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What is the N-GAGE

Posted by Spin the Demon on June 11, 2011 at 11:07 PM Comments comments (0)


HistoryIn the late 1990s, gamers increasingly carried both mobile phones and handheld game consoles. Nokia spotted an opportunity to combine these devices into one unit. They developed the N-Gage, a device that integrated these two devices. Instead of using cables, multiplayer gaming was accomplished with Bluetooth or the Internet (via the N-Gage Arena service). The N-Gage also included MP3 and Real Audio/Video playback and PDA-like features into the system.

With a launch price of US $299,[6] the N-Gage was not as commercially popular as Nokia estimated. In its first weeks of availability in the United States, it was outsold by the Game Boy Advance 100 to 1.[11][12] Within 17 days of the deck's release, popular retailers GameStop and Electronics Boutique began offering $100 rebates on the deck's price.[13]

The poor sales performance can be attributed to the poor selection of games compared to its competitors and its cost at launch; it was more than twice as expensive as a Game Boy Advance SP on release day.

Besides its gaming capabilities, the N-Gage was a Series 60 smartphone, running Symbian OS 6.1, with features similar to those of the Nokia 3650 (it does not have an integrated camera, however). It was able to run all Series 60 software (other than those that require a camera), and Java MIDP applications as well. Its main CPU was an ARM Integrated (ARMI) compatible chip (ARM4T architecture) running at 104 MHz, the same as the Nokia 7650 and 3650 phones.

As of August 2007, it was estimated that Nokia had shipped more than two million N-Gage game decks.[14] The "N-Gage" brand name still had a poor reputation within the gaming media and the few consumers who recognized the N-Gage brand, due to the weakness of the system's first games and the original model's limitations[citation needed]. Many gamers were unaware of the later QD redesign. The situation had not improved either with the arrival of the PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS handhelds. As of September 2005, Nokia had more than 50 games available for the system.

While the N-Gage didn't have any significant financial successes, it did have a handful of critical successes. Pocket Kingdom: Own the World received a handful of glowing reviews when it was released, and Pathway to Glory was Nokia's first self-published success. These games came perhaps too late to have much effect in improving the perception of the N-Gage hardware itself in the eyes of consumers or press.

In January 2005, UK sales-tracking firm ChartTrack dropped the N-Gage from its regular ELSPA chart, commenting that "The N-Gage chart, though still produced, is of little interest to anyone. Sales of the machine and its software have failed to make any impact on the market at all." Although only directly reflective of the UK market, this was interpreted by some as a serious blow to the N-Gage as a viable gaming platform. Despite this, Nokia reaffirmed their commitment to the N-Gage as a platform, to the point where a new version of the hardware was rumored after GDC 2005.

February 2005 saw Nokia appoint Gerard Wiener, formerly of Sega Europe, to the post of Director and General Manager for Games at Nokia. Wiener steered Nokia away from looking at the N-Gage as primarily being a games console to "this is a mobile phone that is great for playing games on." This strategy, along with targeting niche franchises such as the table-top Warhammer 40,000 series, the Rifts RPG series, and the Settlers of Catan board game, has kept sales of the N-Gage healthy and earned the platform a modicum of respect from some quarters of the media. It should be noted that this change coincided with the initial releases of the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS.

The last game to be released in the US for the system was Civilization on March 2006 according to In November 2006 Nokia released its last game for the N-Gage QD - combat racer Payload.

The system continues to be sold in the Chinese and Indian markets.

So is it a Cell Phone or a Gaming System?

  Its both, today thats not uncommon with the New PSP Phone and XBOX 360 Phone High Quality Gaming Graphics on a Cell Phone these days is the norm but back in 2002 when the N-GAGE was thought up most people had games like "Snake" on the phones they used and color screens were just coming into style. Nokia Really wanted to get into the hand held gaming market so they stuck with what they knew and that is phones add some gaming to that and poor marketing with a side of advanced tech that no person is ready for and you have a system doomed from the start. To top that off make sure you only sell the Phone in 2 stores and make it cost so much that only few people could own it. If you did all of them things you would be Nokia when they came up with the N-GAGE the worlds First Cell Phone Gaming System.

      Ok ok This starts like im bashing the system and its anything but I am a big fan of the N-GAGE I want to tell you guys a small part of the back ground so you know why you may have never heard of this system and as you can see by this pic above the handheld had a nice little run with many Great Games to try and collect all for cheap prices. The system is small and Sexy with Big Sound and Big and FX and Big Games thats most important right? We just wanted to give you some info on this great lil handheld Some of my Top Picks in games

Tony Hawk, WWE, Super Money Ball, Sonic N, Virtua Tennis, Assphalt, Rayman 3, Sega Rally, King of Fighters, Virtua Cop, Alien Front Online, Puzzle Bobble, Bomberman and so many more. Please keep a eye out for my N-GAGE Youtube Review in the next few weeks!

