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Tales From The Cryptkeeper Action Figure Line by Ace Toys Stock #55300

      Walking through the Grand Junction Flea Market a few months ago, I went to visit a toy seller that is normal at the flea market, this seller normal has a table right in front with new items he has picked up to re sell and the first thing I notice is this great "Tales from the Crypt-Keeper" Action Figure by Ace Toys 1994. As a big fan of the old Comic Books and HBO TV is was a no brain buy, I had to have this. I notice right away the 10.00 price tag and the figure is no where close to mint, This is full blown retail, the figure is worth around 20.00 in top condition mint and this was not mint, it has a fold in the back of the card and some corner damage. I talk to the seller and get a deal, he sells me this toy for 5.00 a price I could live with.  The Figure is around 5 Inches in size and has a few features such as Swinging Arms, Head Turns while the arm swings but that is about it. Another Disappointment is that this figure comes with no extra accessories not the end of the word since I dont open most figures but still kind of a let down and would be a major let down as a Child in 1994 planning to play with this figure. 8 Figures are in this series 2 versions of the Crypt Keeper and some other charters from the 94 Animated Series Like "The Mummy" "The Zombie" and The Gargoyle. In the Photo Below you can see the damage I was talking about and photos of the other figures you can collect in the series   If you wanted to buy the Complete set, you could get it from around 120-150.00 on online auction sites but as a collector half the fun is the thrill of the hunt and finding the items in "The Wild" If I were to average the 5.00 spent on the first figure I could get the complete series for considerably less money. I would say this figure line is worth collecting if you were a fan of the show or comics but is kind of a dull series over all. The figure dont have much to them, the detail is lacking and most figures come with no extra items, however this is an affordable series to collect and who doesnt like the crypt keeper? To me the best part of the HBO show was the shows start scene  and end where the keeper would open up and close the tale of horror. When the Show first aired on Home Box Office I was a Comic Book fan and was actually pretty pissed off as the Crypt Keeper was given a total TV Make over and was not much like the Keeper in the book, This Keeper was a jokester and the undead vs a creepy cemetery man as featured in the comics but the new Crypt Keeper grew on me and quickly became my favorite part of the show.   The HBO Show was a major success and spawned a ton of merchandise, 3 Movies or more movies, a Cartoon Kids Series (This figure line is base off of) and more. Next Week Ill show some of the very cool Trading Cards from the HBO Show. This Figure was Licensed by Nelvana Marketing, Copy right under Crypt Keeper Holdings and produced by Ace Novelty Co out of WA but made in China (where else) 



New Website updates and Format, Comic Book Reviews & Toy Reviews now added to the Page! 

   Hey Guys! Great to be back after a Much Much Needed 1 year break from the Internet. I have some Great new Items and Topics for the webpage. In Addiction the Retro Video Games and Movies you have came to love I will now be adding Toys and Comic Books. Sad News Killette, Tawny Halterman has left the website but with luck and love and support of her fans she will return soon. She is a expert in Collectibles and the site will not be the same without her. Please show as much love and support as you can and encourage her to return, until then I Spin The Demon will be solo and working on this page myself. I have a lot of Photos to take and changes to make but look forward to new Topics and Reviews very soon. I am looking for a Co-Admin for this page so if you would like to post reviews and help manage the website please contact me!!!! Its Great to be back and look forward to awesomeness ASAP. I have posted a new video review and am brain storming so new ideas. Im in contact with the sound composer of many amazing retro video games and with luck I may be able to get a interview, a Stuck in the 90's Exclusive! Thank you for thr Support and its great to be back.  

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 Hey Guys Im happy to say you can now watch the full uncut Tobe Hooper Classic 100% Free in the Video Section of this web page, Please thank the uploader and leave them great comments! I did not upload this video, Im just streaming it because its Awesome and wanted to share it will my fellow Movie Fans. This Movie is almost a Horror Comedy and its Shocking, full of gore and funny as hell, worth a watch and when its free what do you have to loose?  Like the Movie? You can buy a Billy Johnson Signed Photo of the movie poster on my webstore, Visit full store and do a Search for Texas Chainsaw or Bill Johnson, or View Link!

comes with Photos and C.O.A., Free Shipping and tracking!



