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Posted by Spin the Demon on September 10, 2012 at 9:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Pet Sematary 2 is a fallow up to the Steven King classic Horror Novel and Movie. It take place in the same town but only this time it has a focus on  2 Teenage Boys one played by Edward Furlong (Terminator 2 , Pecker) The Family dog suffers a death by a gun shot to the side and the boys bury the corpse in the Pet Seematry Indian grounds because of a old town ghost story saying if you bury the dead they will come back but when the dead come back alive they are never the same again. 

I like this movie as a comedy as a horrorr iit hasnt aged well and not even close to as creepy as the first flim, The best part is this guy names Guss (Shown in Photo above) at first you kind of dont like him, he is a mean bully cop who treats His Family and Pets like crap. I dont want to spoil but Guss does a total 180 and becomes the best part of the movie. I would say if you are thinking about this one and still have a VHS try and get it on that format only due to the DVD being a little more rare, selling used from 15.00-25.00 Online. The Vhs Sells for 10.00ish but on sites like ebay using auctions you can score it for pretty much the open bid as it doesnt have a big demand and a small cult fallowing. IMDB give this a 4/10 and so do I. :) 



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Hey Guys Here is Some of the New VHS Video Tapes Ive picked up this Month.

  1. SATURN 3- Rare Sci-Fi Classic Where a Robot Falls and love with the girl and then starts a killings spree, Must Watch robot movie, SOLD 15.00


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Visiting Hours is a Murder Thriller Starring William Shatner & Lee Grant. Its about this guy who just hates every person on the Planet and really hates women. Lee Grant Plays a New Person who speaks her mind and is not liked by most. The killer Who I will not list as they dont want you to know who it is until later. Hides in Grants house and stabs her over and over again when she comes in from work. He leaves grant for dead but soon finds out she is still alive, now he returns to finish the job.

Ill leave it at that because I dont want to give too much away. This Film is ok not super bad or good, Im really glad I got this on CED because I may not have liked it has much on dvd some videos just are better in lower format. I would say pick this one up if you have seen all the great CED video thrillers and are looking for a new murder thrill ride. I would give this :D:D:D1/2 out of 5 Smiles.


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Hey Movie fans, I got some great deals on Movies this month I would like to share. In these Blogs I post a little about the movie and the price and Place. Hastings Book Store was having a kick ass sale on movies DVDs and a few Blu-Rays for 1.98 I couldnt get down to my local store as its a 45min drive but they web store had the sames deal with alot more to pick from. Im pretty broke with slow sales (Back to school :() I also got a couple VHS Tapes and a BUNCH of CED Video Discs so lets get started because this is going to be one epic post! (NOTE SINCE I HAVNT GOT THE CEDS YET AND DONT WANT TO HOLD UP THE POST I WONT BE LISTING THE 42 MOVIE LOT YET, I WILL BREAK IT DOWN INTO 3 POSTS NEXT MONTH)

Classic Horror Collection This is a Great Collection of Classic Horror Films, It has 8 movies from the Golden Age of Horror a great movie collection for a low price. STORE:GOHASTINGS PRICE: $1.98 DVD

Killer's Collection The Killer Collection is another 5 Movie Horror Collection, I picked up this set for a few films but the one I wanted the most is "Silent Night, Deadly Night" as it is kind of a hard one to find on DVD. STORE:GOHASTING $1.98 FORMAT DVD

I'll Bury You Tomorrow This movie "I'll Burry You Tomorrow" is a for sure Blind Buy, Ive never seen a review or trailer on this one but sounds pretty awesome. It says its about this Women who gets a job as a Corner and becomes mad with murder. STORE:GOHASTINGS $1.98, FORMAT-DVD

Chillers 1 Another Blind Buy for me, I have never seen this set around and I couldnt tell if this is a TV Show or another collection. I picked this up because I just watched the Psycho series again and love the horror works of Anthony Perkens so for the price it was worth a shot. STORE: GOHASTINGS ,$1.98 FORMAT-DVD

Pumpkinhead II/Leprechaun/Wishmaster/Wishmaster 2 The Last DVD I picked up from Hastings this order was another 4-Film Collection only this one is movies from the 80's & 90's not the 1930s-1970s like the past few. I picked this one up because I was looking at the Leperchan Set of 4 at for 5.00, I gave my last set to my friend. It wasnt instock for store pick up so I held off and Im glad I did. I really one wanted the 1st couple movies right now so this set really worked out for me and breaks down to less than .50 per film. You Also get Pumkinhead II, Wishmaster & Wishmaster II. I dont have any of these on DVD so its a nice upgrade STORE:GOHASTINGS,$1.98 FORMAT DVD

