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Sega Dreamcast Accessories Guide

Posted by Spin the Demon on November 13, 2011 at 12:40 AM

I have had a Hard time finding a list of all the Sega Dreamcast Accessories so I thought I would make a list for us retro gamers, These are the Ones I know of If you know of any others Let me know on the Comments.

1st Party Accessories

Controller: This is the 1st party controller for dreamcast and it came in many colors and styles.

Visual Memory Unit (VMU): This is a Memory Card w/ LCD Screen This also came in many colors and styles.

4in1 Memory Card: This was made by Sega and came in a few styles This memory card does not have LCD and acts as 4 memory cards in 1 (800 Blocks)

Keyboard: This item was used for chatting on the internet or with use of the many Dreamcast Online Games, This had a few styles and colors in Japan, a few games used the keyboard in its game play like Typing of the Dead & Japan Dating Sims

Mouse: This item was made for use with the internet and a gaming tool for FPS games and works with some on rails like Silent Scope This item came in a few colors and styles but in Japan only the rest of the world got Basic White.

Basic Modem: This item was made for use of online game play and internet browsing, this item was packed in the USA and PAL systems for right out of the box use.

Broadband Modem This item is a upgrade to the basic modem and was made for games like quake III this item can still be used today and sells for 250.00 or more.

Dream Key, Passport & other Web Browsers These items vary in name deping on what place you are from but all are used to get your Dreamcast onto the internet so you can surf the web The Basic Disc was packed in to every dreamcast with updated discs as time passed.

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