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Mansion of Hidden Souls FMV

Posted by Killette on November 16, 2010 at 4:27 PM

Mansion of Hidden Souls is a horror full motion video game for the sega cd that is played in the first-person view. This game runs in a linear story line, and is reminiscent of a cheesy horror movie as you wander around a the mansion solving puzzles.

The story starts off with a cut scene where you (Jonathon) and your sister are outside in the grass checking out a butterfly. your sister wishes she could be one and runs off and disappears while a mansion appears out of nowhere. You head into the mansion and begin to explore. The controls are simple, you use the D-pad to roam around and investigate different objects. In the beginning you are locked out of many of the rooms, and throughout the game you find keys that allow you to explore more. Butterflies inhabit the mansion. They are the souls of former humans, and you can talk to them for clues on how to solve the puzzle you are working on, and filling in th story line. Some of them were trapped here against their will, some actually sought the mansion out with the intent to become butterflies, others turnsurprisingly malicious and hint at a greater controlling force named The Hunter.

It's mostly a linear adventure, so you have to solve one puzzle at a time in the right order. There is even a magic picture frame that shows you which item you should look for next.About halfway throough the game a timer appears, and you have to work quickly to solve the remaining puzzles. While the game isn't really scary it does have a little bit of a creepy vibe to it. The music is non existant, and thre are creeky sound effects as you move around. It almost gives you a strange kinda oppressed feeling.

Overall the game is meant for a fun casual play, and doesn't have a very high replay value.The gameplay resembles games such as D, or Myst and is simple to learn. I would recommend this game for just a couple sittings or perhaps for a child but if the price is right its kinda a neat one to check out.

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