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines Ok I may have over paid for this one, Terminator 3 rise of the machines. Not that its awful, I mean some parts are crazy off from the story and other parts just dont make sence at all but I need this one to Finish Off my Terminator VHS Collection. This one was Brand New Factory Sealed so I paid a little more than I wanted but was sick of not seeing it used ever so I broke down and picked it up now Ill see it all the time :( STORE:EBAY, $ 3.00 FORMAT VHS

Fright Night Why do they have to keep remaking great horror flicks from the 80's has it really been that long? This pick up is of Fright Night not they remake but the good ol 80s Vampire Classic! I had to pick this one up I have given up on finding a leaked Action Max Version and broke down and got it for the collection. STORE:GOOD WILL, $0.99 FORMAT VHS



The 1-2-3- of VHS Collecting. (Starter Guide)

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a Easy 1-2-3 of Getting a Collection Going.

With the Invent of Media Such as DVD, HDDVD and Blu-Ray Most People stopped buying and collecting VHS Movies and Only One or Two Companies Still Produce Combo Players, I read that JVC is putting out the First Blu-Ray/DVD/VHS Combo Recorder and I am for sure going to pick up that baby. I collect VHS because some movies you just cant get on DVD and some look better in the VHS Format (Old FX, CG & Horror Effects look great on VHS Vs. Blu-Ray) I feel that when a Film made way before HD Media that when they are cleaned up they end up loosing alot of the charm they had the first time around. I wanted to talk about VHS Because it was used for many years and most people still know what a Video Tape is Unlike Video 8 or CED.

#1 What To Collect? If you are just getting into collecting Movies on VHS Format you may be asking what should I Collect? Well that has to be a personal choice, dont collect what I do just because I collect it for example. Try and Buy the Videos you would enjoy watching on VHS, Remember to ask yourself Why You Started/Wanted to Collect Video Tapes in the First Place. I enjoy Collecting Old Cartoons, WCW Events & Horror Movies on VHS, I will also get a movie I want to take a chance on from time to time on VHS First as they seem to be for the most part the lowest prices of movies but as with any collection you will find rare Gems worth 100.00's of Dollars and may not want to invest in these until you have to for your collection.

#2 Where to Buy? This is a question I get all the time, Where do I buy some of the video tapes I collect and or sell. One of the Biggest sellers on my Ebay Store is VHS Movies but not all movies are good sellers, On my ebay store I sell Rare and Hard to Find, so Ebay is a place you could look but keep in mind that Ebay is for the most part the Top Price Point on Most Collectibles. I like to Buy My VHS Tapes From Places Like Good Will if you have them or any 2nd hard store, VHS Should cost from .50 or less-2.00 Per Video some will cost more if they have more than 1 tape or are part of a set or say collectors edition. Yard Sales are a Really great place, If you dont see any tapes for Sell ask, Alot of people have them boxed up in a storage area and may have even forgotton about them.

#3Where to Sell? Last is the Question I get asked the most. Where can I sell my Double VHS Movies or ones that I have replaced on other formats. Good Questions, You Can sell videos all over the place really, I like to use Ebay for the Rare Tapes and for the others but you can Sell them on most sites like those. If you have alot to sell and dont want to mess with the internet then Try Placing a Ad in the News Paper or Try Sell Sites like Cregslist, ect. You are even welcome to try and sell and trade them here on this website just make sure to sell or trade with a person you can trust like myself. I have over 5000 sales under my Belt of just this type of thing and have many contacts and feedback for you to view before you send me any item.


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Poltergeist Review by SpinTheDemon

Poltergeist from the Minds of Tobe Hooper, Frank Marshall & Steven Spielberg has to be one of the most scary PG Rated movies of all time. This one is sure to give you the thrills and chills you would want in a Ghost Horror Movie. The Film is about a Normal Family who moves into a new house. After starting to construction on a new home pool for the family strange things start to happen. Things get really Scary When Carol Ann (Heather O' Rourke) Starts hearing and speaking with Spirits through the TV Set.

The Family Starts to mess around with the houses power, mainly the Diane Freeling, The mother. The Ghosts feel they need Carol Ann and Take her to a 3rd world Not Life or Death but in the middle. The family then hires a crew of experts to get the child back.

