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Sega Dreamcast Accessories Guide

Posted by Spin the Demon on November 13, 2011 at 12:40 AM Comments comments (0)

I have had a Hard time finding a list of all the Sega Dreamcast Accessories so I thought I would make a list for us retro gamers, These are the Ones I know of If you know of any others Let me know on the Comments.

1st Party Accessories

Controller: This is the 1st party controller for dreamcast and it came in many colors and styles.

Visual Memory Unit (VMU): This is a Memory Card w/ LCD Screen This also came in many colors and styles.

4in1 Memory Card: This was made by Sega and came in a few styles This memory card does not have LCD and acts as 4 memory cards in 1 (800 Blocks)

Keyboard: This item was used for chatting on the internet or with use of the many Dreamcast Online Games, This had a few styles and colors in Japan, a few games used the keyboard in its game play like Typing of the Dead & Japan Dating Sims

Mouse: This item was made for use with the internet and a gaming tool for FPS games and works with some on rails like Silent Scope This item came in a few colors and styles but in Japan only the rest of the world got Basic White.

Basic Modem: This item was made for use of online game play and internet browsing, this item was packed in the USA and PAL systems for right out of the box use.

Broadband Modem This item is a upgrade to the basic modem and was made for games like quake III this item can still be used today and sells for 250.00 or more.

Dream Key, Passport & other Web Browsers These items vary in name deping on what place you are from but all are used to get your Dreamcast onto the internet so you can surf the web The Basic Disc was packed in to every dreamcast with updated discs as time passed.

Zero Tolerance Sega Genesis Review

Posted by Spin the Demon on June 27, 2011 at 7:44 PM Comments comments (2)

This is a Series of Short Reviews/Over Views of Lesser Known Games, These Reviews and Based 100% off what we have played and Nothing else no info was read up on before or after writing this and is based on our opinion not to be viewed as fact. We are reviewing for free and fun to help support our retro gamer fans. Thank You -Jeff Smith Site Admin


This is Zero Tolerance for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive Game System.

FPS Games are the hottest out right now in video games, seems like every new big game is now a FPS game we are even starting to see old Gems get new life Such as Duke Nukem and ID's Doom 4 in the works FPS games are hard to avoid this Gen. But back in the 16Bit Home Console Days of the Early 1990's You didnt see or hear alot about FPS games on Home Systems. At the Time we had the First Major FPS Game on the GB the Awful yet fun "Face Ball" But really the FPS Market (FPS= First Person Shooter) was for the Most Part a PC thing.


Face Ball on the Nintendo Super System AKA SUPER NINTENDO AKA SNES

In 1994 Genesis Owners Were lucky enough to get Technopop's Zero Tolerance game but not alot of people rushed out to get it and didnt see the sales publish accolade was hoping (Bubsy, Double Dragon, Ballz) and the game became some what of a Hidden Gem over time or lesser known game. Research from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia states: Due to the limitations of the hardware, the game's 3D environment was restricted to a fraction of the screen, the rest of the screen functioned as the player's HUD, a map of the surrounding area, and the player character's ID card. On the other hand, it featured interesting visual effects for its time which were considered a rival to Doom; effects like animated wall textures, blood running down walls, blood that would fly through the air, and rudimentary sloped floors. The 3D environment also ran much more smoothly then any first person Game at the time

This Game Was also The first and Only that I know of Game to Let you Play Multi Player Via a System Link Cable Very Very Rare today. In 1994 the only was to get a cable was by mail in you would get the slip inside the game that you could mail away for a Free Cable the Publisher ever paid for it to be mailed to your house but no one really did that and it makes them rare today. If you look at this pic above its super easy to make one these days from two controllers and even has helpful guides online at many sites. If you get stuck making you own you are always able to leave comments here and we will help you out.

 This item is the Link Cable and is Oober Rare

This Game has a plot some what the story is based in the future and is about a team that colonised the Solar System. You are under attack by an unknown yet lethal aggressor of apparently extraterrestrial nature, the Planet Defense Corps call in Zero Tolerance, an elite strike squad of five speciality-trained commandos This squad also doubles as your "life" and Each Member has skills to help make it through the massive 40 stage game. Im not going to go into this much more because I dont want to spoil it for the people who want to pick this up. At the End of this review I would say this is a great game and IMO its the Best FPS game on the Genesis and is worth picking up for the price 1.00-7.00 USD at that price its a great deal. The game play does have some trouble this is a game from 1994 and it hasnt aged the best, if you are used to the FPS controls of today and games like the first Doom just piss you off I would stay away from this one for the rest of us retro gamers I would give this a 4/5 a Must Own for Any FPS/Sega Genesis fan.