    Whats more 90's Than Troll Dolls and Super Nintendo Right? Thats what I was thinking when my girlfriend texted me while shopping at a local video game store.  For just a couple bucks under 10.00 She picked up a real gem if you ask me. I was shocked to read that most people didnt like this game but when reading the reviews it seems like they were reviewing it as a action platformer when its more of a Puzzler if anything.  You get the play as 4 Trolls fighting the Nasty Mist that thats all the color out of the world, thats what I got from it anyway. You get 4 Trolls with 4 Color of Hair Styles as lives. You run in a black and white world making it color with power ups and magic, troll magic.  When You finish a Panel the square comes alive with color and you get lots of points. I like any game that has a Point system as to me It gives it more of a Arcade Feel. The Music is up beat and didnt really ever bother me but its not as good as say Super Mario World or Star Fox when you talk about soundtracks. The Controllers where pretty easy to get down and make use out of the Super Nintendo Controll Pad using most the buttons.   


This Game isnt worth paying alot of money for but is worth taking a good look at if you are a troll fan or Just looking for a new odd game to play.                                                                                                                                  




I Still have the Epic 43 Movie CED pick ups to post but Im still testing and cleaning them so it will be a bit still. I thought while you were waiting I would show you what I picked up This week 8/11/11. I went around shopping with my Girlfriend and we went to a few stores and I also got a couple at 2nd hand store and online So lets get started. Sad to say I only got a few VHS movies this month and thats really sad because I love me some VHS. I also did not get any HDDVDs or Blu-Ray Discs so thats also a bummer I came pretty close to picking up Army of Darkness on BR today. Ill start with CED and make my way to DVD.

  I got 2 movies on CED other than the big lot and that Rambo First blood (not Shown) and The Beast within. I dont know much about "THE BEAST WITHIN" but it looks to be a pretty good horror movie I hope or a really bad horror movie that would be ok too. The cover pretty much dares you to watch the last 30min and says you will scream or run out. I cant wait to view this one and expect a full review in weeks to come.

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG: FORMAT VHS, STORE, FRUITA 2ND HAND, PRICE 0.10- As you guys know Im a big Sega and Retro Video game fan so this one was pretty much a must buy for me because of the price. I havnt seen this series in a good long time if at all so Im looking really forward to seeing this one. 

AMITYVILLE HORROR THE NEXT GENERATION:FORMAT VHS, STORE FRUITA 2ND HAND,PRICE0.10 This one isnt the best AVH movie for sure. They get crazy in the later ones with Doll houses and what not. I rented this one when it first came out and dont remember alot of it so it will be fun to re watch it again. 

GOREHOUSE GREATEST 12 HORROR CULT MOVIES:FORMAT DVD,STORE HASTINGS,PRICE 1.98 This is another one of them classic horror movie collections it has Blood of Dracula's Castle, Madmen,The Devils Hand,Nightmare of the way,blood mania Just to name a couple for the price I really couldnt pass this sucker up it should be good for some laughs at the least but alot of the movies I actually know and enjoy.

 Next We have the Cult Class horror movie"From Dusk Til Dawn" You see I spent many many years working at a Video Rental Store and Quit a Month Ago because I have started my own ONLINE store so most the movies I love I dont own anymore and I have a good amount taken from Old roomates and loaned out never to be sent back. I love "From dusk till dawn" Its really a classic vampire flick. I picked This one up at my Local K-mart for 3.00 

HALLOWEEN THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS: Format DVD,Store K-mart,Price 3.00 I picked this one up because I need it for my Halloween set since I can find no really good halloween box sets to buy I have to get them one at a time. 

