Dreamcast and is a really fast paced fun game. Not alot to say This is a Kart Pro Racing game that handles and looks like a Dream Call me Crazy but Im a Big Fan of Kart Style Games I wish they would make more today.

5."Disney Magical Racing Tour"  This is a Disney Mario Kart Clone and it shows but that doesnt make it a bad game because as dreamcast owners we never got a Mario Kart or a Sonic Kart for that matter (Sonic Adventure 2 racing Stages Dont count) Not alot to say you run around a track picking up items and blasting! I wanted to have Wacky Races and South Part Rally on this list but feel they are too much like DMRT so rope um all into one I like them the same :)

4."Sega Rally Championship" I still love the Sega Rally series and feel they are way more fun than Today's Dirt Series. This game is Pretty Much a Updated version on the Saturn Same Game Play New tracks and Cars. Who Doesnt like a Ride in the Mud?

3. "Demolation Racer"  This Game is Pure Mayham at its best! You drive fast trying to crush the other cars for points the more wicked the trick or crash the better the point. This Game is Not just about getting first Place if you dont crush enough cars in your path 1st place wont mean much as winning the race alone wont win the race if that makes sence. This game is so cheap its a must have under rated game I think I payed 5.00 for a New in Package Copy

2." Test Drive 6"  This is quick making it up my Top racing lists and I just got it not too long ago. This game is the closest Need for Speed Type of Game on the Dreamcast and again reminds us Sega Gamers that We never needed EA games in the 1st Place. This game has a Kick ass sound track w/ Music By Kottonmouth Kings and Many other under ground music from 1999

1. "Crazi Taxi 1&2 Its Crazy Taxi! If you havnt played this get it right now!

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