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FMV Games are going New School well kinda.

Posted by Spin the Demon on November 23, 2010 at 3:47 PM Comments comments (0)

   So Today FMV games are not really around but back in the 90's they were on top of the world. Im finding more and more FVM style games on Next Gen Gaming Systems. I wouldnt call games like Heavy Rain on PS3 a FMV game but the game play do share alot of the same things. Ive seen choose your way DVD's on the market where you can pick the path and they too share alot of things with the FMV system game play but more of a movie than a game. If I wanted to get into so FMV games but didnt own any retro systems like Sega CD or 3DO to name a few what would I do?

   I have found a couple FVM classics re done the way they ment to be seen. The FMV quailty of the 90's was bad real bad today we use media like DVD's and this makes the video on these New FMV games crytal clear.  The First Game I want to Talke About is Dragons Lair for the Nintendo Wii This is a Classic game I used to love in the arcades and the Sega CD and I still do!

 My Socks were rocked when I played this re done game on the Nintendo Wii I couldnt get over how great it looks really great stuff. I love how they added a watch mode where you can sit back and watch the movie after you beat the game. This is a must have for any FMV fan and can be found on the Dragon's Lair Set on the Nintendo Wii for around 40.00 New Less Used.

 This one will be short because I have Never Played Dragon's Lair II but I can wait this is another game that can be found on the Dragon Lairs Set for the Nintendo Wii.

 Mad Dog is back! Did you ever think in a Mil Years We would be playing the Mad Dog Games on the Nintendo Wii? I didnt this a corny fun game that is a must have for FMV fans. I love this game on the Sega CD and in Arcades so I cant wait to pick this Nintendo Wii Game but and since it can be found around 30.00 I will be picking it up soon!

   Well Thats It for Part 1 of the Next Gen FMV games Tune in for Part II When we talk about Space Ace and a Few more its the return of the FMV game and I couldnt be more happy about it!

  Spin the Demon


NES Horror Games

Posted by Killette on October 26, 2010 at 6:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Here at Stuckinthe90s we are continuing our celebration of NEStober, as well as preparing for Halloween. Here are some ideas for some spooky games on the NES:

The Addams Family/ The Addams Family: Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt


Bram Stoker's Dracula

Castlevania Series

Chiller (unlicensed)

Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde
Fester's Quest


Friday the 13th

Ghostbusters/Ghostbusters II

Kid Dracula

Maniac Mansion

Nightmare on Elm Street


P13R4T's Top 10 NES Games

Posted by P13R4T on October 15, 2010 at 1:21 AM Comments comments (1)

Spin really wasn't kidding when he said it's hard to list your top ten, but here's my sloppily written list of my top ten games based on my childhood nostalgia (alot is based on my having a brother):



10. Trog

There was something about this pac-man like game that would draw Sean (my brother) and I to play it. It had dinos, competitive multiplayer, and best of all SIMULTANEOUS multiplayer. Another bonus is that it had friendly fire, which made it all the more enjoyable. We had a blast popping this game in on a rainy day and punching the crap out of cavemen and eating them as a t-rex.

9. Rampage

I know, another game involving dinos, friendly fire, and simult gameplay. Many people complained about the repetitiveness, but we would stay up all nite playing this game. Maybe it was the reward of seeing your player bash a state out of the U.S. in the level screen. The sfx reminded me of Atari sounds, which is a bonus.

8. Marble Madness

Growing up, I always enjoyed BALLS. Who didn't love BALLS as a kid, or in this case I should say marbles. Sean and I would always race to the finish line while trying to bump each other off the course and yell from anger but laugh later on. I would yell at him for getting too far ahead and he would get pissed at me chuggin behind. Mark Cerny worked hard on the physics of this game and it showed cause at age 7, I never seen a game like this before.

7. Kirby's Advenure

This was one of the first games I remember playing alone. I remember going to my stepbrother's house, excited to play all his games and looking at the cover and thought, hmm..what a weird looking game. Popped it in and was amazed at what I found: great sound, fun gameplay, fluid controls, and great music. I loved this game.

6. Rush N' Attack

Man have Sean and I laughed so hard at this game. So many things to mention. Not only is it satisfying to shank hundreds of guys playing simult mult, but seeing all the funny bugs inside the game. You could jump backwards, run in the air, die holding onto a ladder, die and suspend in was fun. Was and always has been one of my favs.