HELLRAISER III & BLOODLINES: FORMAT DVD, STORE K-MART, PRICE 3.00 This one worked out really well since my Hellraiser collection is so spotty I have the 1&2 box set on VHS but didnt have 3 and only have a few of the newer ones since they still are putting them out even this year 2012 

PROM NIGHT ORG: FORMAT DVD,STORE K-MART,PRICE 3.00 I love this movie and for sure wanted it again for my collection, I sold alot of my VHS Tapes back around 10ish years ago when I needed some extra cash and just got a dvd player.

WHOEVER SLEW AUNTIE ROO?/WHATS THE MATTER WITH HELLEN:FORMAT DVD,STORE WALGREEN'S, PRICE 4.00 Who ever slew auntie roo? Is a very twisted Hansel and Gretel Tale. This woman is nuts, expect a full review by the end of the year for sure! IF IF IF You can get it for 2.00 or less or in a Set like this one its well worth the money.

KING KING DELUXE EXTENDED 3 DISC EDITION:FORMAT DVD,STORE BIG-LOTS, PRICE 3.00. This is Peter Jacksons King Kong with a extra like I think 24ish Min of footage so I cant wait to check it out. I also have this movie on HDDVD. Thanks to James The Angry Video Game Nerd for getting me hooked on every King Kong Movie I can find they are just great.

STRAW DOGS ORG.: FORMAT DVD, STORE BIG-LOTS, PRICE 3.00 I Picked this one up because I really want to start reviewing movies on this site Org Vs Remake so Im picking up a couple movie I enjoy the Org more like this one and a few I like the remake more but thats very few.

    Getting Down to the Last 5 Movies and they are pretty Awesome, Well I think they are all awesome thats why I got them lol, I know Im a dork. Next up we have Terminator 3, 2 Disc Collectors Edition. I know I just over paid for a VHS Copy, actually I paid more for the VHS than I did this DVD. I rant into today for 1.98 and wanted it for my Terminator Collection even if its not the best in the series.

DECADE BORN IN THE 80'S: FORMAT DVD, STORE WAL-MART, PRICE 5.00. I picked this up because Im a 80's guy and love this sort of movie. It just talks about trends and facts from the Awesome 80's. They had alot but no 90's so guys I know we all are stuck in the 90s but the 80s are rad too!

MORELLA'S BLOOD FLOOD: FORMAT DVD, STORE HASTINGS, PRICE 1.98. This is a collection of 3 classic horror films with Host Morella who ever the F*ck that is. This looks to be like a Elvira rip off but could be wrong, she could be a horror scream queen or something like that, If you know please comment and let me know.

I BURY THE LIVING: FORMAT DVD, STORE HASTINGS, PRICE 1.98. I Have seen alot of reviews on this movie and I have been looking to buy it and for the price it was a must grab. I posted in my last set of pick ups that hastings is having a Awesome Sell. Buy 1 get 1 Buy DVD,2 get 1 BR & NR, 5.00 Bins, and my Fav 1.98 Movies! So if you have a Hastings check it out or go to , Movies, Price Lowest and Check out pages and pages of 1000's of movies for 1.98 and Shipping is only .96 on movies and I get mine in around 2-3 days.

3RD ROCK FROM THE SUN SEASON 1:FORMAT DVD, STORE HASTINGS,PRICE 4.99. I Love this show its funny but never enough to pay top dollar for seasons now that the first 3 seasons are less than 5.00 I will be adding them to the collection here and again.









I run into this game all the time and never buy it because it doesnt sell for much and 2nd I dont need it yet for my collection. I want the game as Im a big Star Wars Fan but would like to pick up Rebel Assualt 1 for the Sega CD First. I was at a local good will and again ran into this game for pretty cheap so I picked it up for my store and when testing the game to see if it functions I fell in love. This game isnt alot of money but its alot of fun and I just love games that use real life actors for the story its like a Movie and a Games whats better than that? a Star Wars Movie game thats what!