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Game Reviews

Posted by Killette on May 18, 2011 at 9:00 AM Comments comments (0)

As a member of the youtube community I listen to a lot of game reviews, not just a few, but a lot. Not that I spend my life in front of the computer (I do like to play my games lol), but I listen to them quite often, for both retro and current gen games. I know a lot of people are very faithful to the reviewers they listen to. Some only listen to Classic Game Room, some only listen to IGN, others PeteDoor, and you get the point. I personally listen to a lot of different reviewers, even some that aren't my favorite, so I can get more varied opinions. One of my favorite parts of watching youtube reviews is getting to see the gameplay, and hearing comments on things like the graphics and sound from someone who is passionate about the game. The biggest problem I have with game reviews is that oftentimes people hear bad reviews for games, and they end up not giving the game a chance. I like to hear about the games and judge how much I should pay for them, but I don't let bad reviews scare me away from games because everyone has different taste and likes different things. A  good example of this is the new Bionic Commando. Personally, I think it is a very fun but difficult game. After hearing so many bad reviews I passed the game up for over a year and I believe I really missed out because it is a great title. Finally, I almost feel like I have ruined games for myself sometimes because I have seen so many reviews on a particular title. For the last year of so I've tried to not watch too many reviews on the games I know I'm going to play so they are fresh, new, and I can make unbiased opinons on them. I think this makes the game more fun and it reminds me of when I was younger and every time I put in a game it was a completely new experience. All-in-all I love reviews, but I feel like a lof of us rely too much on them and allow others opinions scare us away from titles we might really enjoy. I say keep watching as many reviews as you want, but don't let the opinions of the reviewer completely bias your opinion of a game.

Assassin's Creed Altair's Chronicles DS

Posted by Killette on May 15, 2011 at 2:53 AM Comments comments (0)

   Assassin's Creed is a beautiful shooter game with stunning open worlds and an almost eerie feel to it. The ds version of this game does its best to hold up the series name as well as its home console brethren. The worlds are still beautiful, and the sounds in the cities really draw you into the game. Despite the mediocre controls, I believe this game does well to hold up the series in the handheld market.

  Altair's Chronicles is a prequel to the original Assasin's Creed and instead of being Desmond Miles, instead you play as the young assassin Altair Ibn La-Ahad. Your character is trying to find a chalice in order to end the war in his home, and then destroy it. Early on in the game he discovers it's in the Temple of the Sands and  you need three keys to enter and retrieve it. Througout the game you seek out the three keys and journey to the temple to discover the true nature of the mysterious chalice.

  As your character progress through the two new cities and three of the original cities you have to cross rooftops, run up walls, and cross beams to reach the next person or place to interrogate. Often throughout the game you need to pass from point A to point B on a mission while taking out the guards, and the controls will often hinder your gameplay. Altair tends to slide forward after you complete a jump, and sometimes while jumping from beam to beam or rooftop to rooftop you slide off and have to try again. Also, while the graphics are beautiful, the scenery is amazing, and Altair runs and jumps full of grace, the camera angles change into odd places and sometimes and you find yourself jumping blindly onto a platform again and again until you are lucky enough to make it.

   One of the cool features of the game is its use of the the ds's unique controls. During the game you will need to pickpocket guards, torture people for information,  and perform other tasks with the stylus while utilize the bottom screen to show a map of the town you are traveling in. The mini games with the stylus are fun quick breaks from a slightly repetitive hack and slash game and kept me interested throughout. While traveling from point A to point B you run across a lot of guards. Sometimes you are able to sneak up on them and assinate them, other times you will need to kill them hack and slash style. As you progress throughout the game you will pick up some different weapons, but most of the time it is possible to get through the game by button mashing.

   Boss fights change up the style of the game. The bosses are defeated by quick time actions that need to be performed at the exact time and in a precise position. This can be very difficult sometimes and the boss can kill you in just a few hits while you are trying to get the timing and right place to be in. Also, the battles can get frustrating because the game will randomly perform the action originally mapped to the button instead of quicktime action that is needed to win the battle.

   Overall I believe this is a game worth checking out. It doesn't quite hold up to the PS3 ad 360 games, but it is enjoyable, especially as it progresses. Altair's Chronicles has good graphics and some flawed gameplay, but if you can find it for a good price it's one I recommend for someone who wants to play a quick ninja-like game that only lasts about 4 hours


Digital in the Gaming World

Posted by Killette on May 2, 2011 at 10:48 PM Comments comments (0)

     The playstation network being down has created a big buzz in the gaming community. Youtube is full of videos, the gaming sites are full of updates, and the forums have been exploding with the topic. I guess by writing this article I am following suit. However I really would like to discuss some other aspects of the network being down, not the stolen identities or netflix. I would like the features that are really being lost. Many games don't allow coop play without the network, other games such as Mortal Kombat have add-ons and codes to receive bonuses such as costumes and fatalities. The worst part of it are all of the missing games that are available as download only. Now, the press releases say the network will be back shortly, and will be better than ever.

