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The 1-2-3- of VHS Collecting. (Starter Guide)

Posted by Spin the Demon on August 6, 2012 at 9:00 PM



a Easy 1-2-3 of Getting a Collection Going.

With the Invent of Media Such as DVD, HDDVD and Blu-Ray Most People stopped buying and collecting VHS Movies and Only One or Two Companies Still Produce Combo Players, I read that JVC is putting out the First Blu-Ray/DVD/VHS Combo Recorder and I am for sure going to pick up that baby. I collect VHS because some movies you just cant get on DVD and some look better in the VHS Format (Old FX, CG & Horror Effects look great on VHS Vs. Blu-Ray) I feel that when a Film made way before HD Media that when they are cleaned up they end up loosing alot of the charm they had the first time around. I wanted to talk about VHS Because it was used for many years and most people still know what a Video Tape is Unlike Video 8 or CED.

#1 What To Collect? If you are just getting into collecting Movies on VHS Format you may be asking what should I Collect? Well that has to be a personal choice, dont collect what I do just because I collect it for example. Try and Buy the Videos you would enjoy watching on VHS, Remember to ask yourself Why You Started/Wanted to Collect Video Tapes in the First Place. I enjoy Collecting Old Cartoons, WCW Events & Horror Movies on VHS, I will also get a movie I want to take a chance on from time to time on VHS First as they seem to be for the most part the lowest prices of movies but as with any collection you will find rare Gems worth 100.00's of Dollars and may not want to invest in these until you have to for your collection.

#2 Where to Buy? This is a question I get all the time, Where do I buy some of the video tapes I collect and or sell. One of the Biggest sellers on my Ebay Store is VHS Movies but not all movies are good sellers, On my ebay store I sell Rare and Hard to Find, so Ebay is a place you could look but keep in mind that Ebay is for the most part the Top Price Point on Most Collectibles. I like to Buy My VHS Tapes From Places Like Good Will if you have them or any 2nd hard store, VHS Should cost from .50 or less-2.00 Per Video some will cost more if they have more than 1 tape or are part of a set or say collectors edition. Yard Sales are a Really great place, If you dont see any tapes for Sell ask, Alot of people have them boxed up in a storage area and may have even forgotton about them.

#3Where to Sell? Last is the Question I get asked the most. Where can I sell my Double VHS Movies or ones that I have replaced on other formats. Good Questions, You Can sell videos all over the place really, I like to use Ebay for the Rare Tapes and for the others but you can Sell them on most sites like those. If you have alot to sell and dont want to mess with the internet then Try Placing a Ad in the News Paper or Try Sell Sites like Cregslist, ect. You are even welcome to try and sell and trade them here on this website just make sure to sell or trade with a person you can trust like myself. I have over 5000 sales under my Belt of just this type of thing and have many contacts and feedback for you to view before you send me any item.

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