Ill leave it at that because if you havnt seen this movie you will not want to know how it ends here. I love this movie its scary and just morbid, knowing the dead bodies in this movie are real on rent from science makes it even more messed up. I like to view this movie on CED because it gives it a even more gritty horror feel. The Sound is just to die for and this CED is one of the late Stereo Discs so the sound is great just like a vintage record. No matter what format you choose you are sure to view a great ghost flick. I would give this a :D:D:D:D if not a full 5 Smile It has alot of great action and doesnt go for cheap scares, It has gore and more!!!!

Classic Gaming

Posted by Killette on April 15, 2012 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (1)

SpintheDemon and I have been more busy than we have ever been in our lives. We apologize for the lack of updates and our sudden disappearance from the youtube channel but we promise wel will come back and we will be better than ever!!

So today I want to talk about a game that has come back to me from the past. I'm sorry guys, its a true classic game, not a video game but I wanted to share what kind of gaming has been happening in our house.

Milk Caps is the name of the game and it's often called Pogs after it's biggest brand of caps.  The rules change quite frequently but today I'll cover history and I'll create an ongoing series to explain some of the rules.

The newest craze of this game came from the 1990s and originated in Hawaii. Basically the players stack cardboard discs into a pile, and they use slammers to flip them over for points or for keeps. Souds simple, right? The difficulty comes from the skill of flipping and turns out to be more difficult than you would expect.

I will continue in more posts to talk about the game, as well as some actual video game stuff. Please check back for more posts as the site will be updated in the future and I'm sorry about our disappearence!

Gaming Holiday

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This time of year is always depressing. The holidays are over, we all are trying to catch up on bills, the weather is cold and miserable, and new years resolutions are already failing. In my house we take this chance to lighten our spirits and play games. All summer and fall we stock up on our new games and Christmas time we spoil each other with more. Now with the overload we take this time to finally enjoy our games and decide which ones we love, which ones we like, and sadly enough, which ones we hate. We go through the games and decide which ones aren't worth playing a second time. Not only does this keep the collection from getting cluttered messy, but it allows us to really spend time with them and pull the dreariness out of the winter. I recommend everyone do the same and lighten their spirits and play some of their games!

Sega Dreamcast Accessories Guide

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I have had a Hard time finding a list of all the Sega Dreamcast Accessories so I thought I would make a list for us retro gamers, These are the Ones I know of If you know of any others Let me know on the Comments.

1st Party Accessories

Controller: This is the 1st party controller for dreamcast and it came in many colors and styles.

Visual Memory Unit (VMU): This is a Memory Card w/ LCD Screen This also came in many colors and styles.

4in1 Memory Card: This was made by Sega and came in a few styles This memory card does not have LCD and acts as 4 memory cards in 1 (800 Blocks)

Keyboard: This item was used for chatting on the internet or with use of the many Dreamcast Online Games, This had a few styles and colors in Japan, a few games used the keyboard in its game play like Typing of the Dead & Japan Dating Sims

Mouse: This item was made for use with the internet and a gaming tool for FPS games and works with some on rails like Silent Scope This item came in a few colors and styles but in Japan only the rest of the world got Basic White.

Basic Modem: This item was made for use of online game play and internet browsing, this item was packed in the USA and PAL systems for right out of the box use.

Broadband Modem This item is a upgrade to the basic modem and was made for games like quake III this item can still be used today and sells for 250.00 or more.

Dream Key, Passport & other Web Browsers These items vary in name deping on what place you are from but all are used to get your Dreamcast onto the internet so you can surf the web The Basic Disc was packed in to every dreamcast with updated discs as time passed.

Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling Toukon Retsuden for Bandai Wonderswan Review

Posted by Killette on November 11, 2011 at 1:10 AM Comments comments (0)


Hey guys today I want to talk about an awesome English Friendly wrestling game for the Bandai Wonderswan. This is a black and white game released by Tomy in early 1999 and it sports fun gameplay and good graphics considering the limitations of the system.

To start out you have six characters you can choose from. I do recognize them from other games, but I do not know Japanese and I do not know their wrestlers from that time period enough to tell you their names. Each character has their own set of moves unique to them. In order to utilize each of these moves, different combinations must be typed in, similar to Virtua Fighter. For example, pressing X2 and A will provide a different punch than X1 and A. Only the X D-pad is used along with the A and B buttons. By double tapping the D pad your character can run, and you can also throw a character, and pin them. True to wrestling rules the game will not allow you to win by pinfall if you are too close to the ropes. As far as I can tell, there is no way to throw illegal punches or moves.