     What I'm concerned about is when the network goes down for the last time. I am worried about when Sony finally says they will no longer be providing the service for their fans/customers an longer. We can hope by then technology will be advanced enough we can run our own servers such as the ones for the Dreamcast. However, this will be a hard thing to do, and who will have a powerful enough computer? I believe we will most likely see websites we can access through the playstation 3 etc online that will support just a single game so we can play online and download the extra content and use the coop. Still, this will be a hard thing to maintain and will require a lot of dedication. Will all the games be supported throughout time? I'm also concerned by all of the downloaded games. I do believe we will be able to create a complete list and make it available online through good sites we know about that I will not name here, but still it will be hard to create this list and it will take time, and a lot of dedication because I predict the game libraries will be enormous for this generation. Also, by then will we have to mod our systems ourselves to play these games or will be be advanced enough to add some sort of boot to the files so they will just play? I'm not trying to predict the future, but I'm trying to exress why I'm nervous about the digital revolution.

     Collecting for me isn't about bragging, hoarding, hunting, or even when it comes down to it, owning the games. To me, collecting is playing the games. I do really enjoy finding and owning the games and arranging them and spending time with them, but what I'm really worried about is no longer being able to play them. I feel the same way about saturn games as I do about this digital scare. The games are becoming more and more scarce and the codes are being lost, and these games are slipping through our fingers and slowly being lost as time goes on. I don't want to lost this great part of gaming history.

Video Game Difficulty Settings

Posted by Killette on April 23, 2011 at 4:38 PM Comments comments (0)

     In honor of the new Mortal Kombat, we here at Stuckinthe90s have been playing a lot of the older games in the series to help us enjoy how the new game has returned to it's roots, plus we never can stay away from our retro games for long lol. Last night I started to play Mortal Kombat II for the Sega 32x  and it really got me thinking about video game difficulty settings, and if there are any meanings behind them.

     Nowadays we live in a world where video games have trophies and achievements and other goodies that we can use to prove our skills in video games. In order to fully "complete" a game, and collect all of the trophies/achievements you oftentimes have to beat a game in all difficulty modes. To me, this can sometimes be really repetitive because a lot of the time the story is the same, there are just added bad guys, etc to make it harder. I personally play a lot of games, and with so many to choose from I often don't want to spend the time to do this just to collect all of these. Back when I was younger I had one game to play, and I would beat it again and again (or at least as far as I could get) and try to make the most out of it because  I knew it would be a long time before I would be getting another new game. I definetly see how the unlockables and everything would be good for that, and they could really show that you have totally mastered a game.

     In the past things were different. Most platformers didn't have difficulty settings, you just put the game in and played it as far as you could. When you ran out of credits you went back to the beginning and started over and played as far as you could again until you were finally able to complete the game, and that would be enough to brag to your friends. Also in the past scores really mattered. If you have the highest score of your friends, you definetly would be know as being a "bad ass". Depending on the game, some of the older games, such as Mortal Kombat II, did have difficulty settings. Last night playing the game I had to turn down the diffiuclty setting. At first I tried playing the game in normal, but I got stomped so bad the first couple stages I had to turn it down just so I could make it anywhere in the game. SpintheDemon says the second game is one of the harder games in the series, and that the 32x port is one of the harder ports on top of that, but still, should I be embarassed I had to turn it down? Does it matter that I grew up playing Street Fighter and didn't play and Mortal Kombats until I was older? Now I don't care what anyone else thinks about the difficulty I chose, I just like to play games that are challening and fun and I was able to get that from the easier setting.

     Personally I have an odd system for choosing game difficulties. For current gen games it depend son what I want out of the game. If I want to have a fun and relaxing time, or if it's a game that I'm renting I will choose the easy setting. That way I can blow through the game and have a good experience, without a lot of the stress of the harder settings. Also, if it's a game I know I will want to truly complete all that way and collect everything I will choose the easy setting since I know I will be playing through it again on each of the other settings. For older games it depends a lot on the game I'm playing. If it's a game I've beat through and have been playing a lot of my life, of it I really want a challege I will choose the harder setting. I think older video games are ofter harder and require more reflexes that a lot of the newer gen games, so it's hard to compare the two. Honestly, for Mortal Kombat II I'm happy I'm on the easier difficulty setting. When I decide to play that game and master it, I have a lot harder settings to play it through again and again, so I know I can enjoy playing that game for a long time. This is compared to other fighting games such as Marvel vs Capcom 2 were I play it on the hardest difficutly and still am not fully challenged.

     Sometimes on the new gen consoles I've noticed the easiest difficulty setting can be ridiculously easy. You can beat the game through with no trouble, and I feel like I never really got good at the game. It seems like I prefer games with wierd controls or fighting styles because then I really feel like I'm able to master it. Think back on Contra, even with the Konami code that game can be really difficult. To be able to say you've beat the game was something to be proud of. I like games that I find to be really hard like the Ghosts and Ghouls Series from Capcom. I like the sense of accomplishment of beating a game, not just finishing it on autopilot.

