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My Top 10 Nintendo NES games!

Posted by Spin the Demon on October 10, 2010 at 9:40 PM

Hey Guys, Spin the Demon here, this was not easy because I love so many damn NES games but If I had to pick 10. I would have to Say I could live with out these games.

10.Yo Noid.

 I know not alot of people dont like this one but I love it maybe its because I didnt get to play much of it before my mothers x drug addict boy friend pawned it. When I saved enough money I got it from the pawn shop and loved it every day, it got jacked again! I was able to pick up a copy back in 2002 via EBgames.

9.Rad Racer, I dont have a mega cool story on how I fell in love with this game or how I had to have it so I did some crazy video store sticker swap. No my grandma got it for me and I remember playing it all the damn time! The first time I beat it was is 3rd grade when I stayed home from school sick.

8.TMNT II: I dont have to say much I am and always have been a TMNT Freak! I got this for a BDAY and Played the ever loving shit out of it ands still do I just beat it again for the 100000000000000 time last night.

7.Gauntlet I played alot of Gauntlet, So many trick and Trap Doors and Hidden Ways ghost and Gouls its so fucking cool. I love this game and this was the only Tengen game I ever owned. I Traded this game some time back and now am on the hunt for the Grey Cart.

 6. Duck Hunt By now you guys should know I love Fighting Games and I love Light gun Games and Duck Hunt was the First Light Gun game I ever played

5.Ninja Gaiden Little bad can be said about ninja gaiden, its one of the best action games of all time and the hardest! I love this game I remeber watching my mom play it all the time sneaking in plays and killing her saved up lives and shot of beating the game during smoke breaks.

4. Contra up down up down left right left right B A Start is the code that would have saved my ass and many hours if I knew it growing up. If I had to name one game on the NES that Sucked down alot of time and summer days I would say that game is Contra, I regret nothing.

3. SMB 3 This is the 1st Nintendo NES game I can remember Beating with no cheats or codes. I loved this game so so much and still to this day I find myself learning new tricks and ways to beat it with no warps.

 2. Kirby's Adventure. This was the 1st game I was really blown away with the whole game From Game Play to the Sound track this game was the best thing I had ever played up to that point. I wanted to own this game so bad but couldnt find it, I rented it every single weekend until my mom found a copy at a yard sale. I still can not beat the NES port 100% I think it was a level glitch cause I can beat it in one try one the GBA port.

 #1Mega Man 2

This is my number #1 Game on the Nintendo Nes and Number 1 Mega man Game. This is the 1st Mega Man I ever beat ( I beat MM1 Days Later) and this is the first game I never wanted to play based on the cover alone. I got this game for some sort of holiday and It sat in my room for weeks, it just didnt look like my type of game. I was sick from school and was burned out of all my older games so I gave it a shot, im glad I did that game changed my whole life and thats not a joke. I really really got into all kinds of games after that I would play any game I could get my hands on looking for that next hidden gem.

 Well thats my list, In no way am I saying this is your list. Please share in the comments your top nintendo games. I would also Like to say sorry for this being sloppy and fast, Im in alot of pain and im waiting to see my Dr. monday.

-Spin The Demon

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Reply Spin the Demon
11:47 PM on October 15, 2010 
P13R4T says...
Well made my blog for my list, but it's not showing up on Random Acts of Awesome, it's in my profile


We cant find it, when you click the link off your profile it says "not found" Did you publish it? If you can find it or have a master copy Im happy to post it for you.
Reply P13R4T
2:11 PM on October 15, 2010 
Well made my blog for my list, but it's not showing up on Random Acts of Awesome, it's in my profile

Reply Spin the Demon
3:43 PM on October 12, 2010 
Sweet I havnt played trog or Rush N' Attack I will have to check them out. I cant wait to check out your blog and hear why you love the games you do.
Reply P13R4T
3:21 PM on October 12, 2010 
That's one kickass list, Spin. Interesting stuff about your childhood, I'll have to think about my top's a sloppy one, I'll go into detail in a blog here in a bit:

10. Trog
9. Rampage
8. Marble Madness
7. Kirby's Advenure
6. Rush N' Attack
5. Contra
4. Castlevania
3. Battletoads
2. Super Mario Bros. 3
1. Ducktales

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