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Posted by Killette on May 2, 2011 at 10:48 PM

     The playstation network being down has created a big buzz in the gaming community. Youtube is full of videos, the gaming sites are full of updates, and the forums have been exploding with the topic. I guess by writing this article I am following suit. However I really would like to discuss some other aspects of the network being down, not the stolen identities or netflix. I would like the features that are really being lost. Many games don't allow coop play without the network, other games such as Mortal Kombat have add-ons and codes to receive bonuses such as costumes and fatalities. The worst part of it are all of the missing games that are available as download only. Now, the press releases say the network will be back shortly, and will be better than ever.

     What I'm concerned about is when the network goes down for the last time. I am worried about when Sony finally says they will no longer be providing the service for their fans/customers an longer. We can hope by then technology will be advanced enough we can run our own servers such as the ones for the Dreamcast. However, this will be a hard thing to do, and who will have a powerful enough computer? I believe we will most likely see websites we can access through the playstation 3 etc online that will support just a single game so we can play online and download the extra content and use the coop. Still, this will be a hard thing to maintain and will require a lot of dedication. Will all the games be supported throughout time? I'm also concerned by all of the downloaded games. I do believe we will be able to create a complete list and make it available online through good sites we know about that I will not name here, but still it will be hard to create this list and it will take time, and a lot of dedication because I predict the game libraries will be enormous for this generation. Also, by then will we have to mod our systems ourselves to play these games or will be be advanced enough to add some sort of boot to the files so they will just play? I'm not trying to predict the future, but I'm trying to exress why I'm nervous about the digital revolution.

     Collecting for me isn't about bragging, hoarding, hunting, or even when it comes down to it, owning the games. To me, collecting is playing the games. I do really enjoy finding and owning the games and arranging them and spending time with them, but what I'm really worried about is no longer being able to play them. I feel the same way about saturn games as I do about this digital scare. The games are becoming more and more scarce and the codes are being lost, and these games are slipping through our fingers and slowly being lost as time goes on. I don't want to lost this great part of gaming history.

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