5. Contra

I remember not playing this as much as my older siblings, I played some, but I loved watching my older brother, Toby play it. I remember when he taught me the code and i thought it was the coolest thing seeing a code used without the game genie. That's when I began to play it more. So fun.

4. Castlevania

I played this more later on as a kid as well, but loved the music, enemies, sound, everything. It's one of those games that don't need an explanation, you just know this game.

3. Battletoads

Okay, this game was hard as hell after the 3rd level once you hit those bike pods. But Sean and I loved this game. There was something satisfying about the game stuttering when you falcon-punch the crap out of the enemies. Such a fun game to play when you just wanna beat the crap out of somebody, but be weary...friendly fire is on.

2. Super Mario Bros. 3

Played this game so many freakin' myself...with friends, with my brother. I can't believe I didn't burn a hole in the game cart from playing it so much. Nothing like waking up early before church, playing SMB3 in your underwear munching on a poptart. It doesn't get better than that.

1. Ducktales

People might be confused why I chose this as my top game, but it's the first one I remember beating without cheats, codes, hints, or help. It was just me, all on my own. I love the music, the gameplay...and the fact you can choose your level as you please. There's something about this games charm that gets me goin' every time. Gotta love that moon kickass.

So there's my top ten, comprised at the last minute. But I still hold to it as my top ten now that I look at it. Looking forward to NESTOBER, Happy NES's 25th anniversary everyone!

NES Launch Games

Posted by Killette on October 12, 2010 at 4:16 PM Comments comments (0)

Here is a quick run down of the 18 games that launched with the American NES system.

1. 10-Yard Fight- 1st Slightly realistic American football game. 2 Player

2. Baseball- Simple baseball game. Player can choose between 6 teams. 2 Player

3. Clu Clu Land- underwater puzzle game

4. Donkey Konk Jr. Math- Math game with the loveable DK jr

5. Duck Hunt- zapper gun game. 2 player

6. Excitebike- Motorcycle racing game. 1 player

7. Golf- Simple golf game. 2 player

8. Gyromite- R.O.B the Robot game. 1 player

9. Hogan's Alley- zapper gun game.

10. Ice Climber- platforming game. 2 player

11. Kung Fu- beat em up game.

12. Mach Rider- futuristic driving game

13. Pinball- pinball game.


14. Stack-Up- R.O.B. the robot game.  1 player

15. Super Mario Bros.- mascot platforming game

File:Super Mario Bros. box.png

16. Tennis- simple tennis game. 2 players

17. Wild Gunman- zapper game. 1 player

18. Wrecking Crew- action platformer.

My Top 10 Nintendo NES games!

Posted by Spin the Demon on October 10, 2010 at 9:40 PM Comments comments (4)

Hey Guys, Spin the Demon here, this was not easy because I love so many damn NES games but If I had to pick 10. I would have to Say I could live with out these games.

10.Yo Noid.

 I know not alot of people dont like this one but I love it maybe its because I didnt get to play much of it before my mothers x drug addict boy friend pawned it. When I saved enough money I got it from the pawn shop and loved it every day, it got jacked again! I was able to pick up a copy back in 2002 via EBgames.

9.Rad Racer, I dont have a mega cool story on how I fell in love with this game or how I had to have it so I did some crazy video store sticker swap. No my grandma got it for me and I remember playing it all the damn time! The first time I beat it was is 3rd grade when I stayed home from school sick.

8.TMNT II: I dont have to say much I am and always have been a TMNT Freak! I got this for a BDAY and Played the ever loving shit out of it ands still do I just beat it again for the 100000000000000 time last night.

7.Gauntlet I played alot of Gauntlet, So many trick and Trap Doors and Hidden Ways ghost and Gouls its so fucking cool. I love this game and this was the only Tengen game I ever owned. I Traded this game some time back and now am on the hunt for the Grey Cart.

 6. Duck Hunt By now you guys should know I love Fighting Games and I love Light gun Games and Duck Hunt was the First Light Gun game I ever played

5.Ninja Gaiden Little bad can be said about ninja gaiden, its one of the best action games of all time and the hardest! I love this game I remeber watching my mom play it all the time sneaking in plays and killing her saved up lives and shot of beating the game during smoke breaks.