The graphics and the sound are both really good in this game. The graphics are crisp, and there is not a lot of ghosting on the wonderswan color. Each character in the game gets their own intro with unique music as the character walks toward the ring while the audience cheers in the background. There is good music and sound effects which makes the game fun to play.

This game is one of the more price friendly games for the Wonderswan, and sports fun and addicting gameplay that is easy to play but you can spend more time mastering the different moves. While most of the text is in Japanese, this game is definetly playable for non-Japanese readers. I would recommend this game to any fan of 2d wrestling games.


Rhyme Rider Kerorican for Bandai Wonderswan Review

Posted by Killette on October 20, 2011 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (1)

Hey guys I'm back with another wonderswan review. Today I wanted to cover a rather quirky rhythm game for the system and if you haven't guessed it from the title, it's Rhyme Rider for the Bandai Wonderswan.

Like most wonderswan games, this game is pretty much completely in japanse, but it is definetely playable for someone who doesn't speak the language. You start out by putting on a frog suit and dancing throughout the levels taking on various cute badguys. There are six main enemies in the game and in order to take each one out you have to press a specific button or combination of buttons that is associated with each character. The game itself doesn't give any clues as to which button coresponds to each creature which can be rather frustrating until you memorize them. Included with the game was a set of 10 cards which show each of the characters as well as the buttons that defeat each enemy.

As I said before, this is a rhythm game. The music is funky and techno and pushes the Wonderswan to its limits. Sometimes the music even sounds a bit fuzzy while blasting out the music. After time the music can get a bit old since each time you miss a button it takes you back a bit in the level and has you try again. Each enemy you defeat creates a musical note exclusive to the character type and passing several enemies in a row without a mistake will trigger a nice little tune that reminds me of a funky genesis game.


This game sports brilliant graphics that feature sharp bright colors you wouldn't expect out of a 16 bit handheld. The character moves with grace and the animation is smooth. At the start of each level a bit of story is told (in japanese) with crazy backgrounds and great character stills. There is only four levels in the game, and these sequences take up very little time. Althouth there are very few levels, they are nice and long and take some time to master as after your character dies you must start back at the beginning of the level.

The only real downside I see to this game is the timing. Each button press must be executed at an exact time in order to defeat the enemy. This varies from enemy to enemy, and until you get the hang of it, you will see yourself dying rather often. To counteract this your character has a fairly large life guage, and you can eat candy throughout the level to restore some of your health. Overall this game is pretty forgiving on missing the enemies here and there.

I believe this game is definetly one to check out if you own a wonderswan and enjoy rhythm games. The picky timing can be a setback, but once you get the hang of the handling you will breeze through the levels without much difficulty. The jazzy fun music and bright colorful graphics help lead to a fun upbeat gaming experience and this will be a game you can pull out and beat every once and again for nostalgia.

Bandai Wonderswan

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If any of you follow the youtube channel, some time ago I made a review on the Bandai Wonderswan. I'm still working on a way to capture the video footage, but I thought I could still share some good ol written reviews of the games I have already collected for the system. We here at Stuckinthe90s are preparing out house, and a lot of games will have to be packed away for a while so after the move I would like to work on capturing the videos. Now on to the good stuff!

Wonderswan Handheld Console overview:

The Bandai Wonderswan was a Japanese only handheld system released on March 4th, 1999. Throughout it's lifespan three versions of the system were released; the Black & White, the Wonderswan Color, and the Swan Crystal.

The specs:

16 bits

512mb of Ram in the Color and Swancrystal

15-30 Hours Battery Time

8 Shade Monochrome or 241 Colors

2 S-pads and A & B button

224x144 Screen Resolution

With its cartride based format this little handheld has no loading times, the later models support the color and black and white games, and the long battery time really gives this system an edge.

The games:

All of the games on this system are Japanese only since this system was never localized to any other markets. There are a few chinese releases that are in English, but they are rather expensive. Most of the games have ports on other sytems, making the system a bit less desireable, however there are still many great titles including Makaimura (Ghost's n' Ghouls), Final Fantasys, Rhyme Rider, Dicing Knight, and many others. These games have good soundtracks, great graphics, and a small twist that is unique to the system.

