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Time Gal

Posted by Killette on November 2, 2010 at 9:21 PM

Time Gal is originally an arcade game published by Taito in 1985 and then ported to many home systems in 1993. This FMV game stars Reika Kirishima (Time Gal), a girl from the futrue who is chasing down a criminal named Luda. Each of the levels is divided into time periods, and you have to foil Luda's plans as he attemps to take over the world by changing history. Each of the time periods has different obstacles that you have to avoid by pressing the directional keys as well as the attack button as the different obstacles light up. As you move up to a higher difficulty the obstacles are less noticeable an no longer light up. To make the game even more difficult, sometimes Time Gal will stop time and you will have a few second to choose which path to take. If you choose wrong, she dies and you have to start again. This game is a game that relys on quick reflexes, memorization, and repetition.

This game has had several home releases including the Japanese MSX, Laseractive, the Sega CD, and it is available on compilations for both the Playstation as well as the Sega Saturn. It is definetely one to check out if you enjoy or would like to try out some Sega CD games!

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