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FMV Games are going New School well kinda.

Posted by Spin the Demon on November 23, 2010 at 3:47 PM

   So Today FMV games are not really around but back in the 90's they were on top of the world. Im finding more and more FVM style games on Next Gen Gaming Systems. I wouldnt call games like Heavy Rain on PS3 a FMV game but the game play do share alot of the same things. Ive seen choose your way DVD's on the market where you can pick the path and they too share alot of things with the FMV system game play but more of a movie than a game. If I wanted to get into so FMV games but didnt own any retro systems like Sega CD or 3DO to name a few what would I do?

   I have found a couple FVM classics re done the way they ment to be seen. The FMV quailty of the 90's was bad real bad today we use media like DVD's and this makes the video on these New FMV games crytal clear.  The First Game I want to Talke About is Dragons Lair for the Nintendo Wii This is a Classic game I used to love in the arcades and the Sega CD and I still do!

 My Socks were rocked when I played this re done game on the Nintendo Wii I couldnt get over how great it looks really great stuff. I love how they added a watch mode where you can sit back and watch the movie after you beat the game. This is a must have for any FMV fan and can be found on the Dragon's Lair Set on the Nintendo Wii for around 40.00 New Less Used.

 This one will be short because I have Never Played Dragon's Lair II but I can wait this is another game that can be found on the Dragon Lairs Set for the Nintendo Wii.

 Mad Dog is back! Did you ever think in a Mil Years We would be playing the Mad Dog Games on the Nintendo Wii? I didnt this a corny fun game that is a must have for FMV fans. I love this game on the Sega CD and in Arcades so I cant wait to pick this Nintendo Wii Game but and since it can be found around 30.00 I will be picking it up soon!

   Well Thats It for Part 1 of the Next Gen FMV games Tune in for Part II When we talk about Space Ace and a Few more its the return of the FMV game and I couldnt be more happy about it!

  Spin the Demon


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