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Bit Rot in Cartridge Media

Posted by Killette on April 17, 2010 at 1:51 PM

Today I learned a horrifying piece of information. I knew about disks, and how their data slowly gets destroyed over time, and I haven't been too concerned because the bulk of my personal collection are cartridges. That is, until today when I learned about bit rot. Bit rot, also know as data decay does happen in cartridges as well. This can be something you see, such as rust, or it can be something such as a small electrical charge that causes a small piece of the program code to disperse. Small amounts of bit rot are inevitable, and they can happen in disk media as well, due to poor insulation of the disks. There is no way to completely stop bit rot, but it can be slowed down. Media should be stored in dark areas that have low humidity. Cartridge games should be stored in the protective cases as well, and all media should be used at the very least once a year so it doesn't build up static.

If you know more about this problem, especially how to prevent it, please contact myself or Spin, or post on our forums and we will update it on here.

Categories: Sega, Nintendo, NEC/SNK

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