Back to the system:

Most versions of the system allow you to change the volume of the system but an adapter is needed to use headphones. None of the sytems are backlit, adding to the battery time. The dual D-pads are awesome, but sometimes the buttons are a bit close together making them hard to press accurately. Many games support a vertical arcade style screen and the dual D-pads allow you to rotate the system and still be able to play the games, similar to the Atari Jaguar. The system is small and light, about the same size as a superr nintendo game.

But is it worth getting?

I don't regret getting this system, and I personally think it was a good by. The version I own is the wonderswan color, and I haven't experienced some slowdown. The games are fun and quirky and not too expensive, but many are near unplayable without knowledge of the Japanese language. There are many games that are playable, and some handy walkthroughs can be found online to help you with some of the others. If you are into handhelds and want a fun and quirky Japanese system, this can definetely be one to check out :)

Guilty Gamer

Posted by Spin the Demon on August 25, 2011 at 4:15 PM Comments comments (2)

   As a retro gamer do you ever feel bad about not playing with your new gen systems and games? I have a 360, PS3 and Wii and have multi 100's of dollars invested into them but find myself only wanting to Play My Dreamcast and Saturn?!? This makes me feel so guilty about using the hard earned cash on New Gen Items that never get played.  I just picked up DJ Hero Set a Few Months Back and Maybe have a 1 hr logged in, I got the New Mortal Kombat and still havnt even Downloaded my Free DLC. I find myself spending all my game time retro gaming. Being a Big Fan of the Arcade and type of games they had it prob. comes as no shocker that im a Big Dreamcast Fan. In Short Im writing this to see if any of you guys go through the same thing. Am I crazy for liking my Old Games WAY more than these New Gen Games? Please post your thoughts in the comments.

-Spin The Demon

STD's Top 10 Dreamcast Racing / Driving Games

Posted by Spin the Demon on July 12, 2011 at 9:16 PM Comments comments (0)

Hey Guys I love racing games on the Dreamcast so I thought I would Share my Top 10 Games and Talk about them a Bit, No pics on this one :( sorry guys working on more screen shots we need a source.

10. "4 wheel Thunder"  A bit of a Gem in Midway's "Thuder" Series but still really good in my book. This game is alot like Hydro Thunder but on land so you can zoom around. This is a very acrade style racer and is Great on the Sega Dreamcast

9. "Star Wars Ep 1 racer"  Who didnt want to be a Pod Racer after the First Star Wars Movie came out in 1999? In SWE1R now you have the chance! I used to rent this game all the time on the Nintendo 64 its pretty much the same game on the Dreamcast but with WAY better sound and Graphics. Its like WipeOut Meets Star Wars and is a Must for Any Racing game fan

8. "Daytona USA 2000" This game is great and if this was a Sega Saturn Top Ten this would be Prob close to Number 1 in my book. I love the Daytona Series and feel its a shame they havnt done one is years. This game is everything you loved about the first one but better Graphics ok well no everything is doesnt handle as well and this still makes the 1st one a Tad bit better to me. Still if you can get this on the cheap its worth it unlike the Saturn Daytona that can be found for 1.00 This one is a little rare and ranges from 15-25.00

7. "F 355 Challenge" How Can you have a list of the best racing games with out taking a Yu? You Cant, This Game may not be as arcade like as Outrun or Power Drift but its still a really great game. This game is based around Yu Suzuki's Personal car now how cool is that? Its made to feel real and puts you Front Seat in That F 355

6. " Flag 2 Flad Kart Racing" This game is as close to a Virtua Racer as it gets on the Dreamcast and is a really fast paced fun game. Not alot to say This is a Kart Pro Racing game that handles and looks like a Dream Call me Crazy but Im a Big Fan of Kart Style Games I wish they would make more today.

5."Disney Magical Racing Tour"  This is a Disney Mario Kart Clone and it shows but that doesnt make it a bad game because as dreamcast owners we never got a Mario Kart or a Sonic Kart for that matter (Sonic Adventure 2 racing Stages Dont count) Not alot to say you run around a track picking up items and blasting! I wanted to have Wacky Races and South Part Rally on this list but feel they are too much like DMRT so rope um all into one I like them the same :)

4."Sega Rally Championship" I still love the Sega Rally series and feel they are way more fun than Today's Dirt Series. This game is Pretty Much a Updated version on the Saturn Same Game Play New tracks and Cars. Who Doesnt like a Ride in the Mud?