   You dont see alot of FMV Style of Video Games on the PS1 and this one is a FMV Game done perfect. It starts off as a Rails shooter then has some awesome FMV cuts with real actors. The acting isnt that bad for this sort of thing and the game play chages as the story does.  I played this game for a hour or so and got pretty into it but had to stop because I still want to check out the first game. This game has left me wanting more so now Im on a epic internet search to find the First game in hopes its as rad as this one. If you have thought about picking this one up and like great FMV style games it for sure wont let you down. Have a Blast and may the force be with you!














RETRO MEDIA IS WHAT THIS WEB-SITE IS ALL ABOUT! Im very stoked about the new Video Reviews on this Site. As many of you guys know I helped run a Movie Store for the Past Years and I AM i Mega Movie Watcher/Lover. Im going to be reviewing great movies in VHS, DVD, & BLU-RAY BUT ALSO CED VIDEO DISC, SONY VIDEO 8, UMD, HDDVD & LASERDISC. I WILL BE REVIEWING HORROR AND CARTOONS FOR THE MOST PART BUT FROM TIME TO TIME ILL DO SCI-FI, THRILLERS AND ACTION AS IM A BIG 80'S ACTION MOVIE FAN.  So look forward to get reviews starting in Aug. With Poltergeist on the RCA CED.

Sega Dreamcast SD Card Reader W/ Dreamcast Shell Review/Info

        Hey Retro Lovers, Its Spin The Demon. I havnt been posting new stuff and Im very Sorry about this We are Re doing the Whole Web Page, We have dropped the idea of working with Greedy Web Sites who want us to pay big Money for Every Screen Shot we use when its not ever their game in the first place. With that being said we are working hard to take and replace all photes with Screen Shots and Photos of Games from our Personal Collection.


I want to talk about a New Add on for the Sega Dreamcast that is so worth importing from China. This product it the Sega SD card Reader. This item as show in the picture below comes with all kinds of colors, I got the cool Green Color. This Add on plugs right into the back of your dreamcast in the extra port next to the power and AV. The only Sour note is that you cant just plug and play, You need a Boot Disc Called Dreamshell that can be found for 100% free all over the net. After you have Dreamshell you can start playing the Top Homebrew Games for your dreamcast with out putting all the damage on your DC by Using CDRS and the Money Saved from not wasting blanks.

   This item works great for Homebrews and EMUS but I would say It works Great on Dreamcast Games They are slow and lag if you want a Great Dreamcast Arcade Gaming set up I would still say buy the Real Game when it comes to Dreamcast, They are around in Mass for Cheap and I dont care What people Say the Real Disc Always looks 10 Times Better than the CDR IMO and it really shows in VGA Mode.

You Can Buy This item for the Cheap Price of Less than 20.00 On Just Do a Search for Dreamcast SD and only one or two products will pop up both being from China. This item also comes really fast from China I got mine is Less than 2 Weeks from order Date.  It works really well and has a soild build, This thing is Great if you like the Homebrew DC Games but isnt very good for Full Sized Dreamcast Games.  


New World Record in Midways Bubbles on Sega Dreamcast By Spin The Demon AKA Jeff Smith.

Unofficial World Record (Waiting Submission) 68,610

Big news here on the Web Page our Very own STD Jeff Smith has Taken the World Record From Holder Kevin M Barton (44,180) The Rules state you have to beat set at Level 5, 25,000=Extra Life,1 Credit 

Jeff not only beat his score of 44,180 but made it up to 68,610! We here at the Web page all have seen it live and we have some screen shots we would like to share with you just a sneak of whats to come. Now why is his Score Unofficial? Twin Galixies have a whole list of very important rules when Submitting a new World Record, Rawting Corp. Records has a Team Ready to film this in 720P HD We dont want to mess this up for Demon and do it 100% by the books so this means Jeff Smith will have to re-beat Keven Barton's score of 44,180 but we also want you guys to be a part of this and are working very hard on setting up a live stream of him playing Midways Bubbles Wish Jeff Luck in the Next few weeks as he submits his score for the Video Game History Books! 