      For me, I like games to be difficult. I personally don't care what setting I choose, whether it is easy or very difficult as long as it is challenging and I have a good time. How do you choose your video game difficulty and do you think it matters as status symobl, or are you like me and you don't care about what everyone thinks about the difficulty you chose?

I'm all in!

Posted by Killette on April 4, 2011 at 9:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Recently we've been getting more collections on our next gen systems such as the Dreamcast Collection, the Sega Genesis Collection, Marios 25th Anniversery Collection, and the famous Namco Anniversery collections for example. I love that these old Video Game companies are providing a great fanservice to us collectors. I also believe this carries over into some of the new titles Nintendo has been putting out such as the new Donkey Kong Country, The New Super Mario Bros, and the other classic titles we've been getting lately. To take it further, even titles such as Marvel vs Capcom 3 has stages such as Arthur's stage that also pay homage to the older games. I thinkg it's awesome these companies haven't forgotten us fans that have been around for a long time, and are giving us a taste of the older games we remember, love, and that some of us still play (we sure do!).

While we are getting Sly Cooper Collections and God of War collections from the major electronics companies such as Sony, it seems to me these are more of a way for them to make more money, instead of a true love letter to the fans. I think we should support the game companies that mainly make classics, so we keep getting more :)

EA Sucks

Posted by Spin the Demon on March 18, 2011 at 1:24 AM Comments comments (0)

Why Do we keep buying this crap, its the same game tweeked again and again. Now these guys want us to pay to play online every time we buy a new game? What a joke, I put up with these guys when they turned on Sega and quit making software and still played the games on the Nintendo systems. I also put up with these clowns when they paid to be the Only 3rd party gaming company to use the NFL now all we have is Madden, No more Great Sega Sports Games 2k Series, No more NFL Blits From Midway or Acclaim QB Club just MADDEN! I dont want you to think I hate EA games, cause I dont but enough is enough Im going to have to quit buying them because I only buy used games and play online so little it wouldnt be worth the 10.00 extra bucks plus the cost of the game. Its a shame I cant play with my mates from time to time A nice football or soccer game. I guess I could just go with it but im not going to. Im sorry to take up your time with this but needed to get how I feel about EA and THQ's Plan for this Online fee its just fucking Bull shit!

-Spin The Demon

Mystic Defender

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The Dark Warrior Zareth has kidnapped Alexandra and has taken her to Azuchi Castle to sacrifice her and resurrect the Evil Lord Zao. In this Sega-made game you are the sorcerer Joe Yamato and your job is to break into the castle and save the world, and Alexandra. This side scrolling platformer is the sequel to the Sega Master System system game Spellcaster. The gameplay is mostly the same, but with the rpg elements taken out. The weapon you start with is similar to MegaMan's charge blast where it allows a standard shot or you can charge it. Throughout the game you can pick up other magical weapons, the first can even be found in the first level. These include a flame-thrower type weapon, a sonic magic that allows you to throw multiple fire balls, and a super screen clearing weapon that you just have to play the game to discover ;)

Graphics in this game are awesome despite it being an early title. The main character is detailed and the bosses are unique and well designed. The music isn't super memorable, but it is atmospheric and matches the game very well. Controls are good, it does take a moment to get the hang of jumping up onto some of the platforms.

Overall I think this is a fun sidescrolling platformer for the Sega Genesis and definetly one to check out when you get a chance. This game does draw some controversy because of a scen in the end where you get to see the damsel in distress topless.

Crazy Taxi

Posted by Killette on December 6, 2010 at 1:22 PM Comments comments (2)


Back in the time when the general rule for arcades was 100 yen for 3 minutes, a man named Kenji Kanno had a vision. He envisioned a game that rewarded players for their skill and practice in the game. A game that is so addicting that with only 3 sequels it still has ports on every system in this generation, as well as the last. This game is Crazy Taxi, developed by Hitmaker and published by Sega.

This game originally was released in the arcades as a sit-down machine for the Sega Naomi board in 1999. In 2000 this game was ported to its first home console, the Sega Dreamcast. It the third best selling Dreamcast game in the United States and sold over a million copies and was a huge success being rated a 9.6/10 by IGN and 8.7/10 by Gamespot. An equally successful sequel came out called Crazy Taxi 2 that added new maps and new gameplay features such as the crazi hop.

The objective in the game is fairly simple, pick up passengers and follow the green arrow to take them to their destination. You then have to stop in the designated zone and your passenger hops out and pays you the fare you earned. While delivering your passengers you can raise how much you earn in fares by making huge jumps, barely missing other cars, etc. Also, if you deliver your customer quickly you earn bonus time to allow you to keep playing the game. In addition to the arcade mode, this game also offers many mini games that teach you how to be a better driver. These include drifting games, and even taxi bowling.