A Sega Summer: "Blast Chamber" Saturn

Posted by Spin the Demon on June 25, 2011 at 8:53 PM Comments comments (0)

This is a Series of Short Reviews/Over Views of Lesser Known Games, These Reviews and Based 100% off what we have played and Nothing else no info was read up on before or after writing this and is based on our opinion not to be viewed as fact. We are reviewing for free and fun to help support our retro gamer fans. Thank You -Jeff Smith Site Admin

Todays Game Is "Blast Chamber" For the Sega Saturn Published By Activison. When We first picked up this game out of our local Game Stores 1.00 Bin I had kind of low hopes for it, from the cover alone it looked to be some Carnival Moto Bike Game like in The Simpson's Movie when Homer won the truck from the Carny.

 This game ended up getting lost in my collection after bringing it home I remeber Testing it to make sure it loaded and all so if I had to take it back it would be in the first 48 Hrs to make sure I get my Return. This Past week Ive been playing some of my Saturn Collection and This game showed up, I had forgotten about it. Im on Vaction as of writing this and no better way to relax for me than Video Games.

 After a few stages in I knew this was a game I would soon call a Sega Saturn Classic. You Start Off in a "Blast Chamber" Each Stage is like the Mix of Platforming and Puzzler not a bad mix if done right and this game does it right! Your goal is to find and run a Small Gold Gem Into a Red Portal in a Short Time and Yes the Game is Timed and that is what makes it great fun for me the stress factor of getting the Gem to the goal in time. If you fail to Make it in the Time Given Your Man Is Given a "Blast" and You Explode to your death.

 This game Has many Stages and Does Support  Saving Via Memory card or on the System Memory This is a Pick up and Play sort of game with no real story or plot, it does have a multi- player but I for one did not enjoy it as much. Where this Game Shines is in the Single Player Puzzler Solving. If you can Find this Gem For a Good Price in the 5-15.00 Range I think its a good Buy also Check out some game play videos on this game and see if it looks like the type you would enjoy. Im giving This Game gets a Score of 3.9/5 and is a Great Game to try on the cheap that you may not know of. 

Mystic Defender

Posted by Killette on March 9, 2011 at 3:29 PM Comments comments (0)

The Dark Warrior Zareth has kidnapped Alexandra and has taken her to Azuchi Castle to sacrifice her and resurrect the Evil Lord Zao. In this Sega-made game you are the sorcerer Joe Yamato and your job is to break into the castle and save the world, and Alexandra. This side scrolling platformer is the sequel to the Sega Master System system game Spellcaster. The gameplay is mostly the same, but with the rpg elements taken out. The weapon you start with is similar to MegaMan's charge blast where it allows a standard shot or you can charge it. Throughout the game you can pick up other magical weapons, the first can even be found in the first level. These include a flame-thrower type weapon, a sonic magic that allows you to throw multiple fire balls, and a super screen clearing weapon that you just have to play the game to discover ;)

Graphics in this game are awesome despite it being an early title. The main character is detailed and the bosses are unique and well designed. The music isn't super memorable, but it is atmospheric and matches the game very well. Controls are good, it does take a moment to get the hang of jumping up onto some of the platforms.

Overall I think this is a fun sidescrolling platformer for the Sega Genesis and definetly one to check out when you get a chance. This game does draw some controversy because of a scen in the end where you get to see the damsel in distress topless.

Crazy Taxi

Posted by Killette on December 6, 2010 at 1:22 PM Comments comments (2)


Back in the time when the general rule for arcades was 100 yen for 3 minutes, a man named Kenji Kanno had a vision. He envisioned a game that rewarded players for their skill and practice in the game. A game that is so addicting that with only 3 sequels it still has ports on every system in this generation, as well as the last. This game is Crazy Taxi, developed by Hitmaker and published by Sega.

This game originally was released in the arcades as a sit-down machine for the Sega Naomi board in 1999. In 2000 this game was ported to its first home console, the Sega Dreamcast. It the third best selling Dreamcast game in the United States and sold over a million copies and was a huge success being rated a 9.6/10 by IGN and 8.7/10 by Gamespot. An equally successful sequel came out called Crazy Taxi 2 that added new maps and new gameplay features such as the crazi hop.

