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Street Fighter Alpha 2 Super Nintendo Review

Posted by Killette on April 12, 2010 at 3:47 PM

Today I pulled out my super Nintendo and a game I have never given a fair chance, Street Fighter Alpha 2. I personally grew up with a Super Nintendo and to this day I absolutely love the machine. However, I have finally learned to admit that it isn’t exactly the most powerful system. Yes, there are some wonderful games, but as far as hardware it was the weaker system. I also grew up playing street fighter 2, which I did love when I was younger but was disappointed when I tried it out at an older age because of the lag times when playing it.


This game was released near the end of the super Nintendo’s life, 1996. It was also released for the Sega Saturn, and Sony Playstation. While the other ports might be as powerful, the snes version does give them a run for their money because it makes use of the S-DD1 chip. This chip allow more ram for the machine, and more enhanced graphics. Until today I had just assumed this port was much like the Street Fighter 2 port, and have never really given it a fair shot. I was very wrong. Already in my personal opinion I think this is one of the more beautiful games on the system, and I think it definitely is a must own. The only drawback I saw in this game was a slight pause at the beginning of each round. Wikipedia says this is because of how the S-DD1 chip decompresses the graphics, but the pause is only for a second, and I don’t think it affects the gameplay at all.


All ten characters from the original Street Fighter return as well as Akuma (BF’s fav), Bison, and Dan. Five new characters are also added in this game, but I don’t wanna ruin it for you if you don’t already know by telling you who they are. The Super Nintendo version only includes one hidden character which I will tell you how to get in the article below. (I’m putting the cheats separate so you have an option of not reading them and finding them out for yourself.)


Super Nintendo vs. Other Ports

The American arcade port of this game is better than the Japanese port, and includes 3 additional characters: Evil Ryu and EX versions of Zangief and Dhalism. There is also an updated version which allow custom combos to be made from the special gauge.


The Playstation port of this game has an arranged soundtrack. It also features another hidden character that can be chosen with a cheat from the article below. This version was re-released for the PSP and on the Playstation network.


The Sega Saturn version of this game is arguably the best port of this game. It features an arranged soundtrack as well, but it loops just like the arcade port. It is also the only non arcade port that includes 4 hidden characters.


I am not a Street Fighter expert, and if anything I have posted is wrong, please let me know. All I know is that I really enjoyed playing this game today, and I think it’s one everyone should give a try.

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