3. "Demolation Racer"  This Game is Pure Mayham at its best! You drive fast trying to crush the other cars for points the more wicked the trick or crash the better the point. This Game is Not just about getting first Place if you dont crush enough cars in your path 1st place wont mean much as winning the race alone wont win the race if that makes sence. This game is so cheap its a must have under rated game I think I payed 5.00 for a New in Package Copy

2." Test Drive 6"  This is quick making it up my Top racing lists and I just got it not too long ago. This game is the closest Need for Speed Type of Game on the Dreamcast and again reminds us Sega Gamers that We never needed EA games in the 1st Place. This game has a Kick ass sound track w/ Music By Kottonmouth Kings and Many other under ground music from 1999

1. "Crazi Taxi 1&2 Its Crazy Taxi! If you havnt played this get it right now!

Super Magnetic Neo Dreamcast Over View

Posted by Spin the Demon on July 2, 2011 at 2:33 PM Comments comments (1)

This is a Series of Short Reviews/Over Views of Lesser Known Games, These Reviews and Based 100% off what we have played and Nothing else no info was read up on before or after writing this and is based on our opinion not to be viewed as fact. We are reviewing for free and fun to help support our retro gamer fans. Thank You Site Admin We at also would like to thank Sega LTD for the Non Profit use of Screen Shots of the Game.

 Super Magnectic Neo

This is a Lesser Known Gem That you may have never got to check out. Platfromer Games in the 2000's wasnt as hip or hot selling as the games were in the 90s Back then every big game that came out for a System was a Mascott Platformer and every company was out to have the next Mario or Sonic game. This did die off and when we did see a Platformer in this generation It was the Next Game in the Rayman Series or series we have came to love, not alot of brand new platformers where coming out that were not based off a Movie or kids tv show.

 Sonic Adventure Sega Dreamcast 1999

  Super Magnetic Neo to me was a fresh fun color filled Platformer not that Sonic Adventure wasnt it just was a new idea and not the same old cast with the same goals. SMN (Super Magnetic Neo From Here out) The Story is Pretty Simple The "Pinki Gang" is Stealing Poa poa park from this Dr. Guy and He makes this Neo Magnetic Robot to get it back. Its awesome really its bright and fun very pink at times but really blends well with the look.

 Pinki Gang

 The Game Play is Run and Jump in a 3D world much like the PS1 Crash Games, You play in 4 Worlds with 4 Stages each + Bosses so 20 Stages in all if you count all the extra stages its over 100 stages of Awesome! The Game is very good looking with full HD VGA Support thats just amazing really. I was playing this game in S-Video After days of Playing it in HD with my VGA to HDMI Box (See forums or comment for more info) and it just didnt look as good it lost some of its magic still a great game still fun to play but this one is worth the VGA box and really shows off what the dreamcast can do.


The Last Thing I want to talk about in this game is cool hidden items in the level, no big deal having Easter Eggs in a game but where SMN is Great is that when you get close to a hidden item your VMU (Sega's Memory Card Hand Held) Beeps and yells and shows images to let you know a item is close, now how cool is that?

  Dreamcast VMU

So After Playing this game for hours and hours Im going to say this is 5/5 Must have game for any Dreamcast/Platformer Fan. This is not the best Platformer in the world im not saying that what Im saying is this is a Game thats not known as much as alot of other games but is still a great platformer game. This is also only for the Dreamcast so new DC gamers &  Collectors still have a reason to buy a system and this port of the game.  





Game Therapy

Posted by Killette on July 2, 2011 at 2:04 PM Comments comments (3)

Sometimes life hits you hard. Maybe you had a bad day at work, your family is having a chrisis, you are going through a break up, or maybe stress is finally getting to you. I believe sometimes games can help us through hard times and help I know they have helped me keep my sanity. There are times when I've wanted to kill my boss or life is looking bleak so I've pulled out my old trusty game and used it as a crutch until things finally start to look up.

Say you had a bad day at work, and your boss or co-workers or clients or customers really have gotten to your nerves. I personally like to pop in a nice copy of Street Fighter or another great fighting game and kick some ass to relieve some stress or get out the anger of the day.

Other times I'm just plain tired, and I personally want to play a game and veg out after a long day, so I turn to a classic nostalgic game that I might have beaten a million and one times just to keep my mind busy and have some fun without having to concentrate too much.

