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Posted by Spin the Demon on September 10, 2012 at 9:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Pet Sematary 2 is a fallow up to the Steven King classic Horror Novel and Movie. It take place in the same town but only this time it has a focus on  2 Teenage Boys one played by Edward Furlong (Terminator 2 , Pecker) The Family dog suffers a death by a gun shot to the side and the boys bury the corpse in the Pet Seematry Indian grounds because of a old town ghost story saying if you bury the dead they will come back but when the dead come back alive they are never the same again. 

I like this movie as a comedy as a horrorr iit hasnt aged well and not even close to as creepy as the first flim, The best part is this guy names Guss (Shown in Photo above) at first you kind of dont like him, he is a mean bully cop who treats His Family and Pets like crap. I dont want to spoil but Guss does a total 180 and becomes the best part of the movie. I would say if you are thinking about this one and still have a VHS try and get it on that format only due to the DVD being a little more rare, selling used from 15.00-25.00 Online. The Vhs Sells for 10.00ish but on sites like ebay using auctions you can score it for pretty much the open bid as it doesnt have a big demand and a small cult fallowing. IMDB give this a 4/10 and so do I. :) 



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Poltergeist Review by SpinTheDemon

Poltergeist from the Minds of Tobe Hooper, Frank Marshall & Steven Spielberg has to be one of the most scary PG Rated movies of all time. This one is sure to give you the thrills and chills you would want in a Ghost Horror Movie. The Film is about a Normal Family who moves into a new house. After starting to construction on a new home pool for the family strange things start to happen. Things get really Scary When Carol Ann (Heather O' Rourke) Starts hearing and speaking with Spirits through the TV Set.

The Family Starts to mess around with the houses power, mainly the Diane Freeling, The mother. The Ghosts feel they need Carol Ann and Take her to a 3rd world Not Life or Death but in the middle. The family then hires a crew of experts to get the child back.

Ill leave it at that because if you havnt seen this movie you will not want to know how it ends here. I love this movie its scary and just morbid, knowing the dead bodies in this movie are real on rent from science makes it even more messed up. I like to view this movie on CED because it gives it a even more gritty horror feel. The Sound is just to die for and this CED is one of the late Stereo Discs so the sound is great just like a vintage record. No matter what format you choose you are sure to view a great ghost flick. I would give this a :D:D:D:D if not a full 5 Smile It has alot of great action and doesnt go for cheap scares, It has gore and more!!!!

Fahrenheit Sega 32X- a Closer Look

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This is a Series of Short Reviews/Over Views of Lesser Known Games, These Reviews and Based 100% off what we have played and Nothing else no info was read up on before or after writing this and is based on our opinion not to be viewed as fact. We are reviewing for free and fun to help support our retro gamer fans. Thank You Site Admin We at also would like to thank Sega LTD for the No Profit use of Screen Shots of the Game.

   Fahrenheit on the Sega CD/32X: Ok this game isnt like the Best Sega CD 32X game out in the world of retro games but its a lesser known game that I think should get a little bit of credit.  This game is one of the Rare Sega 32X games printed on Disc So not only do you need a Sega CD but also a 32X just to play this one but Sega Loves us so The Included a Sega CD version w/ the 32X just in case you didnt have the doomed add on.

Fahrenheit is a FMV Game that uses Full motion Video if you have never played a FMV game its Pretty Much a Memory Game based on interactive video. This is a much hated genra of the 1990's and Few FMV games come out these days and when they do they are made for DVD Players/ Blu-Ray Media Players and Not Game Systems like back in the day. (Dragon's Lair Set is now on Sale Printed on DVD!) If you dont have the 32X add this game will look like any other FMV game on the Sega CD but when the 32X is added it makes a world of change this is a great game for any gamers who think the 32X add on does nothing.

 In This Game you play a Noob Fire Fighter on his/her first day on the job you have to search a burning house to make sure no people are trapped inside and fight the blazing fire. Funny Poor Voice Acting Make this Game a Blast With friends, and on your own if you are into lame D Horror Movies because this game for sure has that feel. This Gem May not get the cult classic demand of other 32X FMV games Such as "Night Trap" & "Corpse Killer" But I for one feel this game is just as good if not better at times. Made and Published By Sega & Sega Studios so unlike other DG FMV games the company really knew how to push the hardware.

 Where this game falls short is where any FMV falls short after a while of playing the game burns it self into your memory and it is no longer fun adding no replay value until years past and you forget where to go and what to do. Also the Video is super bad for todays times and even Internet video from the late 1990's looks better and at times this makes it brutal on the eyes. For any fan of Sega CD or FMV games I would say this is a must have for any people just getting into them or that hate them I would start off with some of the others like Corpse Killer , Night Drap of Croy Haims Double Switch So for FMV Game Fans its a 4.5/5 Mush Have for people who Hate them its a 1.5/5 Stay away from.


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Today Im Super Stoked to talk about the Capcom Soldier Pad Fighting Controller Made for the Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo and 3DO Game systems In this post I wanted to talk about/ show the 3 styles of Pads I know of.  


This Super Sweet Fighting Controller was made by ASCII Gaming leader in Arcade like Controllers and Sold by Capcom in the Mid 1990's All 3 Controllers pretty much worked the same just looked a little dif in Color. The Super Nintendo one above is a Purple, Grey and Black color all were made to make Capcoms Street Fighter 2 Series more fun at home.

[Image: <a href=]" title="" />


Shown in this pic is the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Version that looks pretty much the same the grey bottons are replaced with Yellow color ones but other than that is the same type of controller.

[Image: <a href=]" title="" />

The Coolest ane most rare of the Bunch is the 3DO Version of the Controller, pretty much the same as the past 2 shown but has red color bottons VS Purple&Yellow and is the only one right now that i dont own being that I dont have a working 3DO System.

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