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Posted by Spin the Demon on September 10, 2012 at 9:30 PM

Pet Sematary 2 is a fallow up to the Steven King classic Horror Novel and Movie. It take place in the same town but only this time it has a focus on  2 Teenage Boys one played by Edward Furlong (Terminator 2 , Pecker) The Family dog suffers a death by a gun shot to the side and the boys bury the corpse in the Pet Seematry Indian grounds because of a old town ghost story saying if you bury the dead they will come back but when the dead come back alive they are never the same again. 

I like this movie as a comedy as a horrorr iit hasnt aged well and not even close to as creepy as the first flim, The best part is this guy names Guss (Shown in Photo above) at first you kind of dont like him, he is a mean bully cop who treats His Family and Pets like crap. I dont want to spoil but Guss does a total 180 and becomes the best part of the movie. I would say if you are thinking about this one and still have a VHS try and get it on that format only due to the DVD being a little more rare, selling used from 15.00-25.00 Online. The Vhs Sells for 10.00ish but on sites like ebay using auctions you can score it for pretty much the open bid as it doesnt have a big demand and a small cult fallowing. IMDB give this a 4/10 and so do I. :) 


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