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Mini Review For a Mini System KOF: R2 4 NGP

Posted by Spin the Demon on April 18, 2010 at 12:51 AM

King of Fighters: R2 for the Neo Geo Pocket Color

By S.T.D.


If you're looking for a quick great fighter that you can play on the go this is it. King of Fighters R2 is everything that KOF R1 was but in color. This game is not so bad price wise to collect and can be found pretty easy with a quick google search (I will add a few links at the bottom of this post.) I love the Neo-Geo Pockets joy stick and it makes playing this fighter a joy. You have a cast of 14 fighters to choose from (a good sized line up for a hand held at the time) With popular fighters such as Terry, RYO, Saisy IORI.

      You Get a Few Groovy Modes of Game Play such as Solo Play, Team Play and a story mode but ill get to that in a later post. In Team Play mode you can create your own team of fighters or you can choose to pick from great teams already created any way you pick it’s a blast! Pick your favorite character (s) Then Choose Extra or advanced (Professional) mode, get ready to fight! The Game can be beat in no time Set on easy or normal for a real challenge check set the difficulty to hard or if the game seems to quick the first time around. I know it’s a fighter game on a hand held so we have a button shortage but surprisingly to my delight SNK did a great Job and c

ombos are fun to execute. I also would like to add the casual fighter gamer aka the button masher can pick this game up easy and find themselves pulling off sick special moves and combos with the quickness.


       I have a lot of cool things to Say about this game such as DC Compatibility and the awesome cool story mode so make sure you check out my full review of this game, posted right here on Stuck in the 90’s in the near future.

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