Stuckinthe90s Scoreboards Now Open!

Most of you have probably already seen the movie Donkey Kong:Fistful of Quarters, but we just go it this week and have really been inspired by it. For those of you that haven't seen it, this movie is a Documentary about Steve Wiebe's road to gaining the world record in the popular arcade game Donkey Kong from long-time record holder Billy Mitchell. They discuss proving your record, and the competition between the participants. Since the movie's release this record has been claimed by a New York plastic surgeon Hank Chien.

What really has us fascinated by this movie is how many of us have beaten the top records in our favorite games ourselves, and not gotten them officially confirmed. We thought it might be fun to try to beat some of these scores unofficially and keep track of them here on the scoreboards tab of the site. Everyone is welcome to enter, all you have to do is send us a pic of your top score, and we will post if here for a friendly competition between our readers.

Blast Your Way Into Better Graphics


During the 8-bit era Nintendo hands-down dominated the market. There was no true competition, despite there were more powerful consoles being out at the same time. One of the other companies, Sega had a plan to change this. Don't get me wrong, the Sega Master System did do well in other countries, especially Europe and Brazil, but they were unable to gain the market share they desired in the United States. This drove them to jump ahead of the game and release a console twice as powerful with 16 bits. Called the Mega Drive in other countries, it was supposed to encompass the idea of power (mega) and speed (drive.) However, due to trademark issues it was named the Sega Genesis here in America and Mega Drive in the other countries.

Initially Sega had planned for Atari to produce their console. It was suppose to launch in January of 1989, but they could never agree to terms, so Sega released the console themselves in New York City and Los Angeles on August 14 of the same year and nationally just a month later on September 15th. The Mega Drive did have superior graphics and sound compared to its 8 bit rival, the Nintendo Entertainment System. Despite this, it was still third in the Japanese console wars behind the Super Famicom (the Japanese Super Nintendo) and the PC Engine (the Japanese TurboGrafx16). For the American market the new Sega of America CEO Michael Katz had a two step approach to gaining the market share the first of which was to challenge Nintendo head-on. This is where the slogans "Genesis does what Nintendont" and "Gotta Get Genesis" came from. The second part of their plan involved mascots. At the time Sega didn't have a defined mascot, let alone one as recognizable as Nintendo's Mario so they used celebrities as their mascots. Soon the Genesis had titles people would begin to recognize such as Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf, Joe Montana Football, Mario Lemieux Hockey, and Michael Jackson's Moonwalker. These titles helped, but were not enough to sell the system to Americans.

In mid 1990 Sega hired a new CEO of America called Tom Kalinske. Kalinske surrounded himself with knowledgeable advisers and put together a new four point plan to raise the sales; cut the price of the system, create a US based team to help create more games for the American market, continue and expand their advertising campaigns, and change the game that came bundled with the system from Altered Beast to Sonic the Hedgehog. By the time Nintendo released their Super Nintendo, the Genesis had a fair share of the market, costed less, and had a large library of games. The two fiercely competed for the next few years and neither could hold a definitive lead. Finally the Genesis finished out the console war with 55% of the market share compared with the Super Nintendo's 37%.

We here at Stuckinthe90s love the Sega Genesis and are going to explore all the things that make this sytem so great.

Holiday Season

The holiday season is here and we here at Stuckinthe90s are going to start it off with a bang! This season we think everyone should devote to playing their favorite games. Family and shopping may be stressing you out and we think a nice dose of nostalgia will help you spread the holiday cheer (it sure helped us). So this month we are going to feature not only Holiday titles, but our favorite games that we always like to bust out this time of year.