The objective in the game is fairly simple, pick up passengers and follow the green arrow to take them to their destination. You then have to stop in the designated zone and your passenger hops out and pays you the fare you earned. While delivering your passengers you can raise how much you earn in fares by making huge jumps, barely missing other cars, etc. Also, if you deliver your customer quickly you earn bonus time to allow you to keep playing the game. In addition to the arcade mode, this game also offers many mini games that teach you how to be a better driver. These include drifting games, and even taxi bowling.

The soundtrack in the original arcade game, as well as the Dreamcast port include songs from popular bands from the time such as Bad Religion and The Offspring. This music was taken out of later ports because of royalties, and the ps3 and 360 download versions allow you to play music off your own hard drive. The original game was also full of advertisements. Passengers often have requests to go to places such as Pizza Hut, FILA, Kentucky Fried Chicken, or the Levi's Store. There are even vans that say WOW! on the side of them. These were also replaced by generic buildings in the future releases and rereleases of the game.

Overall this highly addictive game is highly recommended for anyone in the whole family. It's an awesome game that is easy for anybody to play yet takes a lot of time to memorize the maps and master the game. The great graphics, fast pace, and soundtrack make it an enjoyable gaming experience.

Mansion of Hidden Souls FMV

Posted by Killette on November 16, 2010 at 4:27 PM Comments comments (0)

Mansion of Hidden Souls is a horror full motion video game for the sega cd that is played in the first-person view. This game runs in a linear story line, and is reminiscent of a cheesy horror movie as you wander around a the mansion solving puzzles.

The story starts off with a cut scene where you (Jonathon) and your sister are outside in the grass checking out a butterfly. your sister wishes she could be one and runs off and disappears while a mansion appears out of nowhere. You head into the mansion and begin to explore. The controls are simple, you use the D-pad to roam around and investigate different objects. In the beginning you are locked out of many of the rooms, and throughout the game you find keys that allow you to explore more. Butterflies inhabit the mansion. They are the souls of former humans, and you can talk to them for clues on how to solve the puzzle you are working on, and filling in th story line. Some of them were trapped here against their will, some actually sought the mansion out with the intent to become butterflies, others turnsurprisingly malicious and hint at a greater controlling force named The Hunter.

It's mostly a linear adventure, so you have to solve one puzzle at a time in the right order. There is even a magic picture frame that shows you which item you should look for next.About halfway throough the game a timer appears, and you have to work quickly to solve the remaining puzzles. While the game isn't really scary it does have a little bit of a creepy vibe to it. The music is non existant, and thre are creeky sound effects as you move around. It almost gives you a strange kinda oppressed feeling.

Overall the game is meant for a fun casual play, and doesn't have a very high replay value.The gameplay resembles games such as D, or Myst and is simple to learn. I would recommend this game for just a couple sittings or perhaps for a child but if the price is right its kinda a neat one to check out.

Time Gal

Posted by Killette on November 2, 2010 at 9:21 PM Comments comments (0)

Time Gal is originally an arcade game published by Taito in 1985 and then ported to many home systems in 1993. This FMV game stars Reika Kirishima (Time Gal), a girl from the futrue who is chasing down a criminal named Luda. Each of the levels is divided into time periods, and you have to foil Luda's plans as he attemps to take over the world by changing history. Each of the time periods has different obstacles that you have to avoid by pressing the directional keys as well as the attack button as the different obstacles light up. As you move up to a higher difficulty the obstacles are less noticeable an no longer light up. To make the game even more difficult, sometimes Time Gal will stop time and you will have a few second to choose which path to take. If you choose wrong, she dies and you have to start again. This game is a game that relys on quick reflexes, memorization, and repetition.

This game has had several home releases including the Japanese MSX, Laseractive, the Sega CD, and it is available on compilations for both the Playstation as well as the Sega Saturn. It is definetely one to check out if you enjoy or would like to try out some Sega CD games!

System Hook-Ups

Posted by Killette on September 28, 2010 at 3:52 PM Comments comments (1)

We all know there are a butt-load of different ways to hook up and wire your systems, and everyone refers to the different types of cables, but no one really explains what the different types are, and the pros and cons.