4. Contra up down up down left right left right B A Start is the code that would have saved my ass and many hours if I knew it growing up. If I had to name one game on the NES that Sucked down alot of time and summer days I would say that game is Contra, I regret nothing.

3. SMB 3 This is the 1st Nintendo NES game I can remember Beating with no cheats or codes. I loved this game so so much and still to this day I find myself learning new tricks and ways to beat it with no warps.

 2. Kirby's Adventure. This was the 1st game I was really blown away with the whole game From Game Play to the Sound track this game was the best thing I had ever played up to that point. I wanted to own this game so bad but couldnt find it, I rented it every single weekend until my mom found a copy at a yard sale. I still can not beat the NES port 100% I think it was a level glitch cause I can beat it in one try one the GBA port.

 #1Mega Man 2

This is my number #1 Game on the Nintendo Nes and Number 1 Mega man Game. This is the 1st Mega Man I ever beat ( I beat MM1 Days Later) and this is the first game I never wanted to play based on the cover alone. I got this game for some sort of holiday and It sat in my room for weeks, it just didnt look like my type of game. I was sick from school and was burned out of all my older games so I gave it a shot, im glad I did that game changed my whole life and thats not a joke. I really really got into all kinds of games after that I would play any game I could get my hands on looking for that next hidden gem.

 Well thats my list, In no way am I saying this is your list. Please share in the comments your top nintendo games. I would also Like to say sorry for this being sloppy and fast, Im in alot of pain and im waiting to see my Dr. monday.

-Spin The Demon

System Hook-Ups

Posted by Killette on September 28, 2010 at 3:52 PM Comments comments (1)

We all know there are a butt-load of different ways to hook up and wire your systems, and everyone refers to the different types of cables, but no one really explains what the different types are, and the pros and cons.

Here is a list of the most frequently used cords, which I'll explain to you one by one

Radio Frequency (RF)

Composite Video (RCA)

Separated Video (S-Video)

Component Video

Video Graphics Adapter (VGA)

Digital Video Interface (DVI)

High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI)


Starting with the older cables, here is an RF (Radio Frequency) Adapter

An rf cord is one of the oldest cords used in video games. It was often paired with the master system, and the nes. It is still required for the NEC Turbo Grafx. These cords are fuzzy, and usually need to be routed through a dvd player on the new tvs. These are usually the least sought after cords.


A step up from the RF adapter is the RCA Composite Video Cord:

This type of cord is one of the most commonly used video connecters. This cord allows the sound to be separate from the video, but both black and white, and the colors come through the yellow connector.


The next choice up is an s-video cord:

The s-video cord has separate video. Not only is the video separate from the audio, but three wires are used inside this cord. One carries the black and white, one carries the color, and another is the ground.


Component Video is the next step up:


This type of cord also has separate audio and video. The video information is split into (most commonly) three separate signals, each of which carries a black and white image, as well as one or more color image. This allows for a sharper image.


The next step is a VGA (Video Graphics Array)

Usually this cord is seen on computer monitors. These are capable of providing hd up to 2048x1536px resolution. They have 15 pins inside them that allow for the red, green, blue, black and white, as well as horizontal sync and vertical sync. The resolution is even more clear than the previous cords.

The second to last cord is Digital Video Interface (DVI)

This type of cord is for high visual quality displays on flatscreen computer monitors. It carries uncompressed data (usually translated into binary form) to the display.

Finally, the cord with the best display is High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI)

This cord allows for uncompressed video and up to 8 channels of audio info to be passed through it. It is usually used for upscaling dvd players, blu ray players, xbox 360s, ps3s, and other high definition machines.

Game Pick Ups / Sweet Deals Sept 2010

Posted by Spin the Demon on September 20, 2010 at 4:38 PM Comments comments (1)

 Wow this month has been great and its been a light month and a broke one, but some how we have a ton of great gaming stuff we have picked up and would like to share. After im done listing and talking about some of the better items at the bottom I will Post a few Stock Pics of some of the best scores.


