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P13R4T's Top 10 NES Games

Posted by P13R4T on October 15, 2010 at 1:21 AM

Spin really wasn't kidding when he said it's hard to list your top ten, but here's my sloppily written list of my top ten games based on my childhood nostalgia (alot is based on my having a brother):



10. Trog

There was something about this pac-man like game that would draw Sean (my brother) and I to play it. It had dinos, competitive multiplayer, and best of all SIMULTANEOUS multiplayer. Another bonus is that it had friendly fire, which made it all the more enjoyable. We had a blast popping this game in on a rainy day and punching the crap out of cavemen and eating them as a t-rex.

9. Rampage

I know, another game involving dinos, friendly fire, and simult gameplay. Many people complained about the repetitiveness, but we would stay up all nite playing this game. Maybe it was the reward of seeing your player bash a state out of the U.S. in the level screen. The sfx reminded me of Atari sounds, which is a bonus.

8. Marble Madness

Growing up, I always enjoyed BALLS. Who didn't love BALLS as a kid, or in this case I should say marbles. Sean and I would always race to the finish line while trying to bump each other off the course and yell from anger but laugh later on. I would yell at him for getting too far ahead and he would get pissed at me chuggin behind. Mark Cerny worked hard on the physics of this game and it showed cause at age 7, I never seen a game like this before.

7. Kirby's Advenure

This was one of the first games I remember playing alone. I remember going to my stepbrother's house, excited to play all his games and looking at the cover and thought, hmm..what a weird looking game. Popped it in and was amazed at what I found: great sound, fun gameplay, fluid controls, and great music. I loved this game.

6. Rush N' Attack

Man have Sean and I laughed so hard at this game. So many things to mention. Not only is it satisfying to shank hundreds of guys playing simult mult, but seeing all the funny bugs inside the game. You could jump backwards, run in the air, die holding onto a ladder, die and suspend in was fun. Was and always has been one of my favs.

5. Contra

I remember not playing this as much as my older siblings, I played some, but I loved watching my older brother, Toby play it. I remember when he taught me the code and i thought it was the coolest thing seeing a code used without the game genie. That's when I began to play it more. So fun.

4. Castlevania

I played this more later on as a kid as well, but loved the music, enemies, sound, everything. It's one of those games that don't need an explanation, you just know this game.

3. Battletoads

Okay, this game was hard as hell after the 3rd level once you hit those bike pods. But Sean and I loved this game. There was something satisfying about the game stuttering when you falcon-punch the crap out of the enemies. Such a fun game to play when you just wanna beat the crap out of somebody, but be weary...friendly fire is on.

2. Super Mario Bros. 3

Played this game so many freakin' myself...with friends, with my brother. I can't believe I didn't burn a hole in the game cart from playing it so much. Nothing like waking up early before church, playing SMB3 in your underwear munching on a poptart. It doesn't get better than that.

1. Ducktales

People might be confused why I chose this as my top game, but it's the first one I remember beating without cheats, codes, hints, or help. It was just me, all on my own. I love the music, the gameplay...and the fact you can choose your level as you please. There's something about this games charm that gets me goin' every time. Gotta love that moon kickass.

So there's my top ten, comprised at the last minute. But I still hold to it as my top ten now that I look at it. Looking forward to NESTOBER, Happy NES's 25th anniversary everyone!

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Reply Spin the Demon
2:36 PM on October 18, 2010 
Sweet games man cant wait to try a few that I didnt know about like trog.

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