Here is a list of the most frequently used cords, which I'll explain to you one by one

Radio Frequency (RF)

Composite Video (RCA)

Separated Video (S-Video)

Component Video

Video Graphics Adapter (VGA)

Digital Video Interface (DVI)

High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI)


Starting with the older cables, here is an RF (Radio Frequency) Adapter

An rf cord is one of the oldest cords used in video games. It was often paired with the master system, and the nes. It is still required for the NEC Turbo Grafx. These cords are fuzzy, and usually need to be routed through a dvd player on the new tvs. These are usually the least sought after cords.


A step up from the RF adapter is the RCA Composite Video Cord:

This type of cord is one of the most commonly used video connecters. This cord allows the sound to be separate from the video, but both black and white, and the colors come through the yellow connector.


The next choice up is an s-video cord:

The s-video cord has separate video. Not only is the video separate from the audio, but three wires are used inside this cord. One carries the black and white, one carries the color, and another is the ground.


Component Video is the next step up:


This type of cord also has separate audio and video. The video information is split into (most commonly) three separate signals, each of which carries a black and white image, as well as one or more color image. This allows for a sharper image.


The next step is a VGA (Video Graphics Array)

Usually this cord is seen on computer monitors. These are capable of providing hd up to 2048x1536px resolution. They have 15 pins inside them that allow for the red, green, blue, black and white, as well as horizontal sync and vertical sync. The resolution is even more clear than the previous cords.

The second to last cord is Digital Video Interface (DVI)

This type of cord is for high visual quality displays on flatscreen computer monitors. It carries uncompressed data (usually translated into binary form) to the display.

Finally, the cord with the best display is High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI)

This cord allows for uncompressed video and up to 8 channels of audio info to be passed through it. It is usually used for upscaling dvd players, blu ray players, xbox 360s, ps3s, and other high definition machines.

Game Pick Ups / Sweet Deals Sept 2010

Posted by Spin the Demon on September 20, 2010 at 4:38 PM Comments comments (1)

 Wow this month has been great and its been a light month and a broke one, but some how we have a ton of great gaming stuff we have picked up and would like to share. After im done listing and talking about some of the better items at the bottom I will Post a few Stock Pics of some of the best scores.


  This month at the Good Will has been more or less hit and miss as always. This month I got this cool Retro style CD case for my Import Saturn games and I got it 50% off so it was like 1.50 super sweet deal. I always head to the front display here they have all the games (Or what they think are games) I was blown away they had so many games from SUPER to GENESIS and PS1, Dreamcast and more! I pick 5 items out An NES game, CIB Lion King Genesis,Mickey Mouse game SNES,CIB Crash Bash PS1,Sonic Adventure DC Cover, Insert and Disc Missing Book Pages. for 2.95 or less each 2 were on the 50% list and 1 was one the 30% off list. After I was done at the front I walked over to the back to check for systems, pc games and controllers Ect. I picked up this really cool thing that lets you convert any plug to USA and thats really cool it was only 4.95 I also picked a the Nintendo Power Pad for the Nintendo NES ive wanted one of these since back in the day it was also 4.95 I went to check for old game Mags and guides and found a VHS tape of Mortal Kombat the Cartoon for .99 I picked that up as well, so all in all it was a great day I only spent 27.00 and came home mega happy

I did find a bunch of cheap 3DO games I left because mine is working right.

Gamers Planet:

   Prob. that last pick ups of the month were from my fav. local game shop (Way better after they let some people go) I made a trade for credit for a box on Intellivision  games CIB w/ over lays. And got 5.00 more than I paid so I was happy to get them off to a home were they can be played. I love this store they have a little of every thing I spent a little over an hour with my girl friend and ill let you guys in on what she picked up after my list. I found alot of really good PS1 games they had a good deal going where if it is only the disc its a buck no matter what it is. I picked up three for 1.00 each and a cool looking pinball game CIB for the PS1 .99 I got a new hand held and Ive wanted one of these ever since a youtube review. A game boy pocket clear. I was really happy to see it was in very mint for only 9.99 they also had some red and blue GBC pockets for 16.95 mine is just a GBP not a GBC. I was going to get a game to go with it but man right now they just want to much for the old game boy stuff its unreal you can buy PSP games for less. I picked up a 3rd party AC that works for SNES and NES (Says it works with genesis, it doesnt) New for 5.46 I need one for my NES and SNES in my game room Ive been using the Famicom and Super Famicom in the living room. I got a Boxed NES game for 5.00 that looks really fun they said it was CIB but when I got it home its poster and what not was not for the game I got but on the up side to this the poster turns out to be worth more that I paid for the Game and Box in Mint shape. I picked up a genesis game Ive been wanting Thunder force II for 4.95 just cart. After Trade in I spent 14.30 My GF Picked a Tecmo Classics for the XBOX 4.64, Rayman 2 CIB 6.95 a few Disc only PS1 games and paid around the same as I did.


