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Nintendo GameCube is now Retro (kinda)

Posted by Spin the Demon on April 24, 2010 at 2:02 PM

 So We here at Stuck in the 90's are Starting to hunt down & review Nintendo Gamecube Games. The GCN is old News and Stores are starting to try and get rid of these games on the Cheap. Most People Have wii's this is the only Down Side to starting a GCN Collection on the cheap. The wii (Just in Case you didnt Know) is Backwards and Can play all of the GameCube games, the wii has alot of crap, most wii owners never had a GCN. What does this mean for us the Retro gamer? It puts

alot of gamers looking to buy up the Best cheap GCN for the Wii. This is also a good thing in a way because as long as people are buying them places like Game Stop Will still Buy and Sell used Games for Cheap.

 I also Found that Hastings will sell 1/2 of double disc games for very cheap so if youre looking to replace thats your best bet, also hastings doesnt rent GCN any more so they have baskets of cheap used games. It does suck at Retro Game Shops Cause they want an arm and a leg for the Nintendo Games, They go for as much if not more then the Xbox just because people are still buying them up all the time. If you look every Day you are going to find Cheap Games, So dont Grab the First One you See. for 9.95 F-Zero at my Play and Trade Now this is just the Game and Art in a DVD case not a GCN Case with not Book, At Game Stop We got a Mint CIB F-Zero for 3.95 so really keep your VGPG next to you when shopping.

(I will Post a Few Pics of the Games at the Bottom of the List)

 So lets Start at Platformers Shall We?

It was Earth Day a Few Days ago (Maybe Longer now) So The first Game Im going to Pick is "Super Mario Sunshine" This game is a Better Looking Mario 64 with a Water Gun and its Great! (many peoples least fav. 3D mario) I dont want to Get too into it I want you to pick it up fresh. This Game Should Cost you around 7.00-11.00 I got mine for less than 10.00 Months Ago when Prices were high still.

If you Do not have a Dreamcast and You Do not Want a Dreamcast, I got a Few Sonic Games you should pick up if you like the 3D sonics because Many are the last good 3D ports. Sonic Adventure DX, Sonic Aventure 2: Battle and Shadow The Hedgehog are all Great 3D Sonic Games and Can Be found on the Cheap, I know I got my Set of the 3 for less than 20.00 but alot of Game stores and Ebay See Sonic and put I higher Price Tag, I have seen these go from 10-20 Each at places so used your head and dont pick up the first one you find.

If you Love Sega as Much as I do, You may want a New Platformer You Havnt played other ports of on Older Systems. You May want a Frest Sega Platformer Thats Still Fun to Play. "Billy Hatcher and the gaint Egg" is the Game you want to pick up. Its not the very best Sega Platformer but its is good and Cheap. We found our Copy online for less than 10.00 and thats with S/H

  If you wanted to Play older 2D Retro Platformers/Action Games but only want to collect for the GCN, Here are a Few Quick Games that you May want to Grab. "Sonic Mega Collection", "Sonic Gems Collection," Midway's Arcade collection"1-3, Megaman & megaman Collection. Just to name a quick few.

This is our first of 20 Posts on the Nintendo Gamecube Hunts post. See keep checking back, Next Week its Run & Gun and Fighters you Dont want to miss what we found! Here are a Few Pics. of the Games We talked  about today, See you in the Fourms



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