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Digital in the Gaming World

Posted by Killette on May 2, 2011 at 10:48 PM Comments comments (0)

     The playstation network being down has created a big buzz in the gaming community. Youtube is full of videos, the gaming sites are full of updates, and the forums have been exploding with the topic. I guess by writing this article I am following suit. However I really would like to discuss some other aspects of the network being down, not the stolen identities or netflix. I would like the features that are really being lost. Many games don't allow coop play without the network, other games such as Mortal Kombat have add-ons and codes to receive bonuses such as costumes and fatalities. The worst part of it are all of the missing games that are available as download only. Now, the press releases say the network will be back shortly, and will be better than ever.

     What I'm concerned about is when the network goes down for the last time. I am worried about when Sony finally says they will no longer be providing the service for their fans/customers an longer. We can hope by then technology will be advanced enough we can run our own servers such as the ones for the Dreamcast. However, this will be a hard thing to do, and who will have a powerful enough computer? I believe we will most likely see websites we can access through the playstation 3 etc online that will support just a single game so we can play online and download the extra content and use the coop. Still, this will be a hard thing to maintain and will require a lot of dedication. Will all the games be supported throughout time? I'm also concerned by all of the downloaded games. I do believe we will be able to create a complete list and make it available online through good sites we know about that I will not name here, but still it will be hard to create this list and it will take time, and a lot of dedication because I predict the game libraries will be enormous for this generation. Also, by then will we have to mod our systems ourselves to play these games or will be be advanced enough to add some sort of boot to the files so they will just play? I'm not trying to predict the future, but I'm trying to exress why I'm nervous about the digital revolution.

     Collecting for me isn't about bragging, hoarding, hunting, or even when it comes down to it, owning the games. To me, collecting is playing the games. I do really enjoy finding and owning the games and arranging them and spending time with them, but what I'm really worried about is no longer being able to play them. I feel the same way about saturn games as I do about this digital scare. The games are becoming more and more scarce and the codes are being lost, and these games are slipping through our fingers and slowly being lost as time goes on. I don't want to lost this great part of gaming history.

Game Pick Ups / Sweet Deals Sept 2010

Posted by Spin the Demon on September 20, 2010 at 4:38 PM Comments comments (1)

 Wow this month has been great and its been a light month and a broke one, but some how we have a ton of great gaming stuff we have picked up and would like to share. After im done listing and talking about some of the better items at the bottom I will Post a few Stock Pics of some of the best scores.


  This month at the Good Will has been more or less hit and miss as always. This month I got this cool Retro style CD case for my Import Saturn games and I got it 50% off so it was like 1.50 super sweet deal. I always head to the front display here they have all the games (Or what they think are games) I was blown away they had so many games from SUPER to GENESIS and PS1, Dreamcast and more! I pick 5 items out An NES game, CIB Lion King Genesis,Mickey Mouse game SNES,CIB Crash Bash PS1,Sonic Adventure DC Cover, Insert and Disc Missing Book Pages. for 2.95 or less each 2 were on the 50% list and 1 was one the 30% off list. After I was done at the front I walked over to the back to check for systems, pc games and controllers Ect. I picked up this really cool thing that lets you convert any plug to USA and thats really cool it was only 4.95 I also picked a the Nintendo Power Pad for the Nintendo NES ive wanted one of these since back in the day it was also 4.95 I went to check for old game Mags and guides and found a VHS tape of Mortal Kombat the Cartoon for .99 I picked that up as well, so all in all it was a great day I only spent 27.00 and came home mega happy

I did find a bunch of cheap 3DO games I left because mine is working right.