I cant say we picked up any thing this month from yard sales and what not the only games Ive ran across at these meets are over priced WII games


Midways Arcade Classics for the Sega Saturn 5.00 Ship, I just ordered a White Saturn Pad listed as a Genesis pad we will see how that turns out but it was only 6.00 so if it turns out as a 6 Genesis pad thats cool too. Sonic Jam import came in at the first on Sept a gift from my GF. I have a GB game on the way a Shump import for my new GBP that was less than 3.00 Ship. and thats about it from the ol ebay this month, I told you guys this was a light, light month


We have been trying to pick up GCN and PS2 games on the cheap while we still can this month we picked up some cheap gems. First Virtua Fighter 5 EVO. as a replace mine works but it wont load the 10th year extra loaded super remixed Virtua Fighter bonus game. So I got that on the low for 4.95 I also picked up just the disc of the PS2 Silent Scope for 1.95 I have the Dreamcast Port and I really like that one so why not. I got a CIB copy of Midways Greatest Arcade games Vol. 1 5.95 I had it on the GCN but it got jacked by a bastard a year or so back. I got a PS3 game for 4.95 my GF picked up Capcom Fighting Evo. for the PS2 for I think 7.95 or less I PSP game for like 7.00 and I think maybe a disc only game or 2.

So all in all its been a great month and all the great game stuff only cost around 100.00 or so for the whole month thats the price of two new WII games or the Price or a Brand New PS3 Collectors and a Guide. We would love to hear about your game finds please share in the forums or comment until next time, we will see you in the later at

Nintendo Powe Pad

GCP Clear" /> BOX NES GAME Astyanax


 Just Cart Copy of Thunder Force II





Sega's New System "Sega Zone" Is Sega Back

Posted by Spin the Demon on September 6, 2010 at 8:31 PM Comments comments (0)

This is the "Zone 40" The Zone 40 is a System that has built in motion games made to cash in on the success of Nintendo's Wii. This Console was sold at a budget price with many Wii like Clone games such as Tennis, Golf & Bowling. You can pick up one of these bad boys at for around 40.00-60.00 Here is a quick Disc. of the "Zone 40"

"Zone 40 Wireless Gaming- 40 games & 2 Wireless Remotes - Plug and PLAY Interface-Just plug into your TV- Featuring 40 built in games (11 Sports games-29 Arcade games. Wireless Game console with third generation gaming and real time action graphics."

   Now you ask, What does this "Zone 40" have to do with a new Sega System? Well it seems after poor sells the company behind the Zone 40 is at it again but only this time they found a company to back and support this product and that company is Sega. The New "Sega Zone" Will have around 100 built in games 20 of them will be old classic Sega games Im not sure how this will work with the motion cortol but this has got me pumped.

The Sega Zones Motion Controller

This new console has a rumored 100 games built in, now you can not add new games to your collection but you still start off with a 100 games you know what you are getting the day you get it no need to hunt down more. I know this may be like the Sega Supported Tec-toys but I thought they were great too!

This Console looks to launch with two colors Black with Green Lights or White with Blue Lights the Black one looks the best to me and is the one I plan on getting when this system hits store state side. This console should be out in the UK by now but I can not find it any place and this makes me think it was pushed back. I could find no info on this delay.

So do I think this is a new Sega system built to rival the Wii? No not at all, I dont think this is Sega Hardware like the youtube hype and thats why Im posting this blog. Im happy that Sega has been supporting retro with Systems like Tec-Toys Play Pal and other Sega Genesis clone systems with built in games. Its nice to see a company release a product for retro gamers and people who just like to game. I will be buying this one and Will Post a Full Video Review!


UPDATE: 12/1/10 This is on Sale in the States as the Arcade Motion! You can buy this at your local Wal-Greens or, Ebay and Play Asia For Around 35.00 This is a Great lil Genesis Emu System and I love it I got one the day it went on sale and play it all the time! I still have not had any luck finding any of the cool add ons for this system and I hope them put out a classic style controller So lets help it take off by buying one or three each! They make great gifts use Firecore and is Made by Atgames a Name you can Trust and Sega how could you go wrong? Great Way to play all the genesis Games for Less than 50.00!

