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Posted by Spin the Demon on August 6, 2012 at 2:00 AM

Poltergeist Review by SpinTheDemon

Poltergeist from the Minds of Tobe Hooper, Frank Marshall & Steven Spielberg has to be one of the most scary PG Rated movies of all time. This one is sure to give you the thrills and chills you would want in a Ghost Horror Movie. The Film is about a Normal Family who moves into a new house. After starting to construction on a new home pool for the family strange things start to happen. Things get really Scary When Carol Ann (Heather O' Rourke) Starts hearing and speaking with Spirits through the TV Set.

The Family Starts to mess around with the houses power, mainly the Diane Freeling, The mother. The Ghosts feel they need Carol Ann and Take her to a 3rd world Not Life or Death but in the middle. The family then hires a crew of experts to get the child back.

Ill leave it at that because if you havnt seen this movie you will not want to know how it ends here. I love this movie its scary and just morbid, knowing the dead bodies in this movie are real on rent from science makes it even more messed up. I like to view this movie on CED because it gives it a even more gritty horror feel. The Sound is just to die for and this CED is one of the late Stereo Discs so the sound is great just like a vintage record. No matter what format you choose you are sure to view a great ghost flick. I would give this a :D:D:D:D if not a full 5 Smile It has alot of great action and doesnt go for cheap scares, It has gore and more!!!!

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Reply Dude111
11:39 PM on September 26, 2014 
Im glad I finally found this movie on Videodisc!!! (Found it today)

I love analog like crazy,i am sick of this digital trash that has been ruining beautiful video and audio media since the late 70s and its sickening!!!!!

I cant find this movie ON VHS with the original anal,og soundtrack.... ALL I CAN FIND IS "VIDEOPHONIC SOUND" (Duplicated digitally) and its disgusting!!!!!

According to what I read above this movie DOES HAVE the original ananlog soundtrack on this..... (I thought it did as when I found mine it simply says STEREO)

I tell ya VHS,BETA and Videodisc are saviours for those of us who LOVE and appreaciate how beautiful it is!! (And arent dumbed down to think crap is better)

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