Games have always personally helped me through hard times or just plain long days. In a way, they can be therapy and help us release our emotions, or they can bring us together with out friends as we take on some new call of duty map packs. Other times they are a nice bit of nostalgia to bring us back to our roots and remember how to have fun and think like kids again. Whether they are saving us from killing our bosses or occupying our minds they are always there to save us from life and either bring us together or give us the time alone we need.

Fahrenheit Sega 32X- a Closer Look

Posted by Spin the Demon on June 28, 2011 at 7:30 PM Comments comments (2)

This is a Series of Short Reviews/Over Views of Lesser Known Games, These Reviews and Based 100% off what we have played and Nothing else no info was read up on before or after writing this and is based on our opinion not to be viewed as fact. We are reviewing for free and fun to help support our retro gamer fans. Thank You Site Admin We at also would like to thank Sega LTD for the No Profit use of Screen Shots of the Game.

   Fahrenheit on the Sega CD/32X: Ok this game isnt like the Best Sega CD 32X game out in the world of retro games but its a lesser known game that I think should get a little bit of credit.  This game is one of the Rare Sega 32X games printed on Disc So not only do you need a Sega CD but also a 32X just to play this one but Sega Loves us so The Included a Sega CD version w/ the 32X just in case you didnt have the doomed add on.

Fahrenheit is a FMV Game that uses Full motion Video if you have never played a FMV game its Pretty Much a Memory Game based on interactive video. This is a much hated genra of the 1990's and Few FMV games come out these days and when they do they are made for DVD Players/ Blu-Ray Media Players and Not Game Systems like back in the day. (Dragon's Lair Set is now on Sale Printed on DVD!) If you dont have the 32X add this game will look like any other FMV game on the Sega CD but when the 32X is added it makes a world of change this is a great game for any gamers who think the 32X add on does nothing.

 In This Game you play a Noob Fire Fighter on his/her first day on the job you have to search a burning house to make sure no people are trapped inside and fight the blazing fire. Funny Poor Voice Acting Make this Game a Blast With friends, and on your own if you are into lame D Horror Movies because this game for sure has that feel. This Gem May not get the cult classic demand of other 32X FMV games Such as "Night Trap" & "Corpse Killer" But I for one feel this game is just as good if not better at times. Made and Published By Sega & Sega Studios so unlike other DG FMV games the company really knew how to push the hardware.

 Where this game falls short is where any FMV falls short after a while of playing the game burns it self into your memory and it is no longer fun adding no replay value until years past and you forget where to go and what to do. Also the Video is super bad for todays times and even Internet video from the late 1990's looks better and at times this makes it brutal on the eyes. For any fan of Sega CD or FMV games I would say this is a must have for any people just getting into them or that hate them I would start off with some of the others like Corpse Killer , Night Drap of Croy Haims Double Switch So for FMV Game Fans its a 4.5/5 Mush Have for people who Hate them its a 1.5/5 Stay away from.


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Today Im Super Stoked to talk about the Capcom Soldier Pad Fighting Controller Made for the Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo and 3DO Game systems In this post I wanted to talk about/ show the 3 styles of Pads I know of.  


This Super Sweet Fighting Controller was made by ASCII Gaming leader in Arcade like Controllers and Sold by Capcom in the Mid 1990's All 3 Controllers pretty much worked the same just looked a little dif in Color. The Super Nintendo one above is a Purple, Grey and Black color all were made to make Capcoms Street Fighter 2 Series more fun at home.

[Image: <a href=]" title="" />


Shown in this pic is the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Version that looks pretty much the same the grey bottons are replaced with Yellow color ones but other than that is the same type of controller.

[Image: <a href=]" title="" />

The Coolest ane most rare of the Bunch is the 3DO Version of the Controller, pretty much the same as the past 2 shown but has red color bottons VS Purple&Yellow and is the only one right now that i dont own being that I dont have a working 3DO System.

Zero Tolerance Sega Genesis Review

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This is a Series of Short Reviews/Over Views of Lesser Known Games, These Reviews and Based 100% off what we have played and Nothing else no info was read up on before or after writing this and is based on our opinion not to be viewed as fact. We are reviewing for free and fun to help support our retro gamer fans. Thank You -Jeff Smith Site Admin


This is Zero Tolerance for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive Game System.

