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Super Tempo for Sega Saturn Cost Vs. Worth

Posted by Spin the Demon on May 15, 2010 at 9:34 PM

    We Sega Fan Boys know that collecting for sega systems like the Genesis is very cheap we also know that the Sega Saturn is not so cheap. Some Japan 2D games can run you from 20-300.00 a POP. Thats alot for a retro old ass video game. I thought I would do a little bit about Cost and Worth because I Just picked up "Super Tempo" for the Sega Saturn and this is a very rare high in cost game. I have not played this game yet Im still waiting for it in the Mail, I have played Tempo (32x) and Temp Jr. (Game Gear) and like them both. I dont really like to pay alot for games even new ones. I have a hard time paying 60+ for a game even if I love them they are not worth that to me but thats the cost. I do enjoy these collections they put out these days like the SNK Neo-Geo Collection Saved me 1,000's but they do not have a collection for saturn games and that's a post on its own. I wanted to try out this game called "Super Tempo" For the Sega Saturn the team that did that bonk game series make it I (I Think so any how) I like the first one on the Sega 32x so much I went looking for More!


   I Found a game Called "Super Tempo" on  this Web page called maybe you have been to it. Wow the 2nd games looks 1000X better than the first and I had to get this game. I looked at and Play Asia with no luck. I went to video game price charts to see what I would cost they said it wasnt real. When I did find this Gem it was on Ebay for a Buy it Now of Over 350.00 and that is the only copy I could find for Sale. No way in the world I was going to pay 300.00 bux for a game but as more time went on and still not finding it any place on the net or in the wild I was thinkin maybe Im going to have to pay this crazy 300.00 bucks. You could buy a any New system for that a PS3, 360, WII you Could buy a 360 arcade and a PS2 New for that. 300 for an old game you may not even like is just flat out nuts.

So Im about to break down and buy this game when I see one listed on Ebay for just 19.95 free ship I almost lost it. I was quick to start the bid and I was going to Win. 27 Hrs Before It ended the seller turned it in a lost because it was going to sell for way too low and I yet again lost my chance to play Super Tempo. I checked ebay every day until last week The same Tempo game poped up only this time it was a .99 Open bid with a note for the seller this is was that note said.

On May-11-10 at 21:33:29 PDT, seller added the following information:

THIS IS IT! The last time I am listing this - It goes for what it goes for!

A recent sale went over $300 complete - this is a very rare game, so don't miss out!

Thanks for looking and good luck!


I dont have to tell you how pissed and happy I got when I read this, I put in a 50.00 Bid right then only thinking I would no way win it for that low and I was right I didnt win it for 50.00 I didnt win it for 100.00 in the last Hrs I raised my Bid from 50.00 to 62.?? and I won for 52.00 flat and Im so damn happy. Im writing this only 1 day after I won. This game is in no way worth 300.00 to me but thats what It cost. My point of this is Cost and worth are not that same and that you sould only pay what you think its worth not matter how long it takes.


(Ebay Listing for The Super Tempo I won)

Rare - Sega Saturn Super Tempo - Complete

Item condition: Acceptable

Ended: May 14, 201012:13:00 PDT

Bid history: 15 bids

Winning bid: US $52.00

Shipping: FREE shipping US Postal Service Priority MailSee more services See shipping discounts | See all shipping details

Estimated delivery within 7-8 business days.

Returns: No Returns Accepted




Just Sold On eBAY

Very fast shipping, object as described, good contact, perfect! Member idpadmeemblamidala ( Feedback Score Of 139) May-21-10 06:22

Sega Saturn - SUPER TEMPO - MINT COMPLETE JP SATURN (#260535632469) US $319.99 View Item


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