The soundtrack in the original arcade game, as well as the Dreamcast port include songs from popular bands from the time such as Bad Religion and The Offspring. This music was taken out of later ports because of royalties, and the ps3 and 360 download versions allow you to play music off your own hard drive. The original game was also full of advertisements. Passengers often have requests to go to places such as Pizza Hut, FILA, Kentucky Fried Chicken, or the Levi's Store. There are even vans that say WOW! on the side of them. These were also replaced by generic buildings in the future releases and rereleases of the game.

Overall this highly addictive game is highly recommended for anyone in the whole family. It's an awesome game that is easy for anybody to play yet takes a lot of time to memorize the maps and master the game. The great graphics, fast pace, and soundtrack make it an enjoyable gaming experience.

FMV Game Cheats

Posted by Killette on November 30, 2010 at 6:52 PM Comments comments (0)

Hey guys Full Motion Video Games month is almost to a close and we would like to finish it off with a bang. Here are some cheats to help you out with your fav FMV games!

Cobra Command:

Stage Select:

At the main screen, press Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Up

Double Switch:

Hidden Video Scene:

Play through until you reach Act III, then lose the game intentionally. Whenthe screen goes dim, and the Game Over video starts to play, quicklypress on Controller 1:

Left, A, Up, Right, A

The normal scene will disappear, and you'll see a weird sequence instead.

Dragon's Lair:

View FMV Sequences:

Pause game play and press:

Right, Right, Left, Left, Down, Down, Up, Up, then Start.

Your remaining lives will stay at five after you die and all the game sequences will be displayed.

Ground Zero Texas:

Level Select:

Insert Disc 2 and power up your Sega CD. The "Remove CD 2 Insert CD 1" message will appear. Press:

A, B, Right, A, C, A, Down, A, B, Right, A (ABRACADABRA).

Bonus FMV Sequence:

Intentionally lose the game. Wait for the credits to appear and quickly press:

C, B, A in a sweeping motion, then press Start.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers:

Level Skip:

At the Difficulty/Start screen , press B,A,C,C,A,B,A. You'll hear atone confirming the code worked. During the game, all you have to do ispress start and you'll skip the level.

Hidden Video:

At the title screen press A,B,B,A,C,A,B,B.

Night Trap:

Hidden Video:

During the end credits enter this code when "In Memory of Stephen D. Hassenfeld" appears:

Hit "Up" then hit "A" five times.

Prize Fighter:

Bonus FMV Sequence:

At the options menu, press and hold these in order:

A + B + C + Right

Continue to hold these until the sequence begins.

Sewer Shark:

Extra Datura Bullets:

HoldA and tap B to get one Datura bullet while the Shadow Man or anyotherstrong opponent is attacking. This will only occur when yourcharacteris out of Datura bullets and the opponent is on screen.

Hidden Message:

Insert the game disc into an audio CD player and play track 2 to hear an audio message from Sewer Shark.

Slam City With Scottie Pippen:

Super Slams:

Press B, A, Left, Left before Fingers passes the ball to perform super slams without hitting the "sweet spot."

Bonus FMV Sequences:

PressC at the title screen to enter the options menu. In the Options menu,press and hold A, then press and hold B, then press and hold C. (Youshould have all three buttons held at this point.) You'll know you didit correctly when the word "B15" appears in the upper-left corner ofthe screen. Continue to hold A + B + C, then press Up to start thevideo.

Solar Eclipse:

View FMV Sequences (Sega Saturn):

Pause the game, select the "Chase Plane" view, and press: Right, Down, Down, Left, Down, Up, C, B, A, Down.

You will hear a tone to confirm the code has been entered correctly.

Space Ace:

View FMV Sequences:

Pause gameplay and press:

Right, Right, Left, Left, Down, Down, Up, Up, Start.

Space Pirates:

Mad Dog Cameo:

Rescue the commander, then select the lower-left monitor. When you arrive, shoot the cow skull multiple times.

FMV Games are going New School well kinda.

Posted by Spin the Demon on November 23, 2010 at 3:47 PM Comments comments (0)

   So Today FMV games are not really around but back in the 90's they were on top of the world. Im finding more and more FVM style games on Next Gen Gaming Systems. I wouldnt call games like Heavy Rain on PS3 a FMV game but the game play do share alot of the same things. Ive seen choose your way DVD's on the market where you can pick the path and they too share alot of things with the FMV system game play but more of a movie than a game. If I wanted to get into so FMV games but didnt own any retro systems like Sega CD or 3DO to name a few what would I do?

   I have found a couple FVM classics re done the way they ment to be seen. The FMV quailty of the 90's was bad real bad today we use media like DVD's and this makes the video on these New FMV games crytal clear.  The First Game I want to Talke About is Dragons Lair for the Nintendo Wii This is a Classic game I used to love in the arcades and the Sega CD and I still do!