Master System on the go

Posted by Spin the Demon on June 22, 2010 at 3:19 AM Comments comments (0)

A few things We have found to play sega master system games.

41B77305GJL_AA280_.jpg image by mymediaguyver

This is the Master Gear, It Hooks into your Sega Game Gear for Master System games on the go.

We here at 90's love ours. These can be found for very cheap and are worth every penny 10-20.00


This is the Play Pal , this hand held has many great master system game built in. The great thing about

this hand held is in can also plug into your tv so you can play master sytem games on the go or at home.

This system can cost you from 30.-50.00


Also art work and funny fakes of hand held master systems have been made.



MP3 Players and MP4 Player with built in master system games. These are great the Muga for your musiand the Vizon for your Movies both Giving you sick ass master System Action any place in time,

Super Tempo for Sega Saturn Cost Vs. Worth

Posted by Spin the Demon on May 15, 2010 at 9:34 PM Comments comments (0)

    We Sega Fan Boys know that collecting for sega systems like the Genesis is very cheap we also know that the Sega Saturn is not so cheap. Some Japan 2D games can run you from 20-300.00 a POP. Thats alot for a retro old ass video game. I thought I would do a little bit about Cost and Worth because I Just picked up "Super Tempo" for the Sega Saturn and this is a very rare high in cost game. I have not played this game yet Im still waiting for it in the Mail, I have played Tempo (32x) and Temp Jr. (Game Gear) and like them both. I dont really like to pay alot for games even new ones. I have a hard time paying 60+ for a game even if I love them they are not worth that to me but thats the cost. I do enjoy these collections they put out these days like the SNK Neo-Geo Collection Saved me 1,000's but they do not have a collection for saturn games and that's a post on its own. I wanted to try out this game called "Super Tempo" For the Sega Saturn the team that did that bonk game series make it I (I Think so any how) I like the first one on the Sega 32x so much I went looking for More!


   I Found a game Called "Super Tempo" on  this Web page called maybe you have been to it. Wow the 2nd games looks 1000X better than the first and I had to get this game. I looked at and Play Asia with no luck. I went to video game price charts to see what I would cost they said it wasnt real. When I did find this Gem it was on Ebay for a Buy it Now of Over 350.00 and that is the only copy I could find for Sale. No way in the world I was going to pay 300.00 bux for a game but as more time went on and still not finding it any place on the net or in the wild I was thinkin maybe Im going to have to pay this crazy 300.00 bucks. You could buy a any New system for that a PS3, 360, WII you Could buy a 360 arcade and a PS2 New for that. 300 for an old game you may not even like is just flat out nuts.

So Im about to break down and buy this game when I see one listed on Ebay for just 19.95 free ship I almost lost it. I was quick to start the bid and I was going to Win. 27 Hrs Before It ended the seller turned it in a lost because it was going to sell for way too low and I yet again lost my chance to play Super Tempo. I checked ebay every day until last week The same Tempo game poped up only this time it was a .99 Open bid with a note for the seller this is was that note said.

On May-11-10 at 21:33:29 PDT, seller added the following information:

THIS IS IT! The last time I am listing this - It goes for what it goes for!

A recent sale went over $300 complete - this is a very rare game, so don't miss out!

Thanks for looking and good luck!


I dont have to tell you how pissed and happy I got when I read this, I put in a 50.00 Bid right then only thinking I would no way win it for that low and I was right I didnt win it for 50.00 I didnt win it for 100.00 in the last Hrs I raised my Bid from 50.00 to 62.?? and I won for 52.00 flat and Im so damn happy. Im writing this only 1 day after I won. This game is in no way worth 300.00 to me but thats what It cost. My point of this is Cost and worth are not that same and that you sould only pay what you think its worth not matter how long it takes.


(Ebay Listing for The Super Tempo I won)

Rare - Sega Saturn Super Tempo - Complete

Item condition: Acceptable

Ended: May 14, 201012:13:00 PDT

Bid history: 15 bids

Winning bid: US $52.00

Shipping: FREE shipping US Postal Service Priority MailSee more services See shipping discounts | See all shipping details

Estimated delivery within 7-8 business days.