Full Motion Video Games

  Usually when the topic of full motion video (FMV) games comes up, most people almost instantly say they hate them We here at Stuckinthe90s have recently been playing a lot of games from this usually unloved genre.

  So what exactly is a FMV game? Wikipedia defines them as games that rely on pre-recorded TV-quality movie or animation instead of vector graphics, sprites, or 3d polygons. Generally these games were played similarly to rhythm games, where the main player had to press buttons in a certain sequence at the right time, and the many of the others were played as rail shooters.

  Some of the first FMV games were created for arcades, MSX, and the NEMO, which was an unreleased video game system produced by Hasbro. However, these games were mainly popular in the mid 90s, when cd based games were just starting to come out. A major selling point was the cd quality sound, along with the slightly more brilliant colors.


  Most likely, not many more of these types of games are going o be produced again. Partly this is because of budget. Ground Zero Texas, published by Sega, cost over $3 Million to produce. At the time, this was the cost of a low budget movie. Back then, the games were limited by the graphics the systems could push. For example, the Sega CD could only display 64 colors on the screen which sometimes made the picture a bit grainy. While the genre has continued mostly with PC gamers, it mostly died out in 1995 at about the same time as the Sega CD.

  The other night Spin the Demon made a really good point, not many of these games are going to be made again, and with only a handful in existence, we should all try to find and experience these gems in an usually uloved genre.

Nintendo Turns 25 Years old this Month! Stuckinthe90's NESTOBER!

   Its all things Nintendo NES in the Month of October as Stuckinthe90s Remembers The "Toy" That Started gaming and Retro gaming for alot of us here at 90s and the world. This month the USA Nintendo NES Turns 25 Years young and is one of them things that seems to get

better with age.



The Nintendo Nes was the first system I (Spin) ever owned, I got it for Xmas infact it was the very first Xmas I could remember. I was hooked and ive been game since. This Month Here is all things NES, The Retro Game Club Will be all NES with a Great Multi Game Halloween Club. All Blogs, Posts and Videos will be Nintendo NES style and the Big one All month of OCT We will be giving Nesterdc SE away for free! Thats Right 100% Free We ship, just PM us your info, but be fast only in October then we will not be selling or giving away this game.    



 Happy B-day NES Happy Halloween Happy NESTOBER!

Stuckinthe90s Closer Look:

Mark Cerny

File:Mark Cerny 2010.jpg


In 1982 when Mark Cerny was only 17, he left the University of California where he was studying Math and Physics to join Atari. In just a year he designed the game Marble Madness, which quickly became a classic with a lot of physics included in the gameplay.


Marble Madness gameplay screenshot.


Cerny moved to Tokyo and joined Sega in 1995 and shifted from programming arcade games, to cartridge games for home consoles. The American programmer had to learn Japanese, and not only worked on titles such as Shooting Gallery for the Sega Master System, but a line of 3D games that used shutter glasses which were considerably ahead of their time. After working in Tokyo for 3 years, Cerny moved back to the United States and helped found the Sega Technical Institute.


Unlike the Japanese AM divisions, The Sega Technical Institute (STI) was, according to Wikipedia, "an elite organization within Sega of America that developed well-received games." Cerny and his team programed fleet of popular titles, such as Kid Chameleon, Comix Zone, the Ooze, and Sonic Spinball. While the original Sonic game was developed in Japan by Sonic Team, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was developed by Sonic Team in the US with several members of Sega Technical Institute assisting. STI also composed the music for Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Sonic & Knuckles.


 In 1994 Mark Cerny joined Universal Studios and set up product development for their interactive group. He quickly became Vice President, then President, and then decided to make the shift to be a video game producer. Cerny managed the making of the Spyro the Dragon Series, as well as the Crash Bandicoot Series.

Cerny started his own company Cerny games, where he continued to consult on the Spyro and Crash series. He also worked with Insomniac by creating the game engine for Jak and Daxter the Precursor Legacy, and was the game designer for Ratchet & Clank.