Gamers Planet:

   Prob. that last pick ups of the month were from my fav. local game shop (Way better after they let some people go) I made a trade for credit for a box on Intellivision  games CIB w/ over lays. And got 5.00 more than I paid so I was happy to get them off to a home were they can be played. I love this store they have a little of every thing I spent a little over an hour with my girl friend and ill let you guys in on what she picked up after my list. I found alot of really good PS1 games they had a good deal going where if it is only the disc its a buck no matter what it is. I picked up three for 1.00 each and a cool looking pinball game CIB for the PS1 .99 I got a new hand held and Ive wanted one of these ever since a youtube review. A game boy pocket clear. I was really happy to see it was in very mint for only 9.99 they also had some red and blue GBC pockets for 16.95 mine is just a GBP not a GBC. I was going to get a game to go with it but man right now they just want to much for the old game boy stuff its unreal you can buy PSP games for less. I picked up a 3rd party AC that works for SNES and NES (Says it works with genesis, it doesnt) New for 5.46 I need one for my NES and SNES in my game room Ive been using the Famicom and Super Famicom in the living room. I got a Boxed NES game for 5.00 that looks really fun they said it was CIB but when I got it home its poster and what not was not for the game I got but on the up side to this the poster turns out to be worth more that I paid for the Game and Box in Mint shape. I picked up a genesis game Ive been wanting Thunder force II for 4.95 just cart. After Trade in I spent 14.30 My GF Picked a Tecmo Classics for the XBOX 4.64, Rayman 2 CIB 6.95 a few Disc only PS1 games and paid around the same as I did.


I cant say we picked up any thing this month from yard sales and what not the only games Ive ran across at these meets are over priced WII games


Midways Arcade Classics for the Sega Saturn 5.00 Ship, I just ordered a White Saturn Pad listed as a Genesis pad we will see how that turns out but it was only 6.00 so if it turns out as a 6 Genesis pad thats cool too. Sonic Jam import came in at the first on Sept a gift from my GF. I have a GB game on the way a Shump import for my new GBP that was less than 3.00 Ship. and thats about it from the ol ebay this month, I told you guys this was a light, light month


We have been trying to pick up GCN and PS2 games on the cheap while we still can this month we picked up some cheap gems. First Virtua Fighter 5 EVO. as a replace mine works but it wont load the 10th year extra loaded super remixed Virtua Fighter bonus game. So I got that on the low for 4.95 I also picked up just the disc of the PS2 Silent Scope for 1.95 I have the Dreamcast Port and I really like that one so why not. I got a CIB copy of Midways Greatest Arcade games Vol. 1 5.95 I had it on the GCN but it got jacked by a bastard a year or so back. I got a PS3 game for 4.95 my GF picked up Capcom Fighting Evo. for the PS2 for I think 7.95 or less I PSP game for like 7.00 and I think maybe a disc only game or 2.

So all in all its been a great month and all the great game stuff only cost around 100.00 or so for the whole month thats the price of two new WII games or the Price or a Brand New PS3 Collectors and a Guide. We would love to hear about your game finds please share in the forums or comment until next time, we will see you in the later at

Nintendo Powe Pad

GCP Clear" /> BOX NES GAME Astyanax


 Just Cart Copy of Thunder Force II





PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe for PSP

Posted by Killette on May 19, 2010 at 9:08 PM Comments comments (0)

Game: Monsters Deluxe

Platform: PSP

Similar to: Tower Defense

Genre: Real time strategy/puzzle


Sometimes simple games are the most fun.


There used to be a flash game called tower defense that I used to play. It had simple gameplay, with a simple goal, build towers to what ever it is from reaching whatever you are protecting. Since it was a flash game many sites offered different versions of it, so it was an easy to find common game.


I had no clue what type of game this would be when I put it in, and was pleased to discover it is a souped up fancy version of tower defense that actually has some story, and the different levels have different challenges. This game has you transform trees in a forrest into different types of towers that will stop monsters from attacking your village, and killing its inhabitants. There are multiple types of towers that can kill different types of creatures. For example an arrow tower can kill flying and ground creatures, but a cannon tower  only kills ground creatures. When an creature is killed, it usually drops money, which you can use to build more towers. Some creatures also drop bonus gems that allow you to upgrade or research buying new towers.




This game is a challenging little puzzler that can be fun for anyone. Please check it out.


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