 My Socks were rocked when I played this re done game on the Nintendo Wii I couldnt get over how great it looks really great stuff. I love how they added a watch mode where you can sit back and watch the movie after you beat the game. This is a must have for any FMV fan and can be found on the Dragon's Lair Set on the Nintendo Wii for around 40.00 New Less Used.

 This one will be short because I have Never Played Dragon's Lair II but I can wait this is another game that can be found on the Dragon Lairs Set for the Nintendo Wii.

 Mad Dog is back! Did you ever think in a Mil Years We would be playing the Mad Dog Games on the Nintendo Wii? I didnt this a corny fun game that is a must have for FMV fans. I love this game on the Sega CD and in Arcades so I cant wait to pick this Nintendo Wii Game but and since it can be found around 30.00 I will be picking it up soon!

   Well Thats It for Part 1 of the Next Gen FMV games Tune in for Part II When we talk about Space Ace and a Few more its the return of the FMV game and I couldnt be more happy about it!

  Spin the Demon


Mansion of Hidden Souls FMV

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Mansion of Hidden Souls is a horror full motion video game for the sega cd that is played in the first-person view. This game runs in a linear story line, and is reminiscent of a cheesy horror movie as you wander around a the mansion solving puzzles.

The story starts off with a cut scene where you (Jonathon) and your sister are outside in the grass checking out a butterfly. your sister wishes she could be one and runs off and disappears while a mansion appears out of nowhere. You head into the mansion and begin to explore. The controls are simple, you use the D-pad to roam around and investigate different objects. In the beginning you are locked out of many of the rooms, and throughout the game you find keys that allow you to explore more. Butterflies inhabit the mansion. They are the souls of former humans, and you can talk to them for clues on how to solve the puzzle you are working on, and filling in th story line. Some of them were trapped here against their will, some actually sought the mansion out with the intent to become butterflies, others turnsurprisingly malicious and hint at a greater controlling force named The Hunter.

It's mostly a linear adventure, so you have to solve one puzzle at a time in the right order. There is even a magic picture frame that shows you which item you should look for next.About halfway throough the game a timer appears, and you have to work quickly to solve the remaining puzzles. While the game isn't really scary it does have a little bit of a creepy vibe to it. The music is non existant, and thre are creeky sound effects as you move around. It almost gives you a strange kinda oppressed feeling.

Overall the game is meant for a fun casual play, and doesn't have a very high replay value.The gameplay resembles games such as D, or Myst and is simple to learn. I would recommend this game for just a couple sittings or perhaps for a child but if the price is right its kinda a neat one to check out.

Dragon's Lair FMV

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Dirk the Daring is a somewhat reluctant knight who is trying to save the beautiful princess Daphne in the full motion video game Dragon's Lair. This game originally came out in 1983 in arcades and sported beautiful animation by Disney animator Don Bluth. Throughout the game Dirk travels throughout a castle filled with many obstacles, and he player has to hit different directional keys, as well as an attack button in order to reach the princess. This game is famous for it's death scenes, and I personally love the looks on Dirk's face as he shreiks in terror from the monsters he is facing. This game has been ported to many home systems starting with the laserdisc player, and included the sega cd, game boy, 3do, and many others. Recently the Dragon's Lair Trilogy has been released onto the nintendo wii, and includes many scenes that had been cut out from previous home ports of the game. Despte being made on an small budget (the programmers were the voice actors), this game is definetely one to check out.

Time Gal

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Time Gal is originally an arcade game published by Taito in 1985 and then ported to many home systems in 1993. This FMV game stars Reika Kirishima (Time Gal), a girl from the futrue who is chasing down a criminal named Luda. Each of the levels is divided into time periods, and you have to foil Luda's plans as he attemps to take over the world by changing history. Each of the time periods has different obstacles that you have to avoid by pressing the directional keys as well as the attack button as the different obstacles light up. As you move up to a higher difficulty the obstacles are less noticeable an no longer light up. To make the game even more difficult, sometimes Time Gal will stop time and you will have a few second to choose which path to take. If you choose wrong, she dies and you have to start again. This game is a game that relys on quick reflexes, memorization, and repetition.

This game has had several home releases including the Japanese MSX, Laseractive, the Sega CD, and it is available on compilations for both the Playstation as well as the Sega Saturn. It is definetely one to check out if you enjoy or would like to try out some Sega CD games!

NES Horror Games

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Here at Stuckinthe90s we are continuing our celebration of NEStober, as well as preparing for Halloween. Here are some ideas for some spooky games on the NES:

The Addams Family/ The Addams Family: Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt


Bram Stoker's Dracula

Castlevania Series

Chiller (unlicensed)

Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde
Fester's Quest


Friday the 13th

Ghostbusters/Ghostbusters II

Kid Dracula

Maniac Mansion

Nightmare on Elm Street


Stuckinthe90s Closer Look:

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Robot Operating Buddy R.O.B The Robot


This unique controller was packed in with some of the launch Nintendo Entertainment Systems. He assists the player by slowly pushing the buttons on the second cotroller and assisting the first player. After the video game crash in the early 80s ROB helped the Nintendo Entertainment system look more like a toy, so parents would be more willing to buy it.