  This month at the Good Will has been more or less hit and miss as always. This month I got this cool Retro style CD case for my Import Saturn games and I got it 50% off so it was like 1.50 super sweet deal. I always head to the front display here they have all the games (Or what they think are games) I was blown away they had so many games from SUPER to GENESIS and PS1, Dreamcast and more! I pick 5 items out An NES game, CIB Lion King Genesis,Mickey Mouse game SNES,CIB Crash Bash PS1,Sonic Adventure DC Cover, Insert and Disc Missing Book Pages. for 2.95 or less each 2 were on the 50% list and 1 was one the 30% off list. After I was done at the front I walked over to the back to check for systems, pc games and controllers Ect. I picked up this really cool thing that lets you convert any plug to USA and thats really cool it was only 4.95 I also picked a the Nintendo Power Pad for the Nintendo NES ive wanted one of these since back in the day it was also 4.95 I went to check for old game Mags and guides and found a VHS tape of Mortal Kombat the Cartoon for .99 I picked that up as well, so all in all it was a great day I only spent 27.00 and came home mega happy

I did find a bunch of cheap 3DO games I left because mine is working right.

Gamers Planet:

   Prob. that last pick ups of the month were from my fav. local game shop (Way better after they let some people go) I made a trade for credit for a box on Intellivision  games CIB w/ over lays. And got 5.00 more than I paid so I was happy to get them off to a home were they can be played. I love this store they have a little of every thing I spent a little over an hour with my girl friend and ill let you guys in on what she picked up after my list. I found alot of really good PS1 games they had a good deal going where if it is only the disc its a buck no matter what it is. I picked up three for 1.00 each and a cool looking pinball game CIB for the PS1 .99 I got a new hand held and Ive wanted one of these ever since a youtube review. A game boy pocket clear. I was really happy to see it was in very mint for only 9.99 they also had some red and blue GBC pockets for 16.95 mine is just a GBP not a GBC. I was going to get a game to go with it but man right now they just want to much for the old game boy stuff its unreal you can buy PSP games for less. I picked up a 3rd party AC that works for SNES and NES (Says it works with genesis, it doesnt) New for 5.46 I need one for my NES and SNES in my game room Ive been using the Famicom and Super Famicom in the living room. I got a Boxed NES game for 5.00 that looks really fun they said it was CIB but when I got it home its poster and what not was not for the game I got but on the up side to this the poster turns out to be worth more that I paid for the Game and Box in Mint shape. I picked up a genesis game Ive been wanting Thunder force II for 4.95 just cart. After Trade in I spent 14.30 My GF Picked a Tecmo Classics for the XBOX 4.64, Rayman 2 CIB 6.95 a few Disc only PS1 games and paid around the same as I did.


I cant say we picked up any thing this month from yard sales and what not the only games Ive ran across at these meets are over priced WII games


Midways Arcade Classics for the Sega Saturn 5.00 Ship, I just ordered a White Saturn Pad listed as a Genesis pad we will see how that turns out but it was only 6.00 so if it turns out as a 6 Genesis pad thats cool too. Sonic Jam import came in at the first on Sept a gift from my GF. I have a GB game on the way a Shump import for my new GBP that was less than 3.00 Ship. and thats about it from the ol ebay this month, I told you guys this was a light, light month


We have been trying to pick up GCN and PS2 games on the cheap while we still can this month we picked up some cheap gems. First Virtua Fighter 5 EVO. as a replace mine works but it wont load the 10th year extra loaded super remixed Virtua Fighter bonus game. So I got that on the low for 4.95 I also picked up just the disc of the PS2 Silent Scope for 1.95 I have the Dreamcast Port and I really like that one so why not. I got a CIB copy of Midways Greatest Arcade games Vol. 1 5.95 I had it on the GCN but it got jacked by a bastard a year or so back. I got a PS3 game for 4.95 my GF picked up Capcom Fighting Evo. for the PS2 for I think 7.95 or less I PSP game for like 7.00 and I think maybe a disc only game or 2.

So all in all its been a great month and all the great game stuff only cost around 100.00 or so for the whole month thats the price of two new WII games or the Price or a Brand New PS3 Collectors and a Guide. We would love to hear about your game finds please share in the forums or comment until next time, we will see you in the later at

Nintendo Powe Pad

GCP Clear" /> BOX NES GAME Astyanax


 Just Cart Copy of Thunder Force II





Feel the Magic for Nintendo DS

Posted by Killette on April 29, 2010 at 3:36 AM Comments comments (0)

Game: Feel the Magic XX XY

Platform: Nintendo DS

Similar to: Warioware, Hot Pixel



I don’t have a lot of free time with school and work so I tend to play a lot of short play games, like fighters, puzzle games, and games with short levels. Because of this, a lot of my favorite games are on handhelds, because I can play them at school between classes. (Plus it’s always awesome when you whip out a Neo Geo pocket and some random guy is like that was my fav handheld ever).


