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The Origin of Kirby

Posted by Killette on April 19, 2010 at 6:53 PM



Our vacuum at work broke again, so it's at the vacuum dr... again. While it's gone our boss brings in one of the first vacuums ever made, a Kirby. The thing is as old as can be, and it sounds like a jet engine but it does work fairly well. Anyways so I daydreaming while vacuuming a couple days ago and I wondered if Kirby from the video game was named after the Kirby vacuum. I wasn't sure becuase he is called Hoshi in Japan so I looked him up today.


Kirby was originally invented for the original game boy game Kirby's Deam Land in 1992. There was some confusion because the game boy screen, so some western copies featured a white Kirby, but his creater Sakurai has always intended for him to be pink. His shape was originally a blob placeholder sprite for while he was being created, but Sakurai decided that he liked the placeholder more than the original conception. He also later said he planned on Kirby being a game for beginners.


So what does this have to do with Kirby's name? Well nothing, but I thought it was interesting anyways. As for his name there has been a lot of debate. There are a multiple theories, including that his western name does come from the vacuum cleaner brand. Another theory is that he is named after John Kirby, a lawyer who represented them in a trial over Donkey Kong rights. However, it doesn't really matter because Massahiro Sakurai has been quoted saying he doesn't remember how he got his name.


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