While ROB the robot is cute, there are only two games that are compatible with ROB the robot, Gyromite and Stack-Up.


ROB the Robot has appeared in some other Nintendo Games:

Kirby's Dreamland 3

WarioWare series

Starfox Series

F-Zero Series


Viewtiful Joe

Mario Kart ds

Super Smash Bros Brawl

P13R4T's Top 10 NES Games

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Spin really wasn't kidding when he said it's hard to list your top ten, but here's my sloppily written list of my top ten games based on my childhood nostalgia (alot is based on my having a brother):



10. Trog

There was something about this pac-man like game that would draw Sean (my brother) and I to play it. It had dinos, competitive multiplayer, and best of all SIMULTANEOUS multiplayer. Another bonus is that it had friendly fire, which made it all the more enjoyable. We had a blast popping this game in on a rainy day and punching the crap out of cavemen and eating them as a t-rex.

9. Rampage

I know, another game involving dinos, friendly fire, and simult gameplay. Many people complained about the repetitiveness, but we would stay up all nite playing this game. Maybe it was the reward of seeing your player bash a state out of the U.S. in the level screen. The sfx reminded me of Atari sounds, which is a bonus.

8. Marble Madness

Growing up, I always enjoyed BALLS. Who didn't love BALLS as a kid, or in this case I should say marbles. Sean and I would always race to the finish line while trying to bump each other off the course and yell from anger but laugh later on. I would yell at him for getting too far ahead and he would get pissed at me chuggin behind. Mark Cerny worked hard on the physics of this game and it showed cause at age 7, I never seen a game like this before.

7. Kirby's Advenure

This was one of the first games I remember playing alone. I remember going to my stepbrother's house, excited to play all his games and looking at the cover and thought, hmm..what a weird looking game. Popped it in and was amazed at what I found: great sound, fun gameplay, fluid controls, and great music. I loved this game.

6. Rush N' Attack

Man have Sean and I laughed so hard at this game. So many things to mention. Not only is it satisfying to shank hundreds of guys playing simult mult, but seeing all the funny bugs inside the game. You could jump backwards, run in the air, die holding onto a ladder, die and suspend in was fun. Was and always has been one of my favs.

5. Contra

I remember not playing this as much as my older siblings, I played some, but I loved watching my older brother, Toby play it. I remember when he taught me the code and i thought it was the coolest thing seeing a code used without the game genie. That's when I began to play it more. So fun.

4. Castlevania

I played this more later on as a kid as well, but loved the music, enemies, sound, everything. It's one of those games that don't need an explanation, you just know this game.

3. Battletoads

Okay, this game was hard as hell after the 3rd level once you hit those bike pods. But Sean and I loved this game. There was something satisfying about the game stuttering when you falcon-punch the crap out of the enemies. Such a fun game to play when you just wanna beat the crap out of somebody, but be weary...friendly fire is on.

2. Super Mario Bros. 3

Played this game so many freakin' myself...with friends, with my brother. I can't believe I didn't burn a hole in the game cart from playing it so much. Nothing like waking up early before church, playing SMB3 in your underwear munching on a poptart. It doesn't get better than that.

1. Ducktales

People might be confused why I chose this as my top game, but it's the first one I remember beating without cheats, codes, hints, or help. It was just me, all on my own. I love the music, the gameplay...and the fact you can choose your level as you please. There's something about this games charm that gets me goin' every time. Gotta love that moon kickass.

So there's my top ten, comprised at the last minute. But I still hold to it as my top ten now that I look at it. Looking forward to NESTOBER, Happy NES's 25th anniversary everyone!

NES Launch Games

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Here is a quick run down of the 18 games that launched with the American NES system.

1. 10-Yard Fight- 1st Slightly realistic American football game. 2 Player

2. Baseball- Simple baseball game. Player can choose between 6 teams. 2 Player

3. Clu Clu Land- underwater puzzle game

4. Donkey Konk Jr. Math- Math game with the loveable DK jr

5. Duck Hunt- zapper gun game. 2 player

6. Excitebike- Motorcycle racing game. 1 player

7. Golf- Simple golf game. 2 player

8. Gyromite- R.O.B the Robot game. 1 player

9. Hogan's Alley- zapper gun game.

10. Ice Climber- platforming game. 2 player

11. Kung Fu- beat em up game.

12. Mach Rider- futuristic driving game

13. Pinball- pinball game.


14. Stack-Up- R.O.B. the robot game.  1 player

15. Super Mario Bros.- mascot platforming game

File:Super Mario Bros. box.png

16. Tennis- simple tennis game. 2 players

17. Wild Gunman- zapper game. 1 player

18. Wrecking Crew- action platformer.

My Top 10 Nintendo NES games!

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Hey Guys, Spin the Demon here, this was not easy because I love so many damn NES games but If I had to pick 10. I would have to Say I could live with out these games.