FPS Games are the hottest out right now in video games, seems like every new big game is now a FPS game we are even starting to see old Gems get new life Such as Duke Nukem and ID's Doom 4 in the works FPS games are hard to avoid this Gen. But back in the 16Bit Home Console Days of the Early 1990's You didnt see or hear alot about FPS games on Home Systems. At the Time we had the First Major FPS Game on the GB the Awful yet fun "Face Ball" But really the FPS Market (FPS= First Person Shooter) was for the Most Part a PC thing.


Face Ball on the Nintendo Super System AKA SUPER NINTENDO AKA SNES

In 1994 Genesis Owners Were lucky enough to get Technopop's Zero Tolerance game but not alot of people rushed out to get it and didnt see the sales publish accolade was hoping (Bubsy, Double Dragon, Ballz) and the game became some what of a Hidden Gem over time or lesser known game. Research from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia states: Due to the limitations of the hardware, the game's 3D environment was restricted to a fraction of the screen, the rest of the screen functioned as the player's HUD, a map of the surrounding area, and the player character's ID card. On the other hand, it featured interesting visual effects for its time which were considered a rival to Doom; effects like animated wall textures, blood running down walls, blood that would fly through the air, and rudimentary sloped floors. The 3D environment also ran much more smoothly then any first person Game at the time

This Game Was also The first and Only that I know of Game to Let you Play Multi Player Via a System Link Cable Very Very Rare today. In 1994 the only was to get a cable was by mail in you would get the slip inside the game that you could mail away for a Free Cable the Publisher ever paid for it to be mailed to your house but no one really did that and it makes them rare today. If you look at this pic above its super easy to make one these days from two controllers and even has helpful guides online at many sites. If you get stuck making you own you are always able to leave comments here and we will help you out.

 This item is the Link Cable and is Oober Rare

This Game has a plot some what the story is based in the future and is about a team that colonised the Solar System. You are under attack by an unknown yet lethal aggressor of apparently extraterrestrial nature, the Planet Defense Corps call in Zero Tolerance, an elite strike squad of five speciality-trained commandos This squad also doubles as your "life" and Each Member has skills to help make it through the massive 40 stage game. Im not going to go into this much more because I dont want to spoil it for the people who want to pick this up. At the End of this review I would say this is a great game and IMO its the Best FPS game on the Genesis and is worth picking up for the price 1.00-7.00 USD at that price its a great deal. The game play does have some trouble this is a game from 1994 and it hasnt aged the best, if you are used to the FPS controls of today and games like the first Doom just piss you off I would stay away from this one for the rest of us retro gamers I would give this a 4/5 a Must Own for Any FPS/Sega Genesis fan.

A Sega Summer: "Blast Chamber" Saturn

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This is a Series of Short Reviews/Over Views of Lesser Known Games, These Reviews and Based 100% off what we have played and Nothing else no info was read up on before or after writing this and is based on our opinion not to be viewed as fact. We are reviewing for free and fun to help support our retro gamer fans. Thank You -Jeff Smith Site Admin

Todays Game Is "Blast Chamber" For the Sega Saturn Published By Activison. When We first picked up this game out of our local Game Stores 1.00 Bin I had kind of low hopes for it, from the cover alone it looked to be some Carnival Moto Bike Game like in The Simpson's Movie when Homer won the truck from the Carny.

 This game ended up getting lost in my collection after bringing it home I remeber Testing it to make sure it loaded and all so if I had to take it back it would be in the first 48 Hrs to make sure I get my Return. This Past week Ive been playing some of my Saturn Collection and This game showed up, I had forgotten about it. Im on Vaction as of writing this and no better way to relax for me than Video Games.

 After a few stages in I knew this was a game I would soon call a Sega Saturn Classic. You Start Off in a "Blast Chamber" Each Stage is like the Mix of Platforming and Puzzler not a bad mix if done right and this game does it right! Your goal is to find and run a Small Gold Gem Into a Red Portal in a Short Time and Yes the Game is Timed and that is what makes it great fun for me the stress factor of getting the Gem to the goal in time. If you fail to Make it in the Time Given Your Man Is Given a "Blast" and You Explode to your death.

 This game Has many Stages and Does Support  Saving Via Memory card or on the System Memory This is a Pick up and Play sort of game with no real story or plot, it does have a multi- player but I for one did not enjoy it as much. Where this Game Shines is in the Single Player Puzzler Solving. If you can Find this Gem For a Good Price in the 5-15.00 Range I think its a good Buy also Check out some game play videos on this game and see if it looks like the type you would enjoy. Im giving This Game gets a Score of 3.9/5 and is a Great Game to try on the cheap that you may not know of.