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Mystic Defender

Posted by Killette on March 9, 2011 at 3:29 PM

The Dark Warrior Zareth has kidnapped Alexandra and has taken her to Azuchi Castle to sacrifice her and resurrect the Evil Lord Zao. In this Sega-made game you are the sorcerer Joe Yamato and your job is to break into the castle and save the world, and Alexandra. This side scrolling platformer is the sequel to the Sega Master System system game Spellcaster. The gameplay is mostly the same, but with the rpg elements taken out. The weapon you start with is similar to MegaMan's charge blast where it allows a standard shot or you can charge it. Throughout the game you can pick up other magical weapons, the first can even be found in the first level. These include a flame-thrower type weapon, a sonic magic that allows you to throw multiple fire balls, and a super screen clearing weapon that you just have to play the game to discover ;)

Graphics in this game are awesome despite it being an early title. The main character is detailed and the bosses are unique and well designed. The music isn't super memorable, but it is atmospheric and matches the game very well. Controls are good, it does take a moment to get the hang of jumping up onto some of the platforms.

Overall I think this is a fun sidescrolling platformer for the Sega Genesis and definetly one to check out when you get a chance. This game does draw some controversy because of a scen in the end where you get to see the damsel in distress topless.

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