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NES Launch Games

Posted by Killette on October 12, 2010 at 4:16 PM

Here is a quick run down of the 18 games that launched with the American NES system.

1. 10-Yard Fight- 1st Slightly realistic American football game. 2 Player

2. Baseball- Simple baseball game. Player can choose between 6 teams. 2 Player

3. Clu Clu Land- underwater puzzle game

4. Donkey Konk Jr. Math- Math game with the loveable DK jr

5. Duck Hunt- zapper gun game. 2 player

6. Excitebike- Motorcycle racing game. 1 player

7. Golf- Simple golf game. 2 player

8. Gyromite- R.O.B the Robot game. 1 player

9. Hogan's Alley- zapper gun game.

10. Ice Climber- platforming game. 2 player

11. Kung Fu- beat em up game.

12. Mach Rider- futuristic driving game

13. Pinball- pinball game.


14. Stack-Up- R.O.B. the robot game.  1 player

15. Super Mario Bros.- mascot platforming game

File:Super Mario Bros. box.png

16. Tennis- simple tennis game. 2 players

17. Wild Gunman- zapper game. 1 player

18. Wrecking Crew- action platformer.

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