10.Yo Noid.

 I know not alot of people dont like this one but I love it maybe its because I didnt get to play much of it before my mothers x drug addict boy friend pawned it. When I saved enough money I got it from the pawn shop and loved it every day, it got jacked again! I was able to pick up a copy back in 2002 via EBgames.

9.Rad Racer, I dont have a mega cool story on how I fell in love with this game or how I had to have it so I did some crazy video store sticker swap. No my grandma got it for me and I remember playing it all the damn time! The first time I beat it was is 3rd grade when I stayed home from school sick.

8.TMNT II: I dont have to say much I am and always have been a TMNT Freak! I got this for a BDAY and Played the ever loving shit out of it ands still do I just beat it again for the 100000000000000 time last night.

7.Gauntlet I played alot of Gauntlet, So many trick and Trap Doors and Hidden Ways ghost and Gouls its so fucking cool. I love this game and this was the only Tengen game I ever owned. I Traded this game some time back and now am on the hunt for the Grey Cart.

 6. Duck Hunt By now you guys should know I love Fighting Games and I love Light gun Games and Duck Hunt was the First Light Gun game I ever played

5.Ninja Gaiden Little bad can be said about ninja gaiden, its one of the best action games of all time and the hardest! I love this game I remeber watching my mom play it all the time sneaking in plays and killing her saved up lives and shot of beating the game during smoke breaks.

4. Contra up down up down left right left right B A Start is the code that would have saved my ass and many hours if I knew it growing up. If I had to name one game on the NES that Sucked down alot of time and summer days I would say that game is Contra, I regret nothing.

3. SMB 3 This is the 1st Nintendo NES game I can remember Beating with no cheats or codes. I loved this game so so much and still to this day I find myself learning new tricks and ways to beat it with no warps.

 2. Kirby's Adventure. This was the 1st game I was really blown away with the whole game From Game Play to the Sound track this game was the best thing I had ever played up to that point. I wanted to own this game so bad but couldnt find it, I rented it every single weekend until my mom found a copy at a yard sale. I still can not beat the NES port 100% I think it was a level glitch cause I can beat it in one try one the GBA port.

 #1Mega Man 2

This is my number #1 Game on the Nintendo Nes and Number 1 Mega man Game. This is the 1st Mega Man I ever beat ( I beat MM1 Days Later) and this is the first game I never wanted to play based on the cover alone. I got this game for some sort of holiday and It sat in my room for weeks, it just didnt look like my type of game. I was sick from school and was burned out of all my older games so I gave it a shot, im glad I did that game changed my whole life and thats not a joke. I really really got into all kinds of games after that I would play any game I could get my hands on looking for that next hidden gem.

 Well thats my list, In no way am I saying this is your list. Please share in the comments your top nintendo games. I would also Like to say sorry for this being sloppy and fast, Im in alot of pain and im waiting to see my Dr. monday.

-Spin The Demon

System Hook-Ups

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We all know there are a butt-load of different ways to hook up and wire your systems, and everyone refers to the different types of cables, but no one really explains what the different types are, and the pros and cons.

Here is a list of the most frequently used cords, which I'll explain to you one by one

Radio Frequency (RF)

Composite Video (RCA)

Separated Video (S-Video)

Component Video

Video Graphics Adapter (VGA)

Digital Video Interface (DVI)

High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI)


Starting with the older cables, here is an RF (Radio Frequency) Adapter

An rf cord is one of the oldest cords used in video games. It was often paired with the master system, and the nes. It is still required for the NEC Turbo Grafx. These cords are fuzzy, and usually need to be routed through a dvd player on the new tvs. These are usually the least sought after cords.


A step up from the RF adapter is the RCA Composite Video Cord:

This type of cord is one of the most commonly used video connecters. This cord allows the sound to be separate from the video, but both black and white, and the colors come through the yellow connector.


The next choice up is an s-video cord:

The s-video cord has separate video. Not only is the video separate from the audio, but three wires are used inside this cord. One carries the black and white, one carries the color, and another is the ground.


Component Video is the next step up:


This type of cord also has separate audio and video. The video information is split into (most commonly) three separate signals, each of which carries a black and white image, as well as one or more color image. This allows for a sharper image.


The next step is a VGA (Video Graphics Array)

Usually this cord is seen on computer monitors. These are capable of providing hd up to 2048x1536px resolution. They have 15 pins inside them that allow for the red, green, blue, black and white, as well as horizontal sync and vertical sync. The resolution is even more clear than the previous cords.

The second to last cord is Digital Video Interface (DVI)

This type of cord is for high visual quality displays on flatscreen computer monitors. It carries uncompressed data (usually translated into binary form) to the display.

Finally, the cord with the best display is High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI)

This cord allows for uncompressed video and up to 8 channels of audio info to be passed through it. It is usually used for upscaling dvd players, blu ray players, xbox 360s, ps3s, and other high definition machines.


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