Returns: No Returns Accepted




Just Sold On eBAY

Very fast shipping, object as described, good contact, perfect! Member idpadmeemblamidala ( Feedback Score Of 139) May-21-10 06:22

Sega Saturn - SUPER TEMPO - MINT COMPLETE JP SATURN (#260535632469) US $319.99 View Item


Feel the Magic for Nintendo DS

Posted by Killette on April 29, 2010 at 3:36 AM Comments comments (0)

Game: Feel the Magic XX XY

Platform: Nintendo DS

Similar to: Warioware, Hot Pixel



I don’t have a lot of free time with school and work so I tend to play a lot of short play games, like fighters, puzzle games, and games with short levels. Because of this, a lot of my favorite games are on handhelds, because I can play them at school between classes. (Plus it’s always awesome when you whip out a Neo Geo pocket and some random guy is like that was my fav handheld ever).


A gem I was given to me for xmas is from my BF (a true Sega fan) for my Nintendo DS. Now he doesn’t play the DS often, but he does make sure I have some awesome software for it. The game is called Feel the Magic XY XX published by of course Sega. The idea of this game is simple, you’re a teenage guy and your goal is to impress some chicks you meet by playing a series of mini games. Before each game a simple screen pops up and shows you what to do such as clearing off a pathway for a shopping cart, or blowing out candles. If you’ve every played Warioware or hot pixel, this game is similar to them. I enjoy the comical mini-games, and it’s just a cool game for a quickie between classes.

Bit Rot in Cartridge Media

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Today I learned a horrifying piece of information. I knew about disks, and how their data slowly gets destroyed over time, and I haven't been too concerned because the bulk of my personal collection are cartridges. That is, until today when I learned about bit rot. Bit rot, also know as data decay does happen in cartridges as well. This can be something you see, such as rust, or it can be something such as a small electrical charge that causes a small piece of the program code to disperse. Small amounts of bit rot are inevitable, and they can happen in disk media as well, due to poor insulation of the disks. There is no way to completely stop bit rot, but it can be slowed down. Media should be stored in dark areas that have low humidity. Cartridge games should be stored in the protective cases as well, and all media should be used at the very least once a year so it doesn't build up static.

If you know more about this problem, especially how to prevent it, please contact myself or Spin, or post on our forums and we will update it on here.

Street Fighter Alpha 2 Super Nintendo Review

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Today I pulled out my super Nintendo and a game I have never given a fair chance, Street Fighter Alpha 2. I personally grew up with a Super Nintendo and to this day I absolutely love the machine. However, I have finally learned to admit that it isn’t exactly the most powerful system. Yes, there are some wonderful games, but as far as hardware it was the weaker system. I also grew up playing street fighter 2, which I did love when I was younger but was disappointed when I tried it out at an older age because of the lag times when playing it.


This game was released near the end of the super Nintendo’s life, 1996. It was also released for the Sega Saturn, and Sony Playstation. While the other ports might be as powerful, the snes version does give them a run for their money because it makes use of the S-DD1 chip. This chip allow more ram for the machine, and more enhanced graphics. Until today I had just assumed this port was much like the Street Fighter 2 port, and have never really given it a fair shot. I was very wrong. Already in my personal opinion I think this is one of the more beautiful games on the system, and I think it definitely is a must own. The only drawback I saw in this game was a slight pause at the beginning of each round. Wikipedia says this is because of how the S-DD1 chip decompresses the graphics, but the pause is only for a second, and I don’t think it affects the gameplay at all.


All ten characters from the original Street Fighter return as well as Akuma (BF’s fav), Bison, and Dan. Five new characters are also added in this game, but I don’t wanna ruin it for you if you don’t already know by telling you who they are. The Super Nintendo version only includes one hidden character which I will tell you how to get in the article below. (I’m putting the cheats separate so you have an option of not reading them and finding them out for yourself.)


Super Nintendo vs. Other Ports

The American arcade port of this game is better than the Japanese port, and includes 3 additional characters: Evil Ryu and EX versions of Zangief and Dhalism. There is also an updated version which allow custom combos to be made from the special gauge.


The Playstation port of this game has an arranged soundtrack. It also features another hidden character that can be chosen with a cheat from the article below. This version was re-released for the PSP and on the Playstation network.


The Sega Saturn version of this game is arguably the best port of this game. It features an arranged soundtrack as well, but it loops just like the arcade port. It is also the only non arcade port that includes 4 hidden characters.


I am not a Street Fighter expert, and if anything I have posted is wrong, please let me know. All I know is that I really enjoyed playing this game today, and I think it’s one everyone should give a try.

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