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Sega's New System "Sega Zone" Is Sega Back

Posted by Spin the Demon on September 6, 2010 at 8:31 PM

This is the "Zone 40" The Zone 40 is a System that has built in motion games made to cash in on the success of Nintendo's Wii. This Console was sold at a budget price with many Wii like Clone games such as Tennis, Golf & Bowling. You can pick up one of these bad boys at for around 40.00-60.00 Here is a quick Disc. of the "Zone 40"

"Zone 40 Wireless Gaming- 40 games & 2 Wireless Remotes - Plug and PLAY Interface-Just plug into your TV- Featuring 40 built in games (11 Sports games-29 Arcade games. Wireless Game console with third generation gaming and real time action graphics."

   Now you ask, What does this "Zone 40" have to do with a new Sega System? Well it seems after poor sells the company behind the Zone 40 is at it again but only this time they found a company to back and support this product and that company is Sega. The New "Sega Zone" Will have around 100 built in games 20 of them will be old classic Sega games Im not sure how this will work with the motion cortol but this has got me pumped.

The Sega Zones Motion Controller

This new console has a rumored 100 games built in, now you can not add new games to your collection but you still start off with a 100 games you know what you are getting the day you get it no need to hunt down more. I know this may be like the Sega Supported Tec-toys but I thought they were great too!

This Console looks to launch with two colors Black with Green Lights or White with Blue Lights the Black one looks the best to me and is the one I plan on getting when this system hits store state side. This console should be out in the UK by now but I can not find it any place and this makes me think it was pushed back. I could find no info on this delay.

So do I think this is a new Sega system built to rival the Wii? No not at all, I dont think this is Sega Hardware like the youtube hype and thats why Im posting this blog. Im happy that Sega has been supporting retro with Systems like Tec-Toys Play Pal and other Sega Genesis clone systems with built in games. Its nice to see a company release a product for retro gamers and people who just like to game. I will be buying this one and Will Post a Full Video Review!


UPDATE: 12/1/10 This is on Sale in the States as the Arcade Motion! You can buy this at your local Wal-Greens or, Ebay and Play Asia For Around 35.00 This is a Great lil Genesis Emu System and I love it I got one the day it went on sale and play it all the time! I still have not had any luck finding any of the cool add ons for this system and I hope them put out a classic style controller So lets help it take off by buying one or three each! They make great gifts use Firecore and is Made by Atgames a Name you can Trust and Sega how could you go wrong? Great Way to play all the genesis Games for Less than 50.00!

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