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Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling Toukon Retsuden for Bandai Wonderswan Review

Posted by Killette on November 11, 2011 at 1:10 AM


Hey guys today I want to talk about an awesome English Friendly wrestling game for the Bandai Wonderswan. This is a black and white game released by Tomy in early 1999 and it sports fun gameplay and good graphics considering the limitations of the system.

To start out you have six characters you can choose from. I do recognize them from other games, but I do not know Japanese and I do not know their wrestlers from that time period enough to tell you their names. Each character has their own set of moves unique to them. In order to utilize each of these moves, different combinations must be typed in, similar to Virtua Fighter. For example, pressing X2 and A will provide a different punch than X1 and A. Only the X D-pad is used along with the A and B buttons. By double tapping the D pad your character can run, and you can also throw a character, and pin them. True to wrestling rules the game will not allow you to win by pinfall if you are too close to the ropes. As far as I can tell, there is no way to throw illegal punches or moves.



The graphics and the sound are both really good in this game. The graphics are crisp, and there is not a lot of ghosting on the wonderswan color. Each character in the game gets their own intro with unique music as the character walks toward the ring while the audience cheers in the background. There is good music and sound effects which makes the game fun to play.

This game is one of the more price friendly games for the Wonderswan, and sports fun and addicting gameplay that is easy to play but you can spend more time mastering the different moves. While most of the text is in Japanese, this game is definetly playable for non-Japanese readers. I would recommend this game to any fan of 2d wrestling games.


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