A gem I was given to me for xmas is from my BF (a true Sega fan) for my Nintendo DS. Now he doesn’t play the DS often, but he does make sure I have some awesome software for it. The game is called Feel the Magic XY XX published by of course Sega. The idea of this game is simple, you’re a teenage guy and your goal is to impress some chicks you meet by playing a series of mini games. Before each game a simple screen pops up and shows you what to do such as clearing off a pathway for a shopping cart, or blowing out candles. If you’ve every played Warioware or hot pixel, this game is similar to them. I enjoy the comical mini-games, and it’s just a cool game for a quickie between classes.

Nintendo GameCube is now Retro (kinda)

Posted by Spin the Demon on April 24, 2010 at 2:02 PM Comments comments (1)

 So We here at Stuck in the 90's are Starting to hunt down & review Nintendo Gamecube Games. The GCN is old News and Stores are starting to try and get rid of these games on the Cheap. Most People Have wii's this is the only Down Side to starting a GCN Collection on the cheap. The wii (Just in Case you didnt Know) is Backwards and Can play all of the GameCube games, the wii has alot of crap, most wii owners never had a GCN. What does this mean for us the Retro gamer? It puts

alot of gamers looking to buy up the Best cheap GCN for the Wii. This is also a good thing in a way because as long as people are buying them places like Game Stop Will still Buy and Sell used Games for Cheap.

 I also Found that Hastings will sell 1/2 of double disc games for very cheap so if youre looking to replace thats your best bet, also hastings doesnt rent GCN any more so they have baskets of cheap used games. It does suck at Retro Game Shops Cause they want an arm and a leg for the Nintendo Games, They go for as much if not more then the Xbox just because people are still buying them up all the time. If you look every Day you are going to find Cheap Games, So dont Grab the First One you See. for 9.95 F-Zero at my Play and Trade Now this is just the Game and Art in a DVD case not a GCN Case with not Book, At Game Stop We got a Mint CIB F-Zero for 3.95 so really keep your VGPG next to you when shopping.

(I will Post a Few Pics of the Games at the Bottom of the List)

 So lets Start at Platformers Shall We?

It was Earth Day a Few Days ago (Maybe Longer now) So The first Game Im going to Pick is "Super Mario Sunshine" This game is a Better Looking Mario 64 with a Water Gun and its Great! (many peoples least fav. 3D mario) I dont want to Get too into it I want you to pick it up fresh. This Game Should Cost you around 7.00-11.00 I got mine for less than 10.00 Months Ago when Prices were high still.

If you Do not have a Dreamcast and You Do not Want a Dreamcast, I got a Few Sonic Games you should pick up if you like the 3D sonics because Many are the last good 3D ports. Sonic Adventure DX, Sonic Aventure 2: Battle and Shadow The Hedgehog are all Great 3D Sonic Games and Can Be found on the Cheap, I know I got my Set of the 3 for less than 20.00 but alot of Game stores and Ebay See Sonic and put I higher Price Tag, I have seen these go from 10-20 Each at places so used your head and dont pick up the first one you find.

If you Love Sega as Much as I do, You may want a New Platformer You Havnt played other ports of on Older Systems. You May want a Frest Sega Platformer Thats Still Fun to Play. "Billy Hatcher and the gaint Egg" is the Game you want to pick up. Its not the very best Sega Platformer but its is good and Cheap. We found our Copy online for less than 10.00 and thats with S/H

  If you wanted to Play older 2D Retro Platformers/Action Games but only want to collect for the GCN, Here are a Few Quick Games that you May want to Grab. "Sonic Mega Collection", "Sonic Gems Collection," Midway's Arcade collection"1-3, Megaman & megaman Collection. Just to name a quick few.

This is our first of 20 Posts on the Nintendo Gamecube Hunts post. See keep checking back, Next Week its Run & Gun and Fighters you Dont want to miss what we found! Here are a Few Pics. of the Games We talked  about today, See you in the Fourms



The Origin of Kirby

Posted by Killette on April 19, 2010 at 6:53 PM Comments comments (0)



Our vacuum at work broke again, so it's at the vacuum dr... again. While it's gone our boss brings in one of the first vacuums ever made, a Kirby. The thing is as old as can be, and it sounds like a jet engine but it does work fairly well. Anyways so I daydreaming while vacuuming a couple days ago and I wondered if Kirby from the video game was named after the Kirby vacuum. I wasn't sure becuase he is called Hoshi in Japan so I looked him up today.


