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A Sega Summer: "Blast Chamber" Saturn

Posted by Spin the Demon on June 25, 2011 at 8:53 PM

This is a Series of Short Reviews/Over Views of Lesser Known Games, These Reviews and Based 100% off what we have played and Nothing else no info was read up on before or after writing this and is based on our opinion not to be viewed as fact. We are reviewing for free and fun to help support our retro gamer fans. Thank You -Jeff Smith Site Admin

Todays Game Is "Blast Chamber" For the Sega Saturn Published By Activison. When We first picked up this game out of our local Game Stores 1.00 Bin I had kind of low hopes for it, from the cover alone it looked to be some Carnival Moto Bike Game like in The Simpson's Movie when Homer won the truck from the Carny.

 This game ended up getting lost in my collection after bringing it home I remeber Testing it to make sure it loaded and all so if I had to take it back it would be in the first 48 Hrs to make sure I get my Return. This Past week Ive been playing some of my Saturn Collection and This game showed up, I had forgotten about it. Im on Vaction as of writing this and no better way to relax for me than Video Games.

 After a few stages in I knew this was a game I would soon call a Sega Saturn Classic. You Start Off in a "Blast Chamber" Each Stage is like the Mix of Platforming and Puzzler not a bad mix if done right and this game does it right! Your goal is to find and run a Small Gold Gem Into a Red Portal in a Short Time and Yes the Game is Timed and that is what makes it great fun for me the stress factor of getting the Gem to the goal in time. If you fail to Make it in the Time Given Your Man Is Given a "Blast" and You Explode to your death.

 This game Has many Stages and Does Support  Saving Via Memory card or on the System Memory This is a Pick up and Play sort of game with no real story or plot, it does have a multi- player but I for one did not enjoy it as much. Where this Game Shines is in the Single Player Puzzler Solving. If you can Find this Gem For a Good Price in the 5-15.00 Range I think its a good Buy also Check out some game play videos on this game and see if it looks like the type you would enjoy. Im giving This Game gets a Score of 3.9/5 and is a Great Game to try on the cheap that you may not know of. 

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