Jak and Daxter: the Precursor Legacy Box Front 


According to Wikipedia "The International Game Developers Association awarded Cerny with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Game Developers Choice Awards (IGDA) in 2004.[2] IGNA stated, "It's rare to find a 'jack-of-all-trades' who not only has the high-level vision for great game design but can act as the glue to adhere all the pieces together."


Mark Cerny also created the Cerny Method for creating video games. Cerny said that he felt "we [game designers] were too far from our audience -- are they able to get through the game? Are they enjoying the game? " So he created a method where the developers send their first level to the programmers, publishers, consumers, etc and let them play it. Not the first level of the game, just one of the first levels they create. After recieving feedback the team can then decide whether they should scrap the project or continue on. He says it is "better to cancel early, and start work on a new concept."


This awesome programmer is still active in the video game business so keep an eye out for his newest projects!



Here is a list of some of Cerny's games:

Marble Madness (1984) - Programming & Designer

Shooting Gallery (1987) - Programming & Designer

Missile Defense 3-D (1987) - Programming & Designer

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992) - Programming, Development Support

Kid Chameleon (1992) - Programming & Software

The Ooze (1995) - Programming & Technical Thanks

Disruptor (1996) - Executive Producer

Crash Bandicoot (1996) - Executive Producer

Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (1997) - Producer

Spyro the Dragon (1998) - Executive Producer

Running Wild (1998) - Executive Producer

Heart of Darkness (1998) - Special Thanks

Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped (1998) - Executive Producer

Spyro the Dragon 2: Ripto's Rage! (1998) - Executive Producer

Spyro the Dragon 3: Year of the Dragon (2000) - Additional Designer

Crash Bandicoot: Crash Bash (2000) - Game Designer

Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (2001) - Additional Game Design and Programming

Jak and Daxter 2: Renegade (2003) - Additional Game Design and Programming

Ratchet and Clank (2002) - Additional Design Consultant

Ratchet & Clank 2: Going Commando (2003) - Additional Design Consultant

Jet Li: Rise to Honor (2004) - Special Thanks

Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal (2004) - Special Thanks

Resistance: Fall of Man (2006) - Production, Design, Technical Assistance

MotorStorm (2006) - SCEE MIS Ice Team

Warhawk (2007) - Special Thanks

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (2007) - Additional Game Design and Programming

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction (2007) ? Design Consultant

Pain (2007) - Ice Team

Heavenly Sword (2007) - Ice Team

Formula One Championship Edition (2007) - Ice Team

MLB 08: The Show (2008) - Ice Team







HAPPY 11th Sega Dreamcast 9/9/99-9/9/10


My Top Ten Dreamcast Games! It was really hard to pick Ten I love most of them Would of been more easy if I did top 100 I Feel I left really good games out, this is based on MY taste NOT your. Please Post you fav. DC games over in the Fourms.

10.Blue Stinger

9.Virtua Fighter 3TB

8.Snk Vs Capcom 2

7.Crazy Taxi

6.King of Fighters EVO.


4.Cosmic Smash

3.Quake III

2.Typing of the Dead

1.Marvel Vs. Capcom 2   


  Bruce Willis has been known to be in every movie that comes his way but to star in his own video game is kind of out of place and crazy. Yeah sure BW is a badass but can the man hold up in the video game world? We have seen his voice acting in games like "Die hand Trilogy" but to star in his own game not based on a movie? I first ran across this gem playing some PS1 Demos. My first thought was I've never seen this movie I must have missed that one. After an hour or so of rocking this Demo over and over again I jumped on the net to see what I could learn about this game. 


  This game is a 3D 3rd Person Shooter very much like one of the best arcade games ever Robotron. You Can move Bruce with the Dual Shock and shoot with the right joy stick move with the left this control is great and makes the game play super dooper cool. Apocalypse is a great game full of great action and one liners, bad ass guns, super sweet control and a Kick ass sound track by "Poe Control" and "System of a down" Just to name a few this game hit stores Halloween day 1998 (I'm not sure how it did) I have never played or even known any gamer myself to have played or owned this game. I have never seen this for buy or rent in my life or know how the gaming public feels about this one, we here at 90's think its a must play! 