Kirby was originally invented for the original game boy game Kirby's Deam Land in 1992. There was some confusion because the game boy screen, so some western copies featured a white Kirby, but his creater Sakurai has always intended for him to be pink. His shape was originally a blob placeholder sprite for while he was being created, but Sakurai decided that he liked the placeholder more than the original conception. He also later said he planned on Kirby being a game for beginners.


So what does this have to do with Kirby's name? Well nothing, but I thought it was interesting anyways. As for his name there has been a lot of debate. There are a multiple theories, including that his western name does come from the vacuum cleaner brand. Another theory is that he is named after John Kirby, a lawyer who represented them in a trial over Donkey Kong rights. However, it doesn't really matter because Massahiro Sakurai has been quoted saying he doesn't remember how he got his name.


Bit Rot in Cartridge Media

Posted by Killette on April 17, 2010 at 1:51 PM Comments comments (0)

Today I learned a horrifying piece of information. I knew about disks, and how their data slowly gets destroyed over time, and I haven't been too concerned because the bulk of my personal collection are cartridges. That is, until today when I learned about bit rot. Bit rot, also know as data decay does happen in cartridges as well. This can be something you see, such as rust, or it can be something such as a small electrical charge that causes a small piece of the program code to disperse. Small amounts of bit rot are inevitable, and they can happen in disk media as well, due to poor insulation of the disks. There is no way to completely stop bit rot, but it can be slowed down. Media should be stored in dark areas that have low humidity. Cartridge games should be stored in the protective cases as well, and all media should be used at the very least once a year so it doesn't build up static.

If you know more about this problem, especially how to prevent it, please contact myself or Spin, or post on our forums and we will update it on here.

Street Fighter Alpha 2 Super Nintendo Review

Posted by Killette on April 12, 2010 at 3:47 PM Comments comments (0)

Today I pulled out my super Nintendo and a game I have never given a fair chance, Street Fighter Alpha 2. I personally grew up with a Super Nintendo and to this day I absolutely love the machine. However, I have finally learned to admit that it isn’t exactly the most powerful system. Yes, there are some wonderful games, but as far as hardware it was the weaker system. I also grew up playing street fighter 2, which I did love when I was younger but was disappointed when I tried it out at an older age because of the lag times when playing it.


This game was released near the end of the super Nintendo’s life, 1996. It was also released for the Sega Saturn, and Sony Playstation. While the other ports might be as powerful, the snes version does give them a run for their money because it makes use of the S-DD1 chip. This chip allow more ram for the machine, and more enhanced graphics. Until today I had just assumed this port was much like the Street Fighter 2 port, and have never really given it a fair shot. I was very wrong. Already in my personal opinion I think this is one of the more beautiful games on the system, and I think it definitely is a must own. The only drawback I saw in this game was a slight pause at the beginning of each round. Wikipedia says this is because of how the S-DD1 chip decompresses the graphics, but the pause is only for a second, and I don’t think it affects the gameplay at all.


All ten characters from the original Street Fighter return as well as Akuma (BF’s fav), Bison, and Dan. Five new characters are also added in this game, but I don’t wanna ruin it for you if you don’t already know by telling you who they are. The Super Nintendo version only includes one hidden character which I will tell you how to get in the article below. (I’m putting the cheats separate so you have an option of not reading them and finding them out for yourself.)


Super Nintendo vs. Other Ports

The American arcade port of this game is better than the Japanese port, and includes 3 additional characters: Evil Ryu and EX versions of Zangief and Dhalism. There is also an updated version which allow custom combos to be made from the special gauge.


The Playstation port of this game has an arranged soundtrack. It also features another hidden character that can be chosen with a cheat from the article below. This version was re-released for the PSP and on the Playstation network.


The Sega Saturn version of this game is arguably the best port of this game. It features an arranged soundtrack as well, but it loops just like the arcade port. It is also the only non arcade port that includes 4 hidden characters.


I am not a Street Fighter expert, and if anything I have posted is wrong, please let me know. All I know is that I really enjoyed playing this game today, and I think it’s one everyone should give a try.

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