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Hey guys we have reached a bit of a pinch in money with our big move so we unfortunately are selling some of our loved items from our collection and we thought we would give you guys a heads up to these auctions. We are selling our NES light guns and the compatible games we own, as well as our powerpad with all the compatible games we own. Please feel free to message us through eBay if you have an questions at all

Here is the NES Light Gun Lot:

Included are:


2 gray official Nintendo Light Guns


1. Duck Hunt (5 Pin)

2. To the Earth

3. Gunshoe (5pin)

4.Trick Shooting (Light Top Label Damage)

5. Wild Gunman (5 pin)

6. Freedom Force

7. Mechanized Attack (Light Damage to top noted in pics)

8. Hogans Alley (Small Back Sticker Damage)

Here is the NES PowerPad Lot:

Included are:


1 NES Powerpad


1. Eggsplode/Short Order (2 games in 1 cartridge- some label damage to top of the cart)

2. Athletic worlds

3. Dance Aerobics

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