The Story in this game is good and the CGI makes me laugh and delivers a good time every time. The game is about the 4 horse men of the Apocalyse thus the name "Apocalypse" The story takes place in the future in a high tech Metro waste land aka Earth Its the end of the world you are Bruce Willis as Trey Kincaid a nano-physicist and solo defender of the world. Can you save the world from the wicked wicked horse men? I dont know thats up to you. I give this game a 4 out of 5 its really good if you like your shooters, Robotron and Kick ass one line action you got to check this one out.


The Apocalype game engine was reused for Never Soft's Cult classic Tony Hawks Pro Skater, later the same engine would be upgraded and reused for many other great Never Soft Games.

The USA got this game first it came out 10/31/98 here but not until 9/22/99 in Japan.

This game was Published by Activision for use on the PS1 Game system.




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Ima Start This Page off With a Pac-Man Bang! Pac-Man Was Like The First "Mario" as far as Mascotts go. The 1st Pac-man Home Port was for the Atari 2600 and it sucked. This was Back in the Day When Companies Thought cool Covers and blinking lights was all that was needed to sell a Video Game. Lets flash forward a bit, now Pacman is a houshold name and over a thousand different portsl, spin offs and clones exist of this game. Now, when you think of pacman you instantly think of Atari, when our friends at Namco are the genius' behind the game. Who is Namco you say? Let take a moment to renember some other great titles from this company: Galaga, Pole position, Mr. Driller and the more modern games such as Soul calibur, Tekken, and Time Crisis. To learn more about Bandai-Namco please click the link above the pitcure. On this page, we would like to hear your opinions on our Hot Topics with polls, forums, and any other means of communication.

 Ok Lets Get this bad boy rolling! First off Im in NOOOO Way a Pac-Man Expert, all I know is What I have played or read. You Guys Need to tell me as much as you can about pac-man. Im not going to Push my view of the game on you and make you feel how I feel about this game. This page is for you guys, we have had enough of everybody telling us stuff , because they know it all right? I love this Game one more time I REALLY Love this Game. Even when I sucked some thing awful, I loved This Game. The First Time I played Pac-man Was like 95ish, I had a Pac-man 2 For the Sega Genesis(Pic Below). It was an Odd ball Point and Click sytle Pac-man That I didnt Much Care for, what I did like about this game Was You could find a card Hidden in a Ghost That Would Let you in the Arcade! You Would Play this crappy game to find cards to play better games like pac-man and pac-man jr. ms.pac-man it was very fun.

 I know as Crazy as this may sound people have never played pac-man. You people who havnt this next lil bits for yall.  Pac-man is a guy who is really hungry(to my pac fan boys:NONE OF THIS IS A CLAIM OF FACT), Pac-man Eats Dots, Pac-man Eats Fruit., Pac-man Even eats ghosts! Now doesnt that sound like a man that needs some food! You Play Round After Round Fruit gives you points, dots give you points, ghosts give you? Yes points! Now if a ghost isnt Blue with a funny face running away from you dont eat them, they will kill you and you dont want to die do you? Ghosts are bad unless you eat a really BIG Yellow Dot this is called a Power pellet. You get 4 power pellets placed in each corner of the board. As you make it to higher levels the Pellets magic will work for shorter and shorter lenghts at time. I think the point of the game is to get a high score but I could be very wrong, please message and comment anything you know about pac-man!

My Top 10 Pac-Games


2.Ms.pac-man's maze madness


5.Pac-man Worlds



8.Super Pac-man

9.Pac-man World Rally


Thats my list, whats yours Join our Forums click the Hot-Topic's Link and Youre Ready to Snake